Thursday, October 14, 2010

'The View's Liberal Hacks Walk Off Set

The political correct hacks on The View today stormed off stage, ON AIR when Bill O'Reilly  said that 70% Americans feel the Mosque shouldn't be built near Ground Zero because 'Muslims attacked us on 9/11'
Goldberg and the 'Obama Gushing' Joy Behar said Muslims didn't didn't kill us, and when Bill said “Muslims didn’t kill us on 9/11? That’s what you’re saying?”  off they stormed What they wanted Bill to say was Extremist and not Muslim.

Well guess what THEY WERE MUSLIMS!

And they call themselves Professionals?
Bunch of freaken children the left are.


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

All a plubicity stunt.

Unknown said...

Why would you say that, Christopher?

They are a popular show. O'Reilly has been on there before. No reason to make it a stunt.
Joy, especially, is an extreme liberal hack. She was the first one to stand up to walk out. When they returned you can see the anger with what he said on their faces.
One thing I notice when they return, Joy went and sat where Goldberg originally sat. I think if it was a stunt she would have taken her original seat.
I think Joy took offense to Bills 'I'm going to teach you something' comment.
Bill mentioned on his show last night that (which he is right) He wanted their audience to get both sides of the issue and knowing liberals, they don't like getting the whole truth.
Even guest on the Factor said it was a stunt, but Bill said it was un-scripted.
Bill doesn't BS.
I saw, when Obama was on The View, that Joy was just GUSHING over Obama. O'Reilly was commenting on Obama falling poll numbers and she was getting irritated by saying "I'd like to see the that poll." Like it doesn't exist, even though CNN did the poll.
I think it was a legit.

Chris said...

They always act like children.

Unknown said...

Did you hear during the exchange, someone brought up 'Timothy McVeigh' and 'Christain'?

These Liberals on the VIEW NEVER check their facts, they only 'blather' on about their opinon.

Fact is: McVeigh was born into a Catholic family but was an athiest and said "science is my religion".

And yet these libs on the VIEW spout and sputter as though they know something and if you don't agree with them they walk off. What abunch of COWS (except for Elizabeth).

How does Elizabeth continue with them?
Whay doesn't Elizabeth walk off? Because she has class!

Unknown said...

I have to admit that Bill kind of threw gas on the fire though. When he said "Listen to me you'll learn something." that probably boiled Joy's blood, but with Bill, he wants to make sure that everyones audience hears both side of the argument.
They can't handle the truth about the moron-n-chief. Just like Jim, they don't want to hear it so the act like (as Chris said) children.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...


I now we are hashing this out over at Sivvers site, but really?

Look at Bills resume first and then at the hags, related would you not say?

As far as Bill is concerned, he give Obama credit at times and for what? Partially destroying our Nation?

I have no need for media whores no matter what side of the ilse they emminate from and I especially despise RINO's like O'Reilly.

This shit was planned by both entities period!

I say this respectively of course.

Unknown said...

Christopher, with all due respect to my conservative brother, you have your opinion about this subject, and I totally respect that. I wouldn't expect anything less from you.
Good for you to stand your ground.

Bill might not be our cup of 'Tea' on most issues, but you would have to say he stands with OUR opinion on the GZM, and that opinion inflames the left. (as I gave one example of my Facebook discussion with my Bro-in-law).

If Bill was a lefty, he wouldn't agree with us.
And THAT I would have a problem with O'Reilly on.

Bill is a registered Independent, who leans right on most issues, not all mind you.
The media whores I can smell out a mile away. Bill does get my blood boiling on some of his views. He is not one of my favorite commentators, far from it.

I have no hard feelings about this, none what so ever, Christopher. :)
FYI: I am having loading issue with your blog and my browser freezes up, that why I have not been over there visiting, just so you know I am not avoid the blog. :)