Sunday, October 3, 2010

Radical IL Ninth'er smugs' America founding Documents

A rant so absurd that both NewsAlert and The Blaze picked up on it. Rep. Jan Schakowsky, (IL9) who once argued that government should destroy the private health-insurance market, here laments the radical nature of Republicans with radio host Stephanie Miller. How are Republicans radical and extreme? Well, they quote ancient texts … like the Constitution!   They talk about old heresies … They’re all “tenthers” because Republicans believe the conspiracy theory that the founders added a mysterious Tenth Amendment to the Bill of Rights, and actually meant something by it

Here are some radical highlight comments from this self-proclaimed, socialist

-(The Tea Party) “At the beginning they quoted from the Constitution”
They still are quoting from the Constitution.

“That the idea that people can govern themselves and that the government derives its powers are from the consent of the governed, you know all that STUFF”.
The IDEA??? That STUFF is inscribed on the Declaration of Independence!!!

"“They embrace the 10th Amendment" (and as Miller says, “Oy”)
“The dominance of the Republican party is so extreme, really extreme when it comes to ‘social’ policy”
Yeah, those bastards, they don’t like it that the Democrats want to force Americans to buy commerce, takeover private enterprise and force out CEO of those businesses.

“And it’s all about rich people”
OMG!!! I’m rich? Really?
Hold on, let me look in my bank account… Nope still don’t have any money… for the past 2 years it’s been the ‘same old, same old’.
Guess it’s not about the rich, but about ‘We the People’

Will the folks of Illinois 9th district broom this nut bag out of office?

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