Sunday, October 3, 2010

One Nation 'Trashing of America' Rally 10/02

This is what the Socialist/Marxist/Democrat backers do to our National Mall:

And this, trashing of our WWII veterans memorial:

Well, can't forget this, the trashing of the reflecting pool:

Our Capital streets:

What do the tourist think?:

But finally a video from the One Nation Rally that should bring tears to your eyes (watch at the 2:03 mark, sad how the symbol of America is left for the trash heap):

Are these the people we want in control of our country any more?
The below picture should tell you of the indifference between real Americans and those who want to "Change" our nation.
Is this a sign of things to come in November?
I think and hope so.


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

I love what Michelle Malkin picked-up on, they actually said AT the rally that they had more people than Beck did on 10-29, not a typo there, and she said well of course they did as 'Restoring Honor' was on 10-28,,lol and she posted a picture of no one on the mall to prove them correct,,,I am still laughing after reading that.

Chris said...

These people are nothing more then a bunch of "I want" animals. If this is hopw they treat our nations capitol then what would we expect them to do to our natiopn if they keep the power?

Unknown said...

The left can't even focus on their push back at Becks Rally, Christopher. LOL. DUH.

Chris, funny how they most all scream eco, eco, eco, but then turn around and trash the place up.

AdamsPatriot said...

The HATE RALLY by the American Democrat Socialst/Communist party.

So sad, that some Americans who have freedom choose to support Socialists and Communists, to which would undermine their freedoms.

It is funny though, that when some union memebers have lost the support and shelter of the Union (and that does happen) some turn to Capitalism to try and make a starting their own business!

Unknown said...

AP, some 'Americans' see Socialists and Communists as an ideology that will give them 'free' things, but are not educated enough to know that given things, un-deserved, has irreversible consequences... loss of their own way through life... loss of their liberties and loss of control of their soul to be truly free, as god has intended our lives to be.