Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rubio Under Heighten Police Protection

The Miami Herald has reported that Senator Marco Rubio, and his residence are under additional police protection after a "credible" threat was made against him.
Little is known at this time of the threat, but a police cruiser has been seen parked outside his West Miami home.

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., is the target of a threat deemed credible enough to merit police protection in Washington, D.C., and at his home in West Miami, his office said late Tuesday.

Read more here:
The fame has made him not just a magnet for support and criticism, but now the target of a threat.
Rubio’s office said no additional information about the threat would be released for now. The U.S. Capitol Police and the West Miami Police Department are providing security and investigating.
Neither agency could be reached for an official comment.
A police cruiser was parked in front of Rubio’s West Miami home Tuesday night. The senator was not home.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

If I Wanted America To Fail

If I Wanted America To Fail.
What and how would I do it.
I suppose I wouldn't change a thing. shows you how it's being done.

Powerful video that is sweeping the net.
'The environmental agenda has been infected by extremism—it's become an economic suicide pact. And Free Market America is here to challenge it.'

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Effects of Irresponsible News Reporting

Purely sad. Purely outrageous!!!

This is the direct results of the irresponsible news reporting in our country.
The victimization and brutal beating of a white man in Chicago, was the results of the media in our country seemingly politicizing and deliberately misreporting the Zimmerman/Martin case.

I'll let My Fox News in Chicago pick it up from here.

Alton L. Hayes III, a west suburban man charged with a hate crime, told police he was so upset about the Trayvon Martin case in Florida that he beat up a white man early Tuesday.
Hayes and a 15-year-old Chicago boy walked up behind the 19-year-old man victim and pinned his arms to his side, police said. Hayes, 18, then picked up a large tree branch, pointed it at the man and said, “Empty your pockets, white boy.”
The two allegedly rifled through the victim’s pockets, then threw him to the ground and punched him “numerous times” in the head and back before running away, police said. Hayes and another boy are black; the victim is white.
After being arrested, Hayes told police he was upset by the Trayvon Martin case and beat the man up because he was white, Cook County State’s Attorney’s office spokeswoman Tandra Simonton said, citing court records.
Now will the Eric Holder Justice system ignore this? Or even have the charges dropped? We'll wait and see!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pelosi and Congressional Dems- Amend the 1st

Nancy Pelosi and congressional Democrats are proposing an idea to amend the 1st Amendment because they are so enraged about the US Supreme courts ruling on Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.

 “We have a clear agenda in this regard: Disclose, reform the system reducing the roll of money in campaigns, and amend the Constitution to rid it of this ability for special interests to use secret, unlimited, huge amounts of money flowing to campaigns,” Pelosi said at her Thursday press briefing.

“I think one of the presenters at a Democratic forum on amending the Constitution yesterday said that the Supreme Court had unleashed a predator that was oozing slime into the political system, and that, indeed, is not an exaggeration,”

“Our Founders had an idea. It was called democracy. It said elections are determined by the people, the voice and the vote of the people, not by the bankrolls of the privileged few. This Supreme Court decision flies in the face of our Founders’ vision and we want to reverse it.”

First off, Ms Pelosi, our Founders had an idea called the "Republic" for which your leadership in the House, during the 111th congress, failed MISERABLY!
Second, we still have an election determined by the people. People who might also be a part of a Corporation, but individually empower to cast a vote.

Regardless of how a Campaign is funded and the message that that funding promotes, a corporation has no power to vote as a whole and Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission didn't change that.

The audacity of the progressives in our nation to want to fundamentally change the 'Bill of Right' is quite certain another attack ON THE CONSTITUTION!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Bobby Beckel Head Explodes on Hannity

Tonight, Bobblehead Bobby Beckel looses it on Sean Hannity show, buy screamed at Neal Boortz, “You don’t know what the f*ck you’re talking about!”

Then he refused to apologize.

I'd say Beckel might miss a few days on his regular "The 5" show on Fox.
The guy needs a vacation.
As far as I am concerned, a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG vacation.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Obama's Lawyer- 'Yes it Was Forged'

And, yes most people will admit, maybe not openly, though, that the PDF that Obama presented to the world as his birth certificate was indeed forged.
So says his lawyer to a New Jersey judge.

Tea Party Tribune has this story.

A recent ballot challenge hearing in New Jersey exposes a desperate strategy by Obama to distance himself from his forged certificate and induce the contrived value of his transient political popularity as the only “legitimate qualification” needed to hold the office of the presidency.

Obama’s lawyer, Alexandra Hill, admitted that the image of Obama’s birth certificate was a forgery.

She continues:

therefore, it cannot be used as evidence to confirm his lack of natural born citizenship status. Therefore, she argued, it is “irrelevant to his placement on the ballot”.

And probably the most insane thing this lawyer said was:

Obama needs only invoke his political popularity, not legal qualifications, in order to be a candidate.
As Obama’s legal argument becomes more contorted, he is being forced to avoid an ever shrinking legal space, and an increasing weight, of his failure to meet constitutional eligibility requirements.

Hill, of Genova, Burn & Giantomasi Attorneys in Newark, made a desperate motion to dismiss the ballot objection arguing that Obama’s lack of natural-born citizenship status was not relevant to being placed on the New Jersey presidential ballot because no law exists in New Jersey which says that a candidate’s appearance on the ballot must be supported by evidence of natural born citizenship status.
Judge Masin denied the motion to dismiss and the case proceeded to trial.

More can be read here. But it is an interesting development, to say the least.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

2nd Degree Murder Charges- But Whats the Real Message

Now that the Florida special DA has decided to forgo a grand jury and charge George Zimmerman with murder in the second degree, which this blogger feels is an over charge, whats next?

Ever since this whole thing began, there has been much coverage of this case. So much so that the media, congressmen and congresswomen have been high up on their preachers perch, thumping the racial bible.
From Bobby Rush's Hoodie incident on the house floor with “I applaud the young people all across the land who are making a statement about hoodies, about the real hoodlums in this nation,” 
To the prominent and flamboyant Dem Rep. Frederica Wilson: “Trayvon Was Hunted Down Like A Dog" 

Right in the middle is The President would look my son.
Then leading right behind, of course, would be the Black Panther Party statements "Race War… to Burn Florida…. Blood Shed….Kill Crackers… Honkies... Pinks.

The media played a huge roll in bringing Zimmerman's charges that was brought forth yesterday. And they played it for all it's worth. Dear Mr (black) President.
NBC's "This guy looks like he's up to no good. He looks black." But what Zimmerman actually said was: "This guy looks like he's up to no good or he's on drugs or something. It's raining, and he's just walking around, looking about." The 911 officer responded by asking, "OK, and this guy -- is he black, white or Hispanic?" Zimmerman replied, "He looks black." NBC selectively edited the 9-11 call to make Zimmerman look racist.

But what is even worse is the censorship of recent black on white crimes. Editors for the Los Angeles Times, The New York Times and the Chicago Tribune admitted to deliberately censoring information about black crime for political reasons, in an effort to "guard against subjecting an entire group of people to suspicion."
Funny though, when the tables are turned, they can't keep enough ink in the house to print all the 'Whitey does these things' garbage they can find.

The MSM has also portrayed Zimmerman as a "White Hispanic", when, according to Zimmerman, he is Hispanic... He's also a register Democrat.
Yep, you read it right.

The left are using this tragedy for political gain.
They ignore the New Black Panther Party hate speech, to "guard against subjecting an entire group of people to suspicion."
One doesn't have to be a liberal, conservative, Democrat or Republican to see the danger posed by America's race hustlers, who are stacking up piles of combustible racial kindling and ready for a racial arsonist to set it ablaze. 
They have been waiting in the wings for someone on the right to get so enraged at the Black Panthers to start something, or even use the N-word, so they can  subject an entire group of people to suspicion.

Recruiters for white hate groups must love President Obama's demagoguery in saying that a son of his would look like Trayvon but not saying that Melissa Coon's 13-year-old son, who was set on fire, could have looked like a son of his. After all, the president is just as much white as he is black.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Breaking News- Santorum Suspends Campaign

In a press conference just a few minutes ago, Presidential Candidate, Rick Santorum has called it quites.

During his press conference he referred to his youngest daughter, Bella, who has been hospitalized twice since he started his campaign, is the real reason he and his family have made this decision.

These leaves only 3 in the race. Romney, Gingrich and Paul, to take on Obama on Nov.

Gingrich is expected to eventually drop out, even though he vows to continue on to Tampa for the RNC convention.
Paul is not expected to make any in roads to the nomination.

Looks as if Romney will be the nominee. A Moderate that, at least at this point, can't get most Conservatives behind him... So Romney better pick a great conservative VP running mate.

Best of luck, Rick, in the future!

Where is the US Justice Dept

In a recorded conference call, the New Black Panther Party has called for Race War… to Burn Florida…. Blood Shed….Kill Crackers… Honkies… Revolution… The Red Sea, kill Blond hair blue eyed, sometime brown hair… to destroy and starve Capitalism, to complete the removal of Capitalism, and want Capitalism removed from the minds, especially from the minds of black people.

Thats some pretty bold talk!
What federal laws have they broken? 
Here are just a few that come to mind:

-The 1964 Federal Civil Rights Law, 18 U.S.C. § 245(b)(2), permits federal prosecution of anyone who "willingly injures, intimidates or interferes with another person, or attempts to do so, by force because of the other person's race, color, religion or national origin, because of the victim's attempt to engage in one of six types of federally protected activities, such as attending school, patronizing a public place/facility, applying for employment, acting as a juror in a state court or voting."

-Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994- Public Law #103-322A, a 1994 federal law, defines a hate crime as: "a crime in which the defendant intentionally selects a victim, or in the case of a property crime, the property that is the object of the crime, because of the actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, gender, disability, or sexual orientation of any person."

Eric Holder, do your God Damn Job and charge these morons!

Or could there be another reason for the inaction by the US Justice Dept?
People, this has got nothing, NOTHING to do with ‘justice for Trayvon.‘
No, none what-so-ever.
This is the match, that MSM has struck with their irresponsible reporting, to incite and inflame the passion in people against the rest of us who don’t look like Trayvon.
And these people mean it.

But worse than that, they are using the Martin/Zimmerman incident as an excuse to wage war against Capitalism.
That’s right, wage war against Capitalism.
It’s no wonder Obama’s HJS (Holder Justice System) is doing nothing to bring these criminals to justice.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

In Florida, If You're Not a Citizen, Then Vote

A report out of Fort Myers Florida has uncovered at least a hundreds non-citizens who have been here for years, who have been casting votes for the last 11 years.

The report by a local affiliate of NBC (No Way), WBBH found that non citizens have been voting, all because of the motor voter law, and that state officials where prohibited from asking for proof of citizenship when they registered.

Some of those non-citizens, when filling out a voter registration forms, checked the box that they were in fact citizens... Which is a class three felony.

They only way election authorities can investigate fraud without asking for verification of citizenship is for them to get a tip... A tip...

If this is happening in Florida, it would have to be pretty rampant across the nation.
Time to repeal the Motor Voter Law.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

ABC News Exclusive Elusiveness

Last Thursday I was prepared to post this piece of the Sanford Police dept security video showing Zimmermans being brought in for questioning and how ABC was being elusive with regards to Zimmermans injuries on his head, which they said wasn't there.
The reason I held back was because of the one part of the video that I captured showing some kind of injury to the crown of his head. But because the video and picture capture was not clear enough to be definitive proof he had an injury there, I choose to let it go.

I should have gone with my first instinct.
ABC, now has taken this footage and had it compressed to make it more clearer of the crown of Zimmermans head, which now shows there was injury to his head.
Here is what I was to post. 

ABC News has obtained exclusive video footage of George Zimmerman being brought in to the Sanford Police Dept for questioning. And based on their "exclusive" video footage piece, ABC News is making the claim that there are "no abrasions or blood can be seen in the video"
"The initial police report noted that Zimmerman was bleeding from the back of the head", as reported.

ABC News also says Crump (The Lawyer for Martins parent) alleged that the Sanford police had leaked damaging information about Martin in order to muddy the case, calling it a "conspiracy."

Now this post is not intended to prove Zimmermans guilt or innocence here. None what-so-ever, NO.

This post is to show one thing, and one thing only.
ABC News is trying to create their OWN conspiracy, in my opinion, as I will show in three different points of interest, here, as I see it.

First, in the video below, ABC's "Exclusive" banner covers Zimmermans crown of his skull for 44 seconds of this 1:28 minute footage, as Zimmerman is closest to the security camera.

Second, at the 0:41 mark of the video, an officer is seen pausing for approximately 4 seconds to look at the back of Zimmerman's head. What is he looking at?

And lastly, but most important of all, comes at the 1:06 mark of the video, where there is a clear shot of the crown of Zimmermans head, where there appears to be a 2" to 3" laceration.
I have included a frame capture close up (see below) at the 1:07 mark where it shows this laceration.
That's what the officer was looking at!

Why is ABC News making such claims, when it is clear that there is a wound on top of Zimmermans head, when they say there are none???

Now the enhanced video and screen capture, that is much more clearer to back up this post.

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

MSM- 'Deceiving is Our Job'

As we await the finds of the Zimmerman/ Martin investigation, it has become blatantly obvious of where certain News media outlets are going.


NBC has pretty much embarrassed themselves here with selective editing of the 9-11 call made that night by Zimmerman.
All in an effort to paint him a racist.