Friday, December 30, 2011

OWS to Disrupt Iowa Caucus- Breitbart Tells All

Is this an effort by the left to try and spark a revolution?
The Tea Party Patriots have said they will also be in Iowa, throughout the caucus to get the message out about halting Obama's march of our nation to socialism?

This is something to watch, because it's serious enough to follow!!!

Powder Dry?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

If You Don't Get It By Now...

You might never get it at all.

This next election is about saving the republic.
Restoring the ROAR .
Repatriation of the United States as a full fledged Representative Government of the people, by the people, for the people, and that it shall not perish from the Earth

It's time to get serious with today's issue and leave the distant past behind.
Identify who had made it worse.
And what are we going to do about it.

Stay on subject= Obama
Debate the issue= Obama
Lay blame of the issue= Obama
Defeat the problem= Obama

Victory Or Death. It's not a choice- It's a goal, either way.

Friday, December 23, 2011

All the Best to You and Yours on Christmas

A King is Born
There's more, much more to Christmas
Than candle-light and cheer;
It's the spirit of sweet friendship
That brightens all the year;
It's thoughtfulness and kindness,
It's hope reborn again,
For peace, for understanding
And for goodwill towards men!

Want to wish you all the very, merriest of Christmases.
All of you are a blessing, who make this country the best and freest nation on earth.

You stand tall in your conviction, with pride of country and what our Founding Fathers  gave to us, to carry on.

May god bless and keep you this season and always.

Merry Christmas!

-Mark Adams
-Adams Patriot

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

GOP Nominees- What has gone Wrong

This is going to be a long post. But I feel it necessary to state my case of why some of us need to wake the fuck up, because some of us conservatives have lost sight of the goal that we need to achieve in 2012. And you KNOW what that goal is.

As the Iowa caucus is in the final stretch and the GOP nominees are jockeying for position, many thought on Dec 8th, with a 14 point lead over Romney, that Newt Gingrich was well on his way to winning that states caucus.
But about two weeks later, Newt has dropped to nearly even with Romney’s in recent polls.

Why is that?

Two reason.
Reason #1: The left have set the bait to land many right of center folks. And a number of them took the bait.
The liberal left in America has been raising the flag of just how concerned they are with Romney being the nominees, then they are with Newt, because Mitt would draw in more independents then Newt.
So what the left has done is convince many that the GOP should get behind Romney because of just that scenario, to mislead Republicans in to believing they can now beat Obama in the general election with Romney as the GOP candidate.

Ahhh but not so fast. Last Thursday Gallup poll found Newt and Romney where neck and neck with 23% of independents/lean right voters.

Many conservatives, like Ann Coulter fell for that hook, line and sinker and now she has throw her hat in the Romney circus. Even Nikki Haley fell for it, too.

Newts numbers are on the decline, Mitts number have not moved. Latest Gallup Poll shows Gingrich has lost 14 points. Romney’s numbers haven't budged and only the (what I like to call) bottom dwellers have picked up 1 point each.
So as I am seeing these latest numbers, 8% of Newt supporters two weeks ago have now gone undecided.

Reason #2. Of course, I can't give the liberals all the credit for Newts numbers being down.
Some conservatives have gone off the deep end themselves with regards to Newt Gingrich.
They continuing to harp about his "Right Wing Social Engineering" comment, which pissed me off too, until Gingrich explained himself, and that was to my satisfaction. Why not yours?
They continue to point to Newts Ad with Nancy Pelosi. But Gingrich has admitted that that was the dumbest thing he has ever done.

Some continue to go back in time to discredit Newt when he was Speaker of the House. Example are- in 1993 he supported individual mandate. Leaving two wives when they were critically ill? (Not entirely true).
You know something, if you are one of those folks, you’re no better than the liberal left, because that’s is exactly what they are doing and saying (Ann).

But the best one of all, the one that takes the cake and was even uttered by Michelle Bachmann “He was paid $1.6M to consult Fanni/Freddy”….

HOLY HELL. SO NOW we are going to beat up on:
-An American, while in the private sector, earned MONEY for running his own BUSINESS as a consultant?
-Making a living in America?
-Made lots of money as an entrepreneur???
-You know, CAPITALISM?
DO we REALLY want to go there???

Some conservatives blast him as some sort of liberal. HOW in the HELL can someone who was a bi-product of Reagan, be a liberal?

Let’s take a quick look at Newt "Conservative" side. (From his Campaign site)
Jobs and the Economy:

- As Speaker he balanced the budgets, pay down the debt, and create jobs:

- Will stop the 2013 tax increases to promote stability in the economy.

- Make the United States the most desirable location for new business investment through a bold series of tax cuts, including

- Eliminating the capital gains tax to make American entrepreneurs more competitive against those in other countries.

- Move toward an optional flat tax of 15%

- Strengthen the dollar by returning to the Reagan-era monetary policies.

- Remove obstacles of destructive and ineffective regulations, programs and bureaucracies.

- Repealing the Community Reinvestment Act, the abuse of which helped cause the financial crisis

- Repealing the Dodd-Frank Law

- Balance the budget.

- Repeal and replace Obamacare


- Remove bureaucratic and legal obstacles to responsible oil and natural gas development in the United States, offshore and on land

- End the ban on oil shale development in the American West

- Give coastal states federal royalty revenue sharing


-Make health insurance more affordable and portable to purchase insurance across state lines

- Reform Medicaid

-Create more choices in Medicare

- Stop health care fraud


- Under no circumstance can a path to citizenship be created which would allow those who have broken the law to receive precedence over those who patiently waited to become residents and citizens via the legal process. (I am fully behind this 100%)

- Control the border.

- Move 11,000 Washington-area Department of Homeland Security bureaucrats to the Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona borders.

- Round-the-clock drone flights to monitor activity, multi-layer, strategic fencing in urban areas, and vastly improved communication between state and federal authorities.

- Deportation of criminals and gang members should be efficient and fast.

- Ensure that every new citizen and every young American learn American history and the key principles of American Exceptionalism.

- English must be the official language of government.

Defending Second Amendment Rights:

The right to bear arms is a political right designed to safeguard freedom so that no government can take away from you the rights which God has given you.

Principles to protect life and liberty:

- Nominate conservative judges who are committed to upholding Constitutional limited government

- Combat judicial activism

- End taxpayer subsidies for abortion

- Protect religious expression in the public square

There is much, much more, but this post is getting a bit long.
I sat down to watch Mitt Romney last night, while he was on the Factor.

Outside of Romenycare and his refusal to admit it was not a good idea for even his state, O'Rielly asked a pointed question to Mitt, that still to this day is bothering me.
O'Rielly ask Romney if he thought Obama as Socialist.
Mitts response "I'd like to think of him as out of touch"
When O'Rielly pressed him again for a direct answer, Mitt said "I don't want to label someone like that when he is really out of touch"
You know, 63% of the American people agree that labeling Obama a socialist is fair, Mitt sure is "out of touch" with the American people himself.

In closing, I am not here to bash Mitt nor Michelle Bachmann. However, her going after Newt on the money he made during his private life, just gave fuel to the Obama Campaign fire.
-Debate the issues.
-Point to the failures and hang them on Obama.
-Bring forth your solutions.
-And last but not least, follow Reagan's 11th commandment. “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.”

Now: Whats our goal in the 2012 election?.....

------------Hell, even Arnold Cusmariu From the American Thinker gets it-----------------

DOJ Attack on Sheriff Joe Getting ICEd

Something most of you already know, that the Obama Administration and Eric Holder DOJ efforts began, in March of 2009, to probe in to shutting down Sheriff Joe Arpaio sworn duty to uphold the laws of the United States.

The 'results' (in their words) of which they released last week - accusing Arpaio of 'racial profiling', 'civil rights violations' and 'unconstitutional policing'.

But this article, from back in Sept of 2010 shows that ICE had given Sheriff Joe a raving review of his effort to combat illegal immigration and as far as ICE was concerned, the probe from Obama's DOJ was all politically motivated.

Excerpts of that Dayton Tribune piece.

Eric Holder and the Obama Administration are applying the full weight of the federal government’s resources into trying to stop the new Arizona immigration law, but that’s only one of the multi-front attacks they’ve setup to make sure states are stripped of their ability to enforce U.S. immigration laws. Now the DOJ is suing the most active and largest sheriff’s office in Arizona (Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s office has 189 officers) by extending an investigation into alleged civil rights violations.

The DOJ informed sheriff Arpaio that a probe was underway to investigate what the DOJ claimed were “alleged patterns or practices of discriminatory police practices and unconstitutional searches and seizures.” This is where things get sticky for Eric Holder and the Obama Administration.
Six months prior to this investigation the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) had already conducted its own investigation of sheriff Arpaio’s office and not only gave it a clean bill of health, they actually gave a raving review. The report said things like “The OI and DRO supervisors consider the conduct and performance of the MCSO … officers to be professional and meeting the requirement of the MOA.” And that they considered the working relationship between the feds and the sheriff’s office to be “excellent” and that cases brought by the sheriff’s office to be “high quality.”

The DOJ then got caught with its pants down when more government documents were uncovered under the Freedom of Information Act that suggests politics may be at the root of the investigation.
Emails from an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency employee to John P. Torres who was at the time the acting assistant secretary of ICE said: “Did you see this?” attaching a news report on the investigation. “Yes,” Torres responded a few minutes later. “Interesting politics at play.”

 So with that said, is ICE also 'racial profiling', violating 'civil rights' and such?
This is more like a witch hunt then a probe of wrong doing.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

What Cities are Prospering in Our Country Today

The video report shows what the Milken Institute's 2011 annual Best-Performing Cities survey has found. It evaluates cities over a five-year period on jobs, wages and technology performance. 
And the state with the most cities that are the most prosperous in our country today is Texas, which has 7 cities within the top 20 and holds 4 of the top 5 spots in that category on the Milken survey.

With it's pro-business environment and thriving energy sector, this state is continuing to boom.

All, by the way, under a Republican Administration.

Here is the rest of the list of all 200 cities

This could be our countries future with a Republican Presidency. 
Or better yet, without Barack Obama!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Voter Fraud- Left Defensive Posture

Let's take a look at Caroline Heldman frothing at the mouth excuses of how Voter ID’s would disenfranchise 11% of the population.

First the video:

Here we go.

“If you don’t have a car, why would you?”

All states, usually through the same agency that issues driver's licenses, (SOS, DMV) provide identification cards for people who do not drive. These typically resemble a driver's license and have the same security and identification features. They are commonly used by seniors (who are eligible for free cards in some states), students who choose not to drive, people who are unable to drive, and people in large cities with comprehensive public transportation networks. There is a valid ID that every person who wants to vote can show to election officials.

“Voter fraud is a non-existence problem:”

OK, voter fraud “conviction” are rare, but voter registration fraud is very rampant. And the reason why voter fraud convictions are rare is because by the time authorities try to question the person who registered to vote (and actually voted) they are long gone, moved on, to avoid being apprehend.

But let’s take a look at voter registration fraud. We’ll look in to the most extreme cases in the last 10 years or so.

-AR 1998 A contractor with ACORN-affiliated Project Vote was arrested for falsifying about 400 voter registration cards.
-CO 2004 An ACORN employee admitted to forging signatures and registering three of her friends to vote 40 times.
-FL 2009 In September, 11 ACORN workers were accused of forging voter registration applications in Miami-Dade County during the last election. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the state attorney’s office scoured hundreds of suspicious applications provided by ACORN and found 197 of 260 contained personal ID information that did not match any living person.
-IN 2008 Election officials in Indiana have thrown out more than 4,000 ACORN-submitted voter registrations after finding they had identical handwriting and included the names of many deceased Indianans.
-MI 2008 Clerks in Detroit found a "sizable number of duplicate and fraudulent [voter] applications" from the Michigan branch of ACORN.
-MO 2008 Nearly 400 ACORN-submitted registrations in Kansas City have been rejected due to duplication or fake information.
2003 Of 5,379 voter registration cards ACORN submitted in St. Louis, only 2,013 of those appeared to be valid. At least 1,000 are believed to be attempts to register voters illegally.
-MN 2004 During a traffic stop, police found more than 300 voter registration cards in the trunk of a former ACORN employee.
-NM 2008 Prosecutors were investigating more than 1,100 ACORN-submitted voter registration cards after a county clerk found them to be fraudulent. Many of the cards included duplicate names and slightly altered personal information.
2005 Four ACORN employees submitted as many as 3,000 potentially fraudulent signatures on the group’s Albuquerque ballot initiative. A local sheriff added: “It’s safe to say the forgery was widespread.”
-PA 2008 State election officials have thrown out 57,435 voter registrations, the majority of which were submitted by ACORN. The registrations were thrown out after officials found "clearly fraudulent" signatures, vacant lots listed as addresses, and other signs of fraud.
-TX 2008 In Harris County, nearly 10,000 ACORN-submitted registrations were found to be invalid, including many with clearly fraudulent addresses or other personal information.

NOW, by my count, that’s nearly 78,000 in just 10 states. More can be seen here.

“Another way is to provide your water or a utility bill (As an ID)

ANYONE can get a water bill. Millions of illegal aliens have their water bills under their name, because you do NOT have to show proof of anything, just tell the city your residence and have your name on the account.

Then she tries to minimize voter registration, after O'Reilly runs down a list he had put together, by saying “that’s one, one thousands of one percent”

Of course it wouldn't be a progressive point of view if they didn’t throw in the Koch Brothers in there, somewhere.

Point is, ONE illegal registration, ONE illegal vote IS VOTER FRAUD. The left’s head explodes when they hear States passing voter ID laws.

You know WHY? Because without it, they NEVER would win an election again… And they know it!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Barbara Boxer Off Her Rocker

Sen. Barbara Boxer warned Tuesday that more than 8,000 people will die every year if Congress passes the Republican-backed payroll tax cut bill -- because it includes a provision that would delay regulations on industrial boilers.

The payroll tax holiday bill passed the House yesterday evening on a 234-193 vote. But like clockwork, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid declared it "dead" on arrival. (Reid has, I am sure, a 'Dead on Arrival' sign hanging over his Senate door).
If it doesn't pass, it will effect 160 million Americans by raising the tax rate back to 6.2%.

The Democrats have been after the Republicans for refusing to pass the middle class tax break extension because it had a provision with in the bill that the left put in it, that would inject a millionaire sur-tax.
But the Republicans worked in the lost of revenue to the social security trust by cutting other funds from the bloated Government payroll in replace of the sur-tax.
And the Republicans compromised, by passing the tax break extension for the middle class as the Democrat wanted.
The Reps sweeten the deal by adding the Keystone pipeline (which, by the way, the AFL-CIO wants this project started) with in the confines of the bill for Americas energy independence. But Reid and the President threaten the tax break bill by one of two means. That being “Dead on arrival” or as the Administration says “We'll veto it”.

So, where is the compromise from the Dems, the very same party who accused the Republicans for not compromising? And shouldn’t the Republicans now use this as their choice of weapons against the Dems for not backing a middle class tax break? (I THINK SO!)

Anyways, back to the subject.
Boxer's claim is extreme. VERY extreme.

Boxer, chairwoman of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, lined up her sights on a provision in the bill that would slow the controversial boiler rule out of the Environmental Protection Agency.

"By stopping the clean boiler rule from going into effect, more than 8,000 people per year will die for every year that that rule is delayed," she said. "And yet the Republicans in the House have just done that in their payroll tax cut bill."

SO the bloviating Boxer claims that 8,000 will die each year because of a “rule”???

Not sure where Boxer gets her "figures" from but of course, like the stimulus bill, which the Dems claimed would save or create millions of jobs, Boxer might use the Census Bureau statistics to win her argument, by the fact 2.5 million people in the US die each year (for various reasons, of course)....
I can hear her now: "Oh My God, it's worse then we thought. 2.5 million Americans died because of the lack of the boiler rule".....

So Boxer and the Democrats want to kill the House passed bill, a bill that will effect 160M Americans all over MAYBE saving 8,000?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fight Back Against Smart Meter, Get Your Power Shut Off.

Thats what happened to a California couple when they told PG&E to take back their smart meter and replace it with a far less intrusive analog meter.

If you're not familiar with smart meters, here are a few things that your utility doesn't want you to know.

Do you want an accurate, reasonably priced utility bill? Utility customers have noticed huge increases in their bill after a ‘smart’ meter is installed- in some cases hundreds of dollars more than usual. 

Do you value civil liberties and the right to privacy? When a ‘smart’ meter is installed, your utility has access to information about you- when you wake up in the morning, when you go on vacation, what kinds of appliances you are using, etc.   They will be able to sell this information to a series of corporations and the government.  

 Do you care about wildlife and cutting carbon emissions? Smart meters do not result in energy savings, according to Reuters.

Do you value your health, and the health of your family and friends?  Thousands of people have complained of tinnitus, headaches, nausea, sleeplessness, heart arrhythmia, and other symptoms after a ‘smart’ meter was installed.  This is consistent with published studies associating these symptoms with exposure to electromagnetic fields.  Smart meters violate already high FCC limits on human exposure to microwave radiation and are being installed as “electro-sensitivity” skyrockets.  There are also reports of ‘smart’ meter interference with pacemakers and other implants.

Are you in favor of fire regulations that put the safety of residents first? A number of electrical fires have been caused by ‘smart’ meters. These meters are not UL certified, as is required by electrical code for all electric appliances within the home.

Are you alarmed about the decline of our democracy and informed decisionmaking? The conversion to ‘smart’ meters is one of the largest technology rollouts in history, and yet virtually no public consultation with ratepayers or local governments was carried out in advance.
FYI to ALL: You are not required to have these meter anywhere on your property. Call your utility and tell them you do not consent to a Smart Meter and you want to retain or restore your analog meters at no additional cost.

If you choose to communicate via written notice, here is a preform letter you can use in your state against your utility company for refusal and removal of the intrusive devices.
Use the letter below to forbid smart meter installation (or modify the letter to demand the meter be removed).
From: Energy Customer’s Name
Street Address
City State Zip
To: Energy Provider
Street Address
City State Zip
Date of letter
Dear (Energy Provider) and all agents, officers, employees, contractors and interested parties,
If you intend to install a “Smart Meter” or any activity monitoring device at the above address, you and all other parties are hereby deny consent for installation and use of all such devices on the above property. Installation and use of any activity monitoring device is hereby refused and prohibited. Informed consent is legally required for installation of any surveillance device and any device that will collect and transmit private and personal data to undisclosed and unauthorized parties for undisclosed and unauthorized purposes. Authorization for sharing of personal and private information may only be given by the originator and subject of that information. That authorization is hereby denied and refused with regard to the above property and all its occupants. “Smart Meters” violate the law and cause endangerment to residents by the following factors:
1. They individually identify electrical devices inside the home and record when they are operated causing invasion of privacy.
2. They monitor household activity and occupancy in violation of rights and domestic security.
3. They transmit wireless signals which may be intercepted by unauthorized and unknown parties. Those signals can be used to monitor behavior and occupancy and they can be used by criminals to aid criminal activity against the occupants.
4. Data about occupant’s daily habits and activities are collected, recorded and stored in permanent databases which are accessed by parties not authorized or invited to know and share that private data by those who’s activities were recorded.
5. Those with access to the smart meter databases can review a permanent history of household activities complete with calendar and time-of-day metrics to gain a highly invasive and detailed view of the lives of the occupants.
6. Those databases may be shared with, or fall into the hands of criminals, blackmailers, corrupt law enforcement, private hackers of wireless transmissions, power company employees, and other unidentified parties who may act against the interests of the occupants under metered surveillance.
7. “Smart Meters” are, by definition, surveillance devices which violate Federal and State wiretapping laws by recording and storing databases of private and personal activities and behaviors without the consent or knowledge of those people who are monitored.
8. It is possible for example, with analysis of certain “Smart Meter” data, for unauthorized and distant parties to determine medical conditions, sexual activities, physical locations of persons within the home, vacancy patterns and personal information and habits of the occupants.
9. Your company has not adequately disclosed the particular recording and transmission capabilities of the smart meter, or the extent of the data that will be recorded, stored and shared, or the purposes to which the data will and will not be put.
10. Electromagnetic and Radio Frequency energy contamination from smart meters exceeds allowable safe and healthful limits for domestic environments as determined by the EPA and other scientific programs.
I forbid, refuse and deny consent of any installation and use of any monitoring, eavesdropping, and surveillance devices on my property, my place of residence and my place of occupancy. That applies to and includes “Smart Meters” and activity monitoring devices of any and all kinds. Any attempt to install any such device directed at me, other occupants, my property or residence will constitute trespass, stalking, wiretapping and unlawful surveillance and endangerment of health and safety, all prohibited and punishable by law through criminal and civil complaints. All persons, government agencies and private organizations responsible for installing or operating monitoring devices directed at or recording my activities, which I have not specifically authorized in writing, will be fully liable for any violations, intrusions, harm or negative consequences caused or made possible by those devices whether those negative consequences are justified by “law” or not..
This is legal notice. After this delivery the liabilities listed above may not be denied or avoided by parties named and implied in this notice. Civil Servant immunities and protections do not apply to the installation of smart meters due to the criminal violations they represent.
Notice to principal is notice to agent and notice to agent is notice to principal. All rights reserved.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

DNC Pitch For Newt

In the wee hours of Dec 11, 2011 the DNC released a video ad to scorn Newt Gingrich as a Tea Party Patriot.

Now whether you buy it or not, the ad, in my conservative opinion helps Newt more then hurts Newt.

Did the DNC design this ad to target Independence?
Or are the democrats in fear that they have lost the center left moderates and are trying to draw them back in?

What I like, and I am sure you'll agree, lowering Corporate tax rate and zeroing out Capital Gains is something that I like as it will repatriate US business dollars back in to the US. 

Thanks for the backing of conservative ideas, DNC, as this pushes me closer to backing Newt then I did before.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Did Iran Shoot Down a US Drone?

Lets look at this claim by Iran for a moment.

The Iranians claim they have shot down a US Stealth Drone and they have it in their possession, and then release photos of the bird.

What I find troubling is this. This bird looks to be in almost pristine condition for being shot down, don't you think?
There isn't nearly a scratch on it!

On December 8, a senior U.S. official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told the Washington Post that the U.S. cannot be certain the drone shown was real because the U.S. does not have access to it, but also stated that "We have no indication that it was brought down by hostile fire.
A second senior U.S. military official said that a major question is how the drone could have remained "virtually intact," given the high altitude at which it is thought to have crashed.

After realizing that the Iranians were about to parade a perfectly functional drone with nary a scratch on it, the official story changed to “the drone landed because it wants to live” I kid you not that is the official story! (Thats laughable)

The immediate and obvious questions were these:
1) Why didn’t we try to recover the drone?
2) In lieu of a rescue effort why didn’t we bomb it into oblivion?
Apparently there was third option and Obama struck that down also.


Fox News National Security Correspondent Jennifer Griffin reported that apparently the Pentagon  pleaded with Barrack Hussein Obama to give the order to do just that. The Pentagon initially wanted to send a special forces team to recover the drone.  Obama shot down that suggestion. Then the Pentagon offered up plan B , blow it to kingdom come. Obama refused that too and now Iran and China have a brand spanking new fully functional top secret US RQ 170 Sentinel Drone.
The Drone was not recovered or destroyed specifically per Obama’s orders.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Payroll Tax Fiasco

The Senate has rejected Democrat and Republican plans for extending the Social Security payroll tax cut for another year, at the same time the partisan battle over a cornerstone of President Obama's jobs plan continued.

The Senate turned down the GOP package by 76-22 and minutes earlier, the Democratic package was derailed after senators voted 50-48 -- 10 votes short of the 60 needed for passage.

The payroll tax was cut to 4.2 percent for 2011, but will return to its normal 6.2 percent on Jan. 1.

The Democratic bill would have cut the tax an additional 1.1% to 3.1% for next year (and be on), paid for largely with an extra tax on millionaires.

The GOP proposal would have left the tax at 4.2 percent next year, financed mostly with federal workforce cuts.

What we must remember here is that the 2% cut in SS tax during this year, is, and has been, subject to federal income tax as it became “earned income”…. Your taxes had gone up and more of your money was diverted to the Federal coughers bank account. 

At 6.2% for earning $50,000/year, your contribution to help the disabled and seniors is $3100.

Federal income tax (marginal rate of 25% only) was $12,000/year

For 2011, the Payroll tax was cut by 2%, to 4.2%= a negative $1000/year paid to SSI

Your earned income now sits at $51,000

At 4.2% for earning $51,000/year, your contribution to help the disabled and seniors is NOW $2142.

2011 Federal income tax (marginal rate of 25% only) is now $12,750/year, an increase of $750 to the Treasury.

So while the Treasury added an additional $750 in new revenue per working taxpayer ($50K), the money that is suppose to go help the disabled and seniors gets cut by $958, never to be seen again. That's a tax shift of $1166

Now the Republican where willing to keep it at 4.2%, but with it, brooming some of the bloated Federal payroll to help cover the loss.

Democrats wanted to cut it another 1%, which is an additional $550 of earned income, Which means another $137 to the Treasury.

Do you see the pattern going here?
Democrats claim that Republicans are trying to throw seniors over the cliff by changing how the entitlements system works, so it can remain solvent. But what the Dems have done is to strip more money away from the entitlement system so they can put in their hands, the big spenders.

Wonder what FDR, who signed Social Security in to law, would have thought of today's Democrats?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

70 Years Since Pearl Harbor, WWII Vet Rips Obama a New One

This has been posted out there many times over the course of the last year or so, but I wanted to resurrect it here today on the 70th anniversary of the 'Day that will live in infamy', the attack on our country by the Japanese that drew us in to World War II.

The Letter that a 95 Year Old Pearl Harbor Survivor wrote to President Obama.

 Dear President Obama,

My name is Harold Estes, approaching 95 on December 13 of this year.  People meeting me for the first time don’t believe my age because I remain wrinkle free and pretty much mentally alert.

I enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1934 and served proudly before, during and after WW II retiring as a Master Chief Bos’n Mate.  Now I live in a “rest home” located on the western end of Pearl Harbor , allowing me to keep alive the memories of 23 years of service to my country.

One of the benefits of my age, perhaps the only one, is to speak my mind, blunt and direct even to the head man.
So here goes.

I am amazed, angry and determined not to see my country die before I do, but you seem hell bent not to grant me that wish.

I can’t figure out what country you are the president of.

You fly around the world telling our friends and enemies despicable lies like:
” We’re no longer a Christian nation”
” America is arrogant” – (Your wife even announced to he world,” America is mean-spirited. ” Please tell her to try preaching that nonsense to 23 generations of our
war dead buried all over the globe who died for no other reason than to free a whole lot of strangers from tyranny and hopelessness.)

I’d say shame on the both of you, but I don’t think you like America, nor do I see an ounce of gratefulness in anything you do, for the obvious gifts this country has given you.  To be without shame or gratefulness is a dangerous thing for a man sitting in the White House.
After 9/11 you said,” America hasn’t lived up to her ideals.”

Which ones did you mean? Was it the notion of personal liberty that 11,000 farmers and shopkeepers died for to win independence from the British?  Or maybe the ideal that no man should be a slave to another man, that 500,000 men died for in the Civil War?  I hope you didn’t mean the ideal 470,000 fathers, brothers, husbands, and a lot of fellas I knew personally died for in WWII, because we felt real strongly about not letting any nation push us around, because we stand for freedom.

I don’t think you mean the ideal that says equality is better than discrimination.  You know the one that a whole lot of white people understood when they helped to get you elected.

Take a little advice from a very old geezer, young man.
Shape up and start acting like an American.  If you don’t, I’ll do what I can to see you get shipped out of that fancy rental on Pennsylvania Avenue .  You were elected to lead not to bow, apologize and kiss the hands of murderers and corrupt leaders who still treat their people like slaves.

And just who do you think you are telling the American people not to jump to conclusions and condemn that Muslim major who killed 13 of his fellow soldiers and wounded dozens more. You mean you don’t want us to do what you did when that white cop used force to subdue that black college professor in Massachusetts , who was putting up a fight?  You don’t mind offending the police calling them stupid but you don’t want us to offend Muslim fanatics by calling them what they are, terrorists.

One more thing.  I realize you never served in the military and never had to defend your country with your life, but you’re the Commander-in-Chief now, son.  
Do your job.  When your battle-hardened field General asks you for 40,000 more troops to complete the mission, give them to him.  But if you’re not in this fight to win, then get out.  The life of one American soldier is not worth the best political strategy you’re thinking of.

You could be our greatest president because you face the greatest challenge ever presented to any president.
You’re not going to restore American greatness by bringing back our bloated economy.  That’s not our greatest threat.  Losing the heart and soul of who we are as Americans is our big fight now.

And I sure as hell don’t want to think my president is the enemy in this final battle…

Harold B. Estes