Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Planned Parenthood Attacks Romney

In the following Planned Parenthood Action Fund video, just release today, the PPAC attacks Mitt Romney and his campaign, with a misleading statements, that can only be viewed as a half assed attempt to sway women to not vote for Romney.

The PPAC proceeds to put words in Romney's mouth.

First the video- 

You've got to wonder who is the fact finder for this piece, anyways.

First off, in the interview with KSDK-TV in Missouri, when Romney mentioned that "Planned Partenthood, get rid of that", Romney was referring to getting rid of some subsidies if we have to borrow money from China to fund them.

You can see that whole interview (raw footage) here.

PP claimed Romney wants to get rid of cancer screening and birth control
Over course, he never did said that...

Second, as for their claim that Romney "... would deny women the right to make their own medical decisions" (From the ABC  New Hampshire debate on 1/7/2012) Once again, he never said THAT
He was referring to working towards overturning Roe v. Wade. Saving a human life.

Lastly: "Putting your paycheck at risk” Back in March, his campaign was asked about Lilly Ledbetter Act, and whether he would support the new law, by the Huffington Post, and Romney's campaign aid said “we’ll get back with you on that”, well THAT means they are unfamiliar with the act.
Granted, they never did, but putting your paycheck at risk??? 
Obama has done a fine job of putting your paycheck at risk.

I mean come on Planned Parenthood,  Let’s Be Honest Here.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Everyone Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day

Following the lead of  American Perspective, Michelle Malkin, and a numerous handful of other Conservative, right of center bloggers, today, May 25th, 2012 is the official blog day of Brett Kimberlin Day.

If you do not know who this guy is, you can read all about him, his background, who he is associated with and what he has done over the past 20+ years to lay havoc on folks who write about his past and present e-terrorism activities, and in some cases, possible actual life destructive acts towards others.

The Blaze wrote this piece on the extensive and long history of Mr. Kimberlin and what he has done, and what he continues to do, to this day.


  • Drug dealer, alleged child molester, and convicted perjurer, forger and Indiana Speedway Bomber
  • He started a non-profit dubbed “Justice Through Music (JTM)” that has, since at least 2005, been funded by George Soros’ Tides Foundation and Barbara Streisand among other leftists
  • Along with his associate, Kimberlin also started an organization called “Velvet Revolution” that supports the Occupy movement. 
  • Any blogger — conservative and liberal alike — who has written the truth about Kimberlin has come under vicious attack by either Kimberlin or his minions, suffering death threats (veiled and unveiled), multiple lawsuits, loss of jobs and worse
  • He has filed over 100 frivolous lawsuits against anything that isn’t nailed down and somehow is being allowed to continue unchecked 
  • This story has never been reported on in the mainstream media.
Who is on board thus far are listed below (H/T -Opus #6)

Will you join the list???

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Midweek Funnies

Just to break the monotony, and to get away from the seriousness of Obama, the liberals, our government and the social unrest coming from the left, I'd thought I would post some hysterical photo-crops I came across, just to lighten the mood a bit.

But of course, some won't find these too funny.

(H/T to Adams Patriot for most of these priceless pics)

(OK, this one is just sick!)

OK, back to our regularly scheduled seriousness.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

NATO Does Chicago

The fear was in the air, and most businesses in Downtown Chicago had told their employees to stay at home and work from there, because of the NATO summit and the trouble that was suspected.

So, here I am recapping what happened in and around the Magnificent Mile and the Windy City.

2 of the 3 men arrested are from Florida, the other from New Hampshire and their lawyer said they were only making beer.
Funny, this summit is only 2 days, the protests have only been happening a couple of days before and then scheduled during the summit. So if these men where only making beer, their lawyer should know that beer takes 3-4 weeks to ferment before you can consume it.....

May 18, 2012
Based on the live feed I saw, there was about 200-300 people.... No biggy.

May 19, 2012
Minor type, "popcorn" protest. No biggy.

May 20th, 2012:
The busloads of anarchist, Socialist/Marxist/social democrats made their move and march from Grant Park to McCormick Place where numerous people were arrested.

The City of Chicago website was hacked and brought down for a number of hours. Most likely from Adbusters. The Tribune reported that "A group using the name antis3curityops sent out a message on Twitter at 6:17 a.m. Sunday directing people to "fire" on and"

Scores of riot Police were ordering protester to disperse. Many didn't.
Estimates put the force of the cops at 200-300 near McCormick Place, where the summit was held. Protesters that were left at McCormick Place was around 100-150. Clearly the Protesters were out numbered. Behind the first row of riot Police were Illinois State Police preparing their gas masks to dispense tear gas.

(WGN Live Stream screen captures)

Police forcing protesters up against a building to squeeze them out.

Protesters were throwing gates at the cops.

Chicago Police got tough with the protesters and fisticuffs were thrown.

The Tribune called the results of this past weekends NATO summit by saying "Protests got rowdy but not wildly out of hand.". Sugarcoating the protests and the massive cost to all in the area.

This was a bad move on the Presidents part to host this thing here and no, it didn't get extreme, but the plan was in place to make it that way.
When will the liberal hacks in our government come to realize that hosting such events puts a serious damper on the rest of us to go about their lives without these Communist/Anarchist spewing their "Change" in our faces?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Christianity v. The Obama Administration

In an astonishing and unprecedented move today, Notre Dame and 40 other Catholic institutions have filed lawsuits against Obama and his Health & Human Services (HHS) to stop the HHS move requiring religious institutions to provide insurance coverage for sterilization, contraceptives and other abortifacient drugs to their employee, against the teaching of the church.

Father John Jenkins, Notre Dame President authored a letter to all Notre Dame employees explaining the suit and what it means.
May 21, 2012
A Message from Father John Jenkins, C.S.C.,
President, University of Notre Dame
Today the University of Notre Dame filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Indiana regarding a recent mandate from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). That mandate requires Notre Dame and similar religious organizations to provide in their insurance plans abortion-inducing drugs, contraceptives and sterilization procedures, which are contrary to Catholic teaching. The decision to file this lawsuit came after much deliberation, discussion and efforts to find a solution acceptable to the various parties.
Let me say very clearly what this lawsuit is not about: it is not about preventing women from having access to contraception, nor even about preventing the Government from providing such services. Many of our faculty, staff and students — both Catholic and non-Catholic — have made conscientious decisions to use contraceptives. As we assert the right to follow our conscience, we respect their right to follow theirs. And we believe that, if the Government wishes to provide such services, means are available that do not compel religious organizations to serve as its agents. We do not seek to impose our religious beliefs on others; we simply ask that the Government not impose its values on the University when those values conflict with our religious teachings. We have engaged in conversations to find a resolution that respects the consciences of all and we will continue to do so.
This filing is about the freedom of a religious organization to live its mission, and its significance goes well beyond any debate about contraceptive.
CNS News also reports that 40 other Catholic Dioceses have also file lawsuits against the HHS, to uphold the 1st Amendment of the US Constitutions "free exercise thereof."
The dioceses and organizations, in different combinations, are filing 12 different lawsuits filed in federal courts around the country.
The Archdiocese of Washington, D.C. has established a special explain its lawsuit and present news and developments concerning it.
"This lawsuit is about an unprecedented attack by the federal government on one of America’s most cherished freedoms: the freedom to practice one’s religion without government interference," the archdiocese says on the website. "It is not about whether people have access to certain services; it is about whether the government may force religious institutions and individuals to facilitate and fund services which violate their religious beliefs."
May gods will be their strength to a historic victory in the courts!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Are You Better Off- A Letter From Charlie Daniels

The follow letter was sent to by Charlie Daniels. 
Yes, that Charlie Daniels and it speaks volumes to today's catch phrase "Are you better off then you were 4 years ago?"

When you look at a presidential candidate you are faced with the sobering fact that if elected they will be the most powerful person on earth for the next four years, having power over not only weapons of mass destruction, but the economy, foreign policy, social and civil rights issues and the quality of your life.
New candidates have to run on a limited record of public service, their character, their personality and believability.

If the person is an incumbent, that person should stand on past achievements and the accomplishments or lack thereof in the last four years.
Being a good president requires much more than being a nice and charismatic guy, a good public speaker and looking good for the television cameras.
A president is supposed to be a leader, a pacesetter, a father figure, a pursuer of justice, a champion of the American way of life, defending it around the world verbally and militarily if necessary.

A good president is a good administrator who realizes that he can’t possibly be everywhere at the same time, that he needs capable assistants to take care of the details and strong competent men and women who have the experience and ability to run departments of government, leaving him free to tackle the big problems and oversee the work the people under him are doing.

The president represents the face of America to the rest of the world and every word that comes out of his mouth is diced, dissected and analyzed by foreign leaders around the world and have to be carefully chosen so as not to show weakness or vulnerability.
A president can’t be a crybaby or petulant or petty and should, above all, take responsibility for his actions good or bad. Harry Truman said it best, “The buck stops here”.

When we examine the question which is the most essential in deciding whether or not to elect an incumbent it should not be just, am I better off than I was four years ago, but, is the country better off than it was four years ago.
I do not openly support political candidates and admit that I don’t know as much about Mitt Romney as I intend to learn in the next few months, but from what I’ve seen so far he seems to be a capable administrator who has had extensive experience in running government and business.
He seems to me to be moral and honest and anybody who has risen as high in politics and business simply has to be a good administrator, capable of surrounding himself with the best, the brightest and the most motivated and delegating authority to the most capable ones.

Let’s look at Barack Obama’s four years in office.
One of the first things Obama did was to tour the world, apologizing for America’s greatness and bowed to a Muslim king who is one of the worst human rights violators on earth.
The prestige of this nation has fallen ever since.
-Do you feel better about America’s place in the world than you did four years ago?

He surrounds himself with incompetence and inexperience. Eric Holder alone is enough of a testament to Obama’s weakness when it comes to appointing capable personel.
Holder’s tenure has been an unmitigated and unparalleled disaster. In the hands of Holder, justice is not blind and certainly not colorblind.
His refusal to turn over pertinent documents pertaining to the Fast and Furious debacle, in my opinion, means that he’s got something to hide. There is no way possible that a gun running operation that crosses international borders could possibly have happened without the approval of the head of the department, if not approval at an even higher level.
Holder is not Attorney General material. The man seems to think the constitution is a list of suggestions. He is dangerous.
-Do you feel better about the Justice Department than you did four years ago?

Tim Geithner’s understanding of the street level economics is either non-existent or well hidden. He looks and acts like a lost child.
-Do you feel better about the treasury department than you did four years ago?

Have you flown lately? If you have, you probably got a taste of Janet Napolitano’s style of Homeland Security, it seems that the TSA just goes from one blunder to another and there’s simply no telling how many terrorists have crossed our border with Mexico unimpeded.
-Do you feel safer now than you did four years ago?

Obama has had more Czars that the entire history of the Russian Monarchy and in most cases we don’t even know what they do.
Obama has shown his contempt for the constitution on several occasions. He has also shown his contempt for the will of the people with his sneaky midnight legislation and further corrupting of the already corrupt houses of Congress to get his socialist agenda passed over the will and behind the back of We The People.
-Do you feel that your government represents your interests better than it did four years ago?

His whispered conversation with Russian President, Medvedev when he thought the mics were off, not only bespeaks what a second Obama term would be and his tell Vladimir “after my election I’ll have more flexibility” is a harbinger of some dealings with the Russians he wants to hide from the American voting public.
His secretly recorded, “guns and religion” statement seems to pretty much sum up how he feels and talks about Middle America when he thinks they can’t hear him.
-Do you trust the president more than you did four years ago?

A net two million jobs have disappeared under Obama, the national debt has grown to sixteen trillion dollars and getting bigger every day,
-Do you feel better about the economy than you did four years ago?

Obama has been the most socially divisive president in my lifetime. He fans the flames of racial and class envy any time he thinks it will benefit him politically.
-Do you feel better about race relations than you did four years ago?

Obama talks about all the jobs he saved by bailing out General Motors, but many of those jobs are overseas and don’t benefit the American economy or tax base at all.
His chosen head of the White House’s “Jobs Council”, Jeffrey Immelt – the head man at General Electric – moved the manufacturing of GE light bulbs to China.
-Do you feel better about keeping your job than you did four years ago?

And how about Tom Vilsack’s Agriculture Department wanting to tell farm families what age their children could operate machinery. Mr. Vilsack is evidently out of his depths and knows very little about the family farm.
-Do you feel better about raising your family without government interference than you did four years ago?

Kathleen Sibelius should be called the secretary of health, welfare and abortion because she has at least as much interest in terminating the unborn as she does health and welfare.

-Is the country better off than it was four years ago?

Does Obama deserve another four years based on his performance?
Would Mitt Romney move America in a better direction if he was elected?
That’s the question we will all be a part of answering in November.

I pray the best man wins.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, and for our country.

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ed Klein's Interview with Rev Wright

In an interview on Fox's Hannity tonight, Ed Klein, who recorded a 3 hour interview with Rev Wright, talked with Sean about the damaging interview with Wright.

And both interviews where extraordinary, and shows the real Barack Obama and how unprepared he was to hold the office of the Presidency.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hush, Hush Reverend Wright

President Obama's former, 20 year Pastor granted the New York Post an eyeopening interview where he tells the Post that Team Obama had offered him a bribe to not publicly speak until after the election.

Its an astonishing interview that shows just how Chicago style politics works, in Obama's world.

‘Man, the media ate me alive,” Wright told me when we met in his office at Chicago’s Kwame Nkrumah Academy. “After the media went ballistic on me, I received an e-mail offering me money not to preach at all until the November presidential election.”
“It was from one of Barack’s closest friends.”
“He offered you money?”
“Not directly,” Wright said. “He sent the offer to one of the members of the church, who sent it to me.”
“How much money did he offer you?”
“One hundred and fifty thousand dollars,” Wright said.
“Did Obama himself ever make an effort to see you?”
“Yes,” Wright said. “Barack said he wanted to meet me in secret, in a secure place. And I said, ‘You’re used to coming to my home, you’ve been here countless times, so what’s wrong with coming to my home?’ So we met in the living room of the parsonage of Trinity United Church of Christ, at South Pleasant Avenue right off 95th Street, just Barack and me. I don’t know if he had a wire on him. His security was outside somewhere.
“And one of the first things Barack said was, ‘I really wish you wouldn’t do any more public speaking until after the November election.’ He knew I had some speaking engagements lined up, and he said, ‘I wish you wouldn’t speak. It’s gonna hurt the campaign if you do that.’
“And what did you say?” I asked.
“I said, ‘I don’t see it that way. And anyway, how am I supposed to support my family?’ And he said, ‘Well, I wish you wouldn’t speak in public. The press is gonna eat you alive.’
“Barack said, ‘I’m sorry you don’t see it the way I do. Do you know what your problem is?’ And I said, ‘No, what’s my problem?’ And he said, ‘You have to tell the truth.’ I said, ‘That’s a good problem to have. That’s a good problem for all preachers to have. That’s why I could never be a politician.’
“And he said, ‘It’s going to get worse if you go out there and speak. It’s really going to get worse.’


Friday, May 11, 2012

Bully Romney- All About Nothing

What do Obama Press backers have on Romney's High School days?
Nothing, really.
But the Washington Post wants to make a story about Romney's buddies from his days at Cranbrook School (Actually it was called Cranbrook Institute, back then) in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan on an incident that took place there.... 47 YEARS AGO.

According to the Washington Post story:
John Lauber, a soft-spoken new student one year behind Romney, was perpetually teased for his nonconformity and presumed homosexuality. Now he was walking around the all-boys school with bleached-blond hair that draped over one eye, and Romney wasn’t having it.“He can’t look like that. That’s wrong. Just look at him!” Romney marching out of his own room ahead of a prep school posse shouting about their plan to cut Lauber’s hair. Friedemann followed them to a nearby room where they came upon Lauber, tackled him and pinned him to the ground. As Lauber, his eyes filling with tears, screamed for help, Romney repeatedly clipped his hair with a pair of scissors.  

Romney's buddies then, were (based on the story)

Matthew Friedemann, now a dentist; Phillip Maxwell, a lawyer; Thomas Buford, a retired prosecutor; and David Seed, a retired principal — spoke on the record. Another former student who witnessed the incident asked not to be identified. The men have differing political affiliations, although they mostly lean Democratic.

Ironically, another high school classmate, Gary Hummel recalls a comment Romney made nearly 50 years ago, that, according to the Washington Post, Mr Hummel
was a closeted gay student at the time, recalled that his efforts to speak out in class were punctuated with Romney shouting, “Atta girl!”

OK, well if Mr Hummel was a "closet gay student", then how did Mitt Romney know, when he said "Atta Girl"?

One other thing I found interesting about the Washington Post story
"I always enjoyed his pranks,” said Stu White, a popular friend of Romney’s who went on to a career as a public school teacher and said he has been “disturbed” by the Lauber incident since hearing about it several weeks ago, before being contacted by The Washington Post.
This is a fresh story, breaking on May 10th. It was never brought out before then.
So, how did Mr White only hear about it "several weeks ago, BEFORE the WP contacted him"???
And if he was a popular friend of Romney back then, how come he didn't know about it, up until SEVERAL WEEKS AGO?
ODD, isn't it?
And of course this story breaks the day after President Obama flip-flops on gay marriage.

Coincidence, or what?

This is all about NOTHING. Obama's Campaign, and their beloved press can't (or won't) talk about Obama's past, which is disturbing to say the least, nor his presidency record, but they will dig up 50 year old stories and run an 11 page piece on the Romney's time in High school..............Please, THATS the LAME stream media!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How Will Obama React to This Breaking News

So Obama says the war on terrorism is over.
Well not so fast.
Breaking News is the bomber who was preparing to bomb a US bound airline, for which the CIA just thwarted the attack, was in fact an informant for the CIA.

Mr President, the war on terrorism if far from over.

Citizens United v. Fed Election Commission

The landmark decision by the United States Supreme court that the McCain-Feingold act violated free speech was un-presidented ruling that infuriate liberals to no end.

It allows Corporations, millionaires and Unions to donate money, sometimes millions of it to help elect their Candidate.
In his 2010 State of the Union address, Obama said of the decision:

"Last week, the Supreme Court reversed a century of law to open the floodgates for special interests, including foreign corporations, to spend without limit in our elections. Well I don't think American elections should be bankrolled by America's most powerful interests, or worse, by foreign entities."

Now we do know that foreign corporations cannot spend without limits. That was upheld.
But now comes a twist to the Presidents remarks on special interest, and I am sure Obama is not saying the same thing today.

A report out by the Associated Press yesterday said Multimillionaire George Soros' contributed $1 million to the advocacy group America Votes and another $1 million pledge to American Bridge 21st Century, an outside "super" political committee supportive of Obama's campaign. 

"As he has in the past, George is focusing his political giving in 2012 on grassroots organizing and holding conservatives accountable for the flawed policies they promote," Soros adviser Michael Vachon said

Flawed policies? Does Vachon mean Capitalism?

"Thanks to investments by progressive leaders like Mr. Soros, we have been able to build a cutting-edge organization that we will continue to build upon in order to keep providing effective and efficient services to the progressive movement," said David Brock, American Bridge's founder.

Oh the Hypocrisy of the left!

So far, GOP super PACs have outraised their Democratic counterparts by tens of millions of dollars.  

So if a liberal/progressive ever rants about McCain-Feingold act and the SCOTUS decision of it, you can slam them with this. They've got no complaints any longer.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Soft America From The Top

What would you say if some enemy combatant, who killed one of your buddies in Afghanistan was released back to his tribe, with just a promise to never raise and aim his weapon at another US solder again? 
That's right, a promise.
I believe you'd be outraged at the notion, right?

Well, it's happening as we speak (or in this case, read)

The Washington Post is reporting on a little known and, for many, surprising U.S. program that reportedly entails releasing high level insurgents in exchange for “peace pledges” outside of normal protocol.

As the United States has unsuccessfully pursued a peace deal with the Taliban, the “strategic release” program has quietly served as a live diplomatic channel, allowing American officials to use prisoners as bargaining chips in restive provinces where military power has reached its limits.
But the releases are an inherent gamble: The freed detainees are often notorious fighters who would not be released under the traditional legal system for military prisoners in Afghanistan. They must promise to give up violence — and U.S. officials warn them that if they are caught attacking American troops, they will be detained once again.
There are no absolute guarantees, however, and officials would not say whether those who have been released under the program have later returned to attack U.S. and Afghan forces once again.
So basically if you're an enemy combatant and you kill another American solder, our nation will arrest you... again.
America has become to soft. These are highly notorious fighters that are being set free to once again, kill our guys. 
Why are they even being set free? Are they not the enemy? What ever happened to detaining them until the end of hostilities?

How about putting a bullet in their freaken heads, for Christ sakes. The ultimate punishment for their breaking of some half assed "promise"

I mean really. Our leadership in Washington doesn't have the stones to be 'American'
Americans don't fu*k around.
Get the job done, and get it done right.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

MSNBC Morning Joe Blasts Obama's 'Julia'

The crew on MSNBC Morning Joe attack and are amazed that their man in the oval office is portraying an ideology of social-Marxism, by releasing a web-based ad comparing the life of a fictional caricature, Julia, and how she would fair under Obama, vs. Romney.

The ad (which you will see in the video) shows how an Obama administration would provide for Julia throughout her life, while a Romney admin would, at some point, let her go out in to the world and make it on her own.

One panelist, Brzezinski (who was called a devout Marxist) says "At some point we have to inspire innovation and hope and get them on their way... I don't get it"

Another one comments "This cut in to the grain of the American caricature."

And yet another contributor mentions that "No one, especially a progressive guy like me, what's to see America portrayed that way"

And finally we have "....The fact is that the Federal government is expanding at a frightening rates"

Are they getting this now? Are they understanding what us conservative capitalists have been saying now about Obama's harsh socialist policies.... or are they trying to boost their ratings???

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Obama's Afganistan Visit- Troop Rally or Politics

Yesterday, on the one year anniversary of OBL death by the hands of navy Seal 6 team, Obama took to the air to make a special trip to Afghanistan.
Arriving at 12:00 midnight local time, Obama and Afghan President Hamid Karzai signed a strategic partnership agreement pledging U.S. support for Afghanistan for a decade after 2014, when NATO forces are planning to conclude their combat role.

According the administration officials, the main goal of the brief visit was to sign the strategic partnership agreement. But the unconventional timing of events on the trip, such as the signing ceremony at midnight local time, was aimed at allowing Obama to address Americans on a schedule convenient for U.S. television audiences, senior administration officials said. That speech, that ran about 10 minutes, took place at 4 a.m. in Afghanistan.

Earlier, a White House official had claimed the date of the trip was “merely a coincidence”

Merely a Coincidence???
From nearly right out of the gate, Obama brings up the killing of OBLAnd for nearly 4 minutes, he spoke of Bin Laden.But here is an interesting piece from his speech to our nation, from their nation.
In 2002, bin Laden and his lieutenants escaped across the border and established safe-havens in Pakistan. America spent nearly eight years fighting a different war in Iraq.
Obama makes it seem that prior to his election, American troops where only fighting a war in Iraq?
Then Obama goes on to say, this.

And one year ago, from a base here in Afghanistan, our troops launched the operation that killed Osama bin Laden. The goal that I set, to defeat al Qaeda.
A goal that HE SET? He is acting like he has won this war and that it all started from his election. REALLY?
Well we do know, that the information leading our troops to the whereabouts of OBL came from the enhanced interrogation that was approved by then President Bush.

And what does Veterans for a Strong America think? Well here it is!

America knows who deserves the credit for killing Osama Bin Laden - United States Navy SEALs and the American intelligence community. Join with Veterans for a Strong America and let President Obama know who really deserves the credit.