Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What Is With Ann Coulter

 Ann, Smitten with Mitten

I am not sure what is Ann Coulters dilemma with Newt, but she sure is frothing at the mouth over bringing him down.
On her website, she has several links that seem to put Newt in the spotlight on key issue.

The first attempt by Ann, to smear Gingrich and throw him under the bus was a link to an audio recording, in which Newt can be heard to refer to some kind of healthcare document.
The link is titled:
So the video, as with the author and Coulter, makes a claim that "in a May 2009 ....in a conference call Gingrich said the process which the Democrats were going through to pass ObamaCare was “healthier” and “more open” than 1993."

Now in the video, at the very end, you can hear Newt say, "Now if you go to the last page..." as it fades out...Well, there is just one problem with Andrew Kaczynski and Ann Coulter claim. The first bill drafted for Obamacare was HR3200, which was introduced in JULY 2009. There was no public rough draft of HR 3200 prior to that.
Second, Newt makes no mention he is referring federal legislation.
So as I see this, its a fabricated video, designed to bring Gingrich down.
Whatever Newt was talking about is unknown, but it could not have been Obamacare.
Coulter Result: FAILURE!

Second attempt at Coulters smear campaign was: 

Do you know of anyone, (before the Obama administration, that is) to fully support and 100% agree with everything a President did. Even if the President was from your party?..... No, I can't either.
And Gingrich was NOT 'praising' Truman. He was making a point that Truman did more to fight communism (which wasn't much) then he felt Reagan was doing. In essence 'Wake up Mr President'.
Coulter Result: FAILURE!

And her latest attempt at hitting the Newt spittoon was:
Just to touch on a few excerpts by Ann Clitoris..:
                      "Gingrich may have spent his entire life in Washington"
"Gingrich supports importing a slave labor force from Mexico"

Careful Ann, your head might explode

"Gingrich went on "Meet the Press" and called Ryan's plan -- supported by nearly every House Republican -- "right-wing social engineering."
No he didn't. He call the Medicare portion right-wing engineering, because it is HIGHLY unpopular by 'We the People' to go that route with Medicare.

"Most egregiously, he took $1.6 million to shill for Freddie Mac, one of the two institutions directly responsible for the housing crash that caused the financial collapse."
 Now THAT comment she needs to take and choke on it a little bit. 

1. TOOK? He charged Freddie Mac for services rendered as BUSINESS owner, an entrepreneur, you know, A CAPITALIST

2. Directly responsible for the housing crash? Can you say CLUELESS...She needs to read the Community Reinvestment Act and the amendments that CLINTON enacted, which was the DIRECT result of the housing market bubble and subsequent crash. SHE doesn't even have a clue what the hell she is talking about. 
Coulter Result: FOOL!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Allen West Calls on The Liberal Elite to Bring it On

Representative Col Allen West gave a fiery speech last night at the Lincoln Day Dinner in Florida.
And WHAT a speech it was. Watch.

West was telling Obama, Reid, Pelosi, (all) to just try and bring down America any further.
The man has the same fire in his belly as Newt does to right the American ship.
He might also be furious with the establishment GOP for what they are doing to his district.

Little reported news on what I am about to present here, but need your help to spread the word.
It turns out that a Romney spokesman is spearheading an effort to redistrict West's district out of existence through the Florida legislation, as soon as possible.

After last night’s [Jan. 26] Republican Presidential debate, the candidates’ respective spinmeisters made their cases to the media as to why their guy won the debate.  One of Governor Mitt Romney’s spokesmen was Florida Representative Will Weatherford, and during the course of his remarks in the “Spin Room”, he shed a very dim light on the ongoing redistricting process in the Florida Legislature….
West’s congressional district inexplicably sheds the most out support as compared to all other incumbent Republican and Democrat Congressman. A few weeks back we quoted an unnamed legislator saying that, “Allen West was screwed”, a statement which was originally made about made five months before the purposed maps were made public, leading insiders to believe that the fix was in against Allen West.  But in light of Weatherford’s comment, it is increasingly clear that this is a fait accompli.
According to Weatherford, those preliminary maps will not change- at the most, any additional changes would be minimal, and those changes would not make any appreciable difference from the preliminary maps.  In addition, Weatherford stated that a deal was struck between him, Senate President Mike Haridopolos, and Senator Don Gaetz to finalize these maps and push them through as soon as possible.

Weatherford tried to hide behind a need to comply with federal law, but that’s obviously a spin since there could have been many ways to comply yet not sacrifice West!!!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Breaking News- Message From Herman Cain

I am officially endorsing Newt Gingrich for President of the United States!

Obama Youths Rethink Their Support

"The Debt Generation" video was developed and presented by the Tennessee College Republican committee.

This ad should be taken out in every market and every corner of the nation during the run up to the general election.

Youth support is on the wain for Obama in America.
And Obama knows it, as young Americans did help propell him to the Presidency in 2008.

I can only hope our American youth have paid attention to what he's done to our nation since he took office.
And that they shall outright reject him this time around!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Another Version of SOPA & PIPA in the Hands of Senate

A must read- If you think we succeeded to bring a halt to SOPA and PIPA, not so fast. This is not being reported in our media. Why? Maybe they dropped the ball. Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement has been signed, but the Senate has not ratified it.... yet. 
InfoWars seems to be the only one reporting this that Obama has inked his name to it and is petitioning the Senate to ratify it.
Both the Bush administration and the Obama administration had rejected requests to make the text of ACTA public, with the White House saying that disclosure would cause "damage to the national security."
They are probably right, since those hacktivist associated with Anonymous did over SOPA and PIPA.
And now they succeeded to taking down the Federal Trade Commission website on Wednesday.
Now I usually take Infowars stories with a grain of salt, but not this time.
Spread the word and call your Senators to not ratify this.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Madam Pelosi Makes A Second Threat

Once again, Nanny 'Nut Bag' Pelosi has made a outright threat to bring down Gingrich, if he becomes the nominee, in an interview with 'Got Your Clocked Cleaned on National TV' John King.

KING: Because of your history with Speaker Gingrich, what goes through your mind when you think about the possibility, which is more real today than it was a week or a month ago, that he would be the Republican nominee and that you could come back here next January or next February with a President Gingrich?
PELOSI: Let me just say this. That will never happen.
KING: Why?
PELOSI: He's not going to be president of the United States. This is - that's not going to happen. Let me just make my prediction and stand by it. It isn't going to happen.
KING: Why are you so sure?
PELOSI: There's something I know. The Republicans, if they choose to nominate him, that's the prerogative. I don't even think that's going to happen.


Now, based on Rules of the Committee, for which Pelosi served, at that time, she would be in violation of Rule #7 (PDF)  if she disclosed anything that was not agreed to by the committee to become public record.

Last Dec, Pelosi made that same kind of statement. But after Newt shot back that she would be in violation of House rules, Pelosi said she was referring to what is all part of public record.
So in my attempt to prevent an Nancy's October Surprise (if Newt is the Nominee) HERE is the record, out in the public domain. Anything else said by her about the ethics issue outside of that, IS a violation.

Is she just making a threat (with some under the radar support from the Est. Reps) to lull GOP voters in to thinking she has an October Surprise?
I think it's just that, a threat.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oops Thats going to leave a mark

And so it goes, as reported by the Associated Press yesterday, Mitt Romney, Republican presidential candidate has been criticizing rival Newt Gingrich for earning more than $1.6 million, over 8 years, in consulting fees from Freddie Mac. But as it turns out Mitt has invested as much as $500,000 in the U.S.-backed lender and its sister entity, Fannie Mae.

Romney's latest financial disclosure report listed several investments in the mortgage giants that he, Gingrich and other GOP critics have repeatedly singled out as prime villains in the housing crisis.

The disclosure report came a day before Romney was to release his tax return from 2010 and an estimate of his 2011 taxes.

While continuing to hammer Gingrich for his consulting work for Freddie Mac, the Romney campaign sought to deflect questions about the former Massachusetts governor's investments. They include a mutual fund worth up to $500,000 that includes assets from both lenders among other government income

For months, Romney dismissed calls to release his personal income tax records, and now we know why. But after mounting criticism from his rivals and others, coupled with his stinging weekend loss to Gingrich in the South Carolina primary, Romney agreed to release his 2010 return and 2011 estimate on.

So in conclusion, if Mitt now wants to pump the brakes on his attack at Newt for making money as a business owner consultant, we can move on to more important things. Like removing the Socialist we currently have occupying the Whitehouse.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Either Call the Kettle Black, or Get Out of the Race

There a two distinct differances between Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich.
Newt will call it like it truly is.
Mitt refuses to label Obama a Socialist and that makes his view of Obama suspect.

In this clip yesterday with David Gregory on Meet The Press, Newt calls it like it is. Obama's a Saul Alinsky Radical.

What I said last night is the truth. Nobody in the elite media wants to cover it. Nobody's ever gone back and looked at what Saul Alinsky stands for. Nobody ever asks what neighborhood organizer meant. He wasn't organizing Boys and Girls Clubs. He was teaching political radicalism. It explains his entire administration.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Three Down, More To Go

Fresh off the South Carolina primaries, and a landslide victory, Newt and his campaign move on to Florida.
South Carolina was the most impressive GOP primary/Caucus yet.
Iowa, it turns out, was taken by Rick Santorum. New Hampshire, Mitt Romney, and to much to our surprise Newt took the biggest victory yet. With taking nearly all 46 counties in SC, the victory for Gingrich was a decisive landslide of epic proportion.

In Newt's victory speech he took notice to all the candidates and gave the high marks for who they are and what they stand for.
You know, Rick Santorum showed enormous courage in Iowa when he had no money, nobody covered him, and he just kept campaigning. I mean here's a guy who articulates the values of social conservatism, who articulates the importance of manufacturing and who may have been as right about the dangers of Iran as anybody in this country in the last 10 years.
 Dr. Ron Paul who on the issue of money and the Federal Reserve, has been right for 25 years. While I disagree with him on many other things, there's no doubt that a lot of his critique of inflation, if fiat money and of the Federal Reserve is in fact absolutely the right direction.  And it's something I support strongly.
Finally, Governor Romney with whom I disagree on many issues, is nonetheless, a good example of America.  He's hardworking.  He has been very successful.  He has organized large systems.  He did a terrific job at the winter Olympics.
I give high marks to Gingrich for making these statements. It shows, he has no hard feelings and respect the rest of the field.

Now, with that said, I understand why there is need to expose "genuine" records of other candidates background. However NOT personal matters, like the ones ABC decided to do 2 days before the South Carolina Primary. But in the end, Newt put both ABC and CNN in their place, and it made the difference.
But I think what was the lowest move yet. Yesterday, while the people of South Carolina were casting their votes, Mitt Romney came out with a low blow.

The Hill reports that Romney’s campaign sent a press release wishing Gingrich a “happy anniversary” for the House decision to reprimand him, which happened on January 21, 1997.
Headlined “Happy 15th Anniversary, Mr. Speaker,” the release said, “Fifteen years ago today, Newt Gingrich became the first House speaker in American history to be reprimanded by his colleagues.”
The Romney campaign told Fox News that they had planned to deliver an anniversary cake to Gingrich’s South Carolina headquarters to mark the occasion on Saturday.
Whats the purpose of this?
The SC voters are already in the voting booths, casting their votes.
It can only be one thing. Mitt Romney is acting like a child. 
It had no bearing on swaying people to Romney's campaign after the 11th hour.
It was a nasty way of trying to go after Newt.

In his concession speech, Romney congratulated the former House speaker but not without some underhanded jabs.
"When my opponents attack success and free enterprise they are not only attacking me, they are attacking every person who dreams of a better person. He's attacking you, I will support you I will help you have a better future"

“I sure do,” Romney responded. “He was on a debate saying that politicians who took money from Freddie and Fannie should go to jail, which is outrageous in itself. But, look, he says he was in the consulting business.
Now I found Mitts comment to be hypocritical, to say the least. Newt, as a private citizen, was running a consulting business.
It's the same thing. Capitalism. But many forgot that, when chastising Newt for the Bain fiasco.

But now, it should all be water under the bridge, but not be forgotten.

In closing, Newt went after Obama in his victory speech, as he should, by this profound statement:

But the centerpiece of this campaign I believe is American exceptionalism versus the radicalism of Saul Alinsky. There's a lot to just doing that because the fact is what we are gonna argue is that American exceptionalism, the American Declaration of Independence, the American Constitution, the American Federalist Papers, the Founding Fathers of America are the source from which we draw our understanding of America.

He (Obama) draws his from Saul Alinsky, radical left-wingers and people who don't like the classical America.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Reminder-The List Of Presidential Firsts Under Obama!

If you can't remember them all... BOOKMARK this. 
• First President to Preside Over a Cut to the Credit Rating of the United States Government

• First President to Violate the War Powers Act

• First President to Orchestrate the Sale of Murder Weapons to Mexican Drug Cartels

• First President to issue an unlawful "recess-appointment" while the U.S. Senate remained in session (against the advice of his own Justice Department).

• First President to be Held in Contempt of Court for Illegally Obstructing Oil Drilling in the Gulf of Mexico

• First President to Defy a Federal Judge's Court Order to Cease Implementing the 'Health Care Reform' Law

• First President to halt deportations of illegal aliens and grant them work permits, a form of stealth amnesty roughly equivalent to "The DREAM Act", which could not pass Congress

• First President to Require All Americans to Purchase a Product From a Third Party

• First President to Spend a Trillion Dollars on 'Shovel-Ready' Jobs -- and Later Admit There Was No Such Thing as Shovel-Ready Jobs

• First President to sue states for requiring valid IDs to vote, even though the same administration requires valid IDs to travel by air

• First President to Abrogate Bankruptcy Law to Turn Over Control of Companies to His Union Supporters

• First President to sign into law a bill that permits the government to "hold anyone suspected of being associated with terrorism indefinitely, without any form of due process. No indictment. No judge or jury. No evidence. No trial. Just an indefinite jail sentence."

• First President to Bypass Congress and Implement the DREAM Act Through Executive Fiat

• First President to Threaten Insurance Companies After They Publicly Spoke out on How Obamacare Helped Cause their Rate Increases

• First President to Threaten an Auto Company (Ford) After It Publicly Mocked Bailouts of GM and Chrysler

• First President to "Order a Secret Amnesty Program that Stopped the Deportations of Illegal Immigrants Across the U.S., Including Those With Criminal Convictions"

• First President to Demand a Company Hand Over $20 Billion to One of His Political Appointees

• First President to Terminate America's Ability to Put a Man into Space.

• First President to Encourage Racial Discrimination and Intimidation at Polling Places

• First President to Have a Law Signed By an 'Auto-pen' Without Being "Present"

• First President to Arbitrarily Declare an Existing Law Unconstitutional and Refuse to Enforce It

• First President to Tell a Major Manufacturing Company In Which State They Are Allowed to Locate a Factory

• First President to refuse to comply with a House Oversight Committee subpoena.

• First President to File Lawsuits Against the States He Swore an Oath to Protect (AZ, WI, OH, IN, etc.)

• First President to Withdraw an Existing Coal Permit That Had Been Properly Issued Years Ago

• First President to Fire an Inspector General of Americorps for Catching One of His Friends in a Corruption Case

• First President to Propose an Executive Order Demanding Companies Disclose Their Political Contributions to Bid on Government Contracts

• First President to allow Mexican police to conduct law enforcement activities on American soil

• First President to Golf 90 or More Times in His First Three Years in Office

But remember: he will not rest until all Americans have jobs, affordable homes, green-energy vehicles, and the environment is repaired, etc., etc., etc.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Someone Got a Bloody Nose On CNN Last Night

John King started right out of the gate last night by questioning Newt on allegations made by his ex-wife Marianne.  Gingrich proceeded to do what he’s done best in the campaign... Get another 'Standing O' for his firmness and disdain towards anyone who attacks him and our country.
One of his points that got one of two Standing O' last night was this "I'm tired of the elite media PROTECT BARACK OBAMA by attacking Republicans!"

ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, PBS, Print... Did you catch this?
The American people are getting fedup with the bias BS you dish out ever single day.
You have lost your edge in reporting news.
Your slanted, opinionated reporting has grown tiresome with America.

TWO standing O's on one statement from one man, should warn you that we ALL are done with the half assed presentation of today's issues in America!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

And Yet Another Media Hit Piece

Yet another media hit piece coming your way, presented to you by our national liberal media outlet, ABC.

First we had Herman Cain's debacle, when all the 'run of the mill' media folks globed on to the Gloria Allred inspired extra marital affairs bandwagon of un-proven advances by Cain.
It was nothing but a 'he said, she said' circus.
Results, Cain's campaign comes to an end.

Now we have a new angle, coming from the likes of ABC.

Tonight, before the ink has dried on reports from the South Carolina debate, and just two days before the South Carolina primary vote, ABC NightLine will air another 'he said, she said' hit piece. This time from the ex-wife of the poll surging Newt Gingrich. (Isn't this convenient?)

Marianne Gingrich will lay claim to the nation that Newt has no moral character to be President.

An appetizer comment, tossed out their today by ABC, that 'Newt sought an "open marriage" arrangement so he could have a mistress and a wife, will be spewed. Gingrich admitted to a six-year affair with a Congressional aide, but based on what Marianne said "he asked me if I would share him with the other woman, Callista'....
Holy hell. Does she REALLY expect that the country is going to believe that the Speaker of the House, a highly public figure, would ask this of his then wife for an open marriage?

A wife and a mistress.... ALL IN THE OPEN and ON THE RECORD?

PLEASE! LOL it's laughable!

But then we have a little history, when during Gingrich's ethics investigations Marianne Gingrich defended Newt's ethics while he served in Congress. So he's got ethic, but no morels. Those usually go hand in hand.

Newt’s daughters weighed in on the forthcoming interview by submitting a letter to ABC, stating in part "they would not say anything negative about Marianne and said their father regrets any pain he may have caused in the past to people he loves."
Marianne, in response said "Newt has never expressed any such regrets."

So, what this all boils down to is this.
She is a scored ex-wife who is still reeling bitterly after 12 years since the divorce.
And how much DID ABC pay her for this juicy bit of 'gossip' I am wondering?

And if you don't remember, all this came out in an Esquire Magazine interview with Marianne in 2010.
So why did ABC work so hard to get the interview now???
Brian Ross told the Washington-based ABC News Radio affiliate that ABC News had been trying to land the interview with Marianne Gingrich since November.

November??? Same month as the Cain fiascos heated up. HMMMMM

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Keystone Pipeline- A big fat NO

An oil industry source is quoted to have said today that the US state dept spokesman will tell Canada, the oil industry and the American people, including the AFL-CIO, that it will reject the Keystone pipeline from Canada to the gulf coast region.

Their reasoning is that there has not be sufficient time with in the 60 day requirement from congress to study the environmental impact for such a project.

Of course, the studies have been sitting on Obama desk now for 3 years and The pipeline had been through several other federal, state and local approvals. But I guess he was too busy taking his 23rd vacation in as many years to pick it up and read the damn thing.

The problem with what is expected to come from the state dept is…. IT’S NOT UP TO THEM TO EXCEPT OR REJECT IT!

It’s the Presidents’ sole decision based on the legislation passed last Dec from the payroll tax cut extension.

But of course the deal that Boehner cut with Reid, assured that even if the decision was to come from Obama, he’d reject it anyways.
Reid and the Obama Administration have been bloviating how the House Republicans are obstructionist.
Well, what the hell is THIS, then?

Of course, for the State Dept to reject it, (even though they have no power to), should tell you one thing.
They are trying to protect Obama during an election year. To Protect him from having his direct administration official(s) make this public statement, all the while the enviro-n-chief spends his time campaigning and not governing.

Canada's prime minister has warned if the U.S. can't get collective sh*t together, Canada will look to team with China.
"Unfortunately Prime Minister Harper of Canada just this week said because of the volatile indecisiveness on the part of this president, that they feel they are being held hostage and they will take their energy elsewhere specifically to Asia and China," Jack Gerard, president and CEO of the American Petroleum Institute,

The NRDC has recently stated “It is not in the national interest to lock the United States into supporting an expensive and dirty form of oil for many years to come. Also, additional capacity for tar sands oil perpetuates America's addiction to oil, and undermines the clean energy alternatives that would bring genuine energy security."

GENUINE Clean energy security? Do they mean the type of energy, like solar panels? You know, the technology that has already costs us nearly $3B in the last 2 years and we have NOTHING to show for it? Do they mean the “alternative energy” that at best could only provide this nation with only 20% of its energy needs to keep its economy sputtering along?

This administration and its lunatic cronies have a mission. To see this nation roll back to the horse and buggy days.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Will Newt Take Obama to the Woodshed?

Would Newt Gingrich take Obama to the woodshed in debates and in the general election, as I have said now for 2 months?

I truly believe he can and will.

Case in point.
Newt takes Juan Williams to the mat.

In a directed question to Newt Gingrich tonight in the South Carolina debate, Juan asked Gingrich about labeling Obama as the food stamp president and that young people should get jobs as a janitor.

Newt set Juan straight.

For the first time in all the debates this presidential election year, Newt Gingrich got a standing ovation for that power statement.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Questions on Todays Issue- Newt Answers

Last night, Mike Huckabee hosted a Q&A session with South Carolinian's undecided, with all the current GOP field for the Republican nomination.

In my opinion, Newt drives it home with his responses, and gets right to the heart of the problem and how best to resolve them.

Take some time to watch the whole thirteen minutes of this clip.
How can this not be the answers to our 4 year problems here in the US?

One thing that really stands out here is he'd reform presidential campaign laws to put the power back in the hands of the candidates and out of the hands of the Super PAC, which have been the source of the negativity, because they are the ones creating this infighting.
And lets not forget what Herman Cain and Rick Santorum said just a few months ago about Gingrich!

Now here is the best case to NOT put Romney as the nominee.
"The fact is that many Democrats are eager to face Mitt Romney in the fall, no matter what they might say in public." 
I have been saying this, since day one. Publicly they are concerned to run against Romney. Privately, they are licking their chops! 
So, do we really want Romney as the Republican nominee?
OR do we want someone who they REALLY FEAR!
The smart choice is Newt!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Paul: (Iran) We Should Have Great Empathy For Them-Update

Ron Paul says we should have great empathy for Iran, with regards to the 3 assassination of their nuclear scientist. Calling it an act of terrorism, and if we are doing it, we should stop.

First he doesn't want the US to attack Iran over Iran building the bomb. Then he doesn't want sanctions. Now, if we are trying to sabotage Irans nuclear program and covertly taking out their top scientist, we shouldn't. 

"We should have being doing a lot less, a lot sooner!"

What Paul doesn't seem to understand, if we don't start showing this regime we mean business, they will come after us regardless.
They are building a nuke, that will make them one of the elite powers and they have been bolstering that they are.
It's to late for the US to put it's tail between its legs and walk away.

Once again...
Slamming my head against the wall!

------------------------Then we have liberal stooge Bill Maher----------------------

Maher admits 2 things in this clip.
1. He likes Ron Paul because of his foreign policy ideas better then Obama.
2. Admits his audience are brainwashed liberals

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wave and Say Hi to the DHS

Not sure exactly why, but the Department of Homeland has been operating a "Social Networking/Media Capability" program to monitor the top blogs, forums and social networks online for at least the past 18 months. Based on a privacy compliance review from last November recently obtained by Reuters, the purpose of the project is to "collect information used in providing situational awareness and establishing a common operating picture." Whatever that means. Either way, the list of sites reported by Reuters reveals in a Wednesday afternoon exclusive is pretty intriguing:

Social Networks

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Myspace


  • The Drudge Report
  • The Huffington Post
  • The New York Times's Lede blog
  • Wired's Threat Level
  • Wired's Danger Room
  • ABC News' investigative blog The Blotter
  • "blogs that cover bird flu … news and activity along U.S. borders … drug trafficking and cybercrime"


  • Hulu
  • YouTube
  • Flickr
Is the DHS just like you? I've seen no reports of Defenders of Prosperity being on the list. (Though I have been getting more hits from Russia the last 2 months...) But if I am, hello Department of Homeland Security employees -- thanks for reading!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ron Paul Sends a Message to the Rest of the Voters Tonight

Ron Paul sent a message to the rest of the Republicans after finishing second in NH yesterday.

Rep. Ron Paul’s campaign called on the rest of the Republican field to drop out of the race and unite behind him in order to defeat Mitt Romney.
“We urge Ron Paul’s opponents who have been unsuccessfully trying to be the conservative alternative to Mitt Romney to unite by getting out of the race and uniting behind Paul’s candidacy,” campaign chair Jesse Benton said in a statement.

My message back to Ron Paul.....

I swear people, what is wrong with America today?
Most of Ron Paul supporter are those under 30.
In 2008 they brought us Barack Obama. And look how that turned out.
So I guess Obama was their flavor of the month.

Now they are enamored with Paul.
Is this the kind of people who will be running the country in 20 years?

First, Paul policy for this country on foreign policy is going to get this country attacked if he becomes President.
Second, that will be a fat change he'll become President, so what does that leave us if he is the nominee.

I think you know that answer!

Monday, January 9, 2012

GOP Vs Gingrich P1

We are in the midst of the most important election in our nation’s history.
We have endured the Obama Administration fundamental change long enough.
The GOP and the political right, need to get this right.
There is NO screwing this up, this time around.
Either we put the right candidate up against Obama, or IT'S over for this nation.

With a series of posts, my "hopes" are to be that the American people shall make the right choice and that we put up the most conservative, small government candidate we can get against the Obama campaign machine.

First up, is the Ron Paul and why he needs to be brought down early.

The Paulbots are the most bizarrest people you'd ever want to try and have a reasonable discussion with.
They are the most arrogant, mean and bullheaded electrite this nation has seen.
They think, as Paul does, they are the Knights Templar of the Constitution.
The one aspect of Pauls platform, his foreign policy, is so flawed and out of perspective that anyone outside the Paul-encampment soundly rejects it, IMO.

Here is a video exchange between Paul and Gingrich.

Here, Gingrich, schools Paul on the dangers of a terrorist, who could attain a nuke and set one off in an American city. Paul attitude is we brought it on ourselves.

Ron Paul lack of understanding this danger, to protect this nation by preempting an attack, is like saying we'll deal with it after the mushroom cloud dissipates.

What seems to be forgotten is any GOP left standing will be going up against the Chicago thugs who know how to campaign.
There is no one out there in the current GOP pack that can take on these Chicago pukes, except an established Reaganite Republican. That man IS NEWT!

Gingrich 1
Paul 0

Friday, January 6, 2012

The Message to The President From We the People

By compromising our cultural, legal and economic institutions, you are ensuring our children will never achieve the same quality of life that we enjoy today.
Through generational theft, you are robbing the unborn of that opportunity.
Our nation is a Republic, Sir!
We will NOT except ANY tyranny under any guise!
We the People will defend our liberty and protect our beloved country.
And American exceptionalism WILL PREVAIL!

Your Ideology is not acceptable.
It is not tolerable.
And it will NOT continue WITHOUT an answer by the people!
We The People