Monday, January 23, 2012

Either Call the Kettle Black, or Get Out of the Race

There a two distinct differances between Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich.
Newt will call it like it truly is.
Mitt refuses to label Obama a Socialist and that makes his view of Obama suspect.

In this clip yesterday with David Gregory on Meet The Press, Newt calls it like it is. Obama's a Saul Alinsky Radical.

What I said last night is the truth. Nobody in the elite media wants to cover it. Nobody's ever gone back and looked at what Saul Alinsky stands for. Nobody ever asks what neighborhood organizer meant. He wasn't organizing Boys and Girls Clubs. He was teaching political radicalism. It explains his entire administration.


FIREBIRD said...

The only think you need to remember is - MITT ROMNEY COULD NOT BEAT JOHN McCAIN!

Unknown said...

Another thing people need to remember about Mitt. To pay off the debt, he taxed more then he cut, like 300 Million in fees (aka taxes), 60 million in retail fees (which of course is passed on to Joe and Jane America). Property taxes increased to 53%. Tuition increased in his state by 63% and finally couldn't beat Ted Kennedy in his bid for the US Senate. Sad record.