Monday, January 9, 2012

GOP Vs Gingrich P1

We are in the midst of the most important election in our nation’s history.
We have endured the Obama Administration fundamental change long enough.
The GOP and the political right, need to get this right.
There is NO screwing this up, this time around.
Either we put the right candidate up against Obama, or IT'S over for this nation.

With a series of posts, my "hopes" are to be that the American people shall make the right choice and that we put up the most conservative, small government candidate we can get against the Obama campaign machine.

First up, is the Ron Paul and why he needs to be brought down early.

The Paulbots are the most bizarrest people you'd ever want to try and have a reasonable discussion with.
They are the most arrogant, mean and bullheaded electrite this nation has seen.
They think, as Paul does, they are the Knights Templar of the Constitution.
The one aspect of Pauls platform, his foreign policy, is so flawed and out of perspective that anyone outside the Paul-encampment soundly rejects it, IMO.

Here is a video exchange between Paul and Gingrich.

Here, Gingrich, schools Paul on the dangers of a terrorist, who could attain a nuke and set one off in an American city. Paul attitude is we brought it on ourselves.

Ron Paul lack of understanding this danger, to protect this nation by preempting an attack, is like saying we'll deal with it after the mushroom cloud dissipates.

What seems to be forgotten is any GOP left standing will be going up against the Chicago thugs who know how to campaign.
There is no one out there in the current GOP pack that can take on these Chicago pukes, except an established Reaganite Republican. That man IS NEWT!

Gingrich 1
Paul 0


Silverfiddle said...

Ron Paul and war drum beating "neocons" are two extremes of the spectrum.

Beware all or nothing people.

FIREBIRD said...

I watched this debate (and all 14 others to date) and Newt's line 'McVeigh won' sums it up - Paul, and all the Paul-bearers, miss the part of the Constitution where it says it's the government's job to protect the nation.

There's a headline today on CBS that says Romney AND Paul are tied with Obama in a head-to-head general election. This tells me the media AND THE WHITE HOUSE will dance in the street if either is the Republican candidate, because Obama's machine can slaughter either man. Paul's major support is the 'legalize drugs' crowd - shame, too - seems the drugs have already had their effects

Unknown said...

I agree, Kurt. However the IAEA said today that Iran is now enriching uranium at 20% in the underground bunker that has been discovered. That moves this topic in to the close realm of weaponry.

Unknown said...

Firebird, I got that poll. The demographic were that 434 of those polled would be voting in the Republican primary. that's 434 out of 1278 registered voters they polled. The poll is skewed, more likely Romney (and yes Paul) beat him. However that make it more likely Gingrich is nearly tie with Obama, based on my calculations of what would be true numbers. Paul will not fair to well in the south. The youth in our country are driving his campaign, so I hope they don't screw us again like they did in 08 with Obummer.