Saturday, November 7, 2009

Where was Obama?

Today, a ground breaking ceremony began on the memorial of flight 93 in Shanksville PA to honor the patriots who fought back to take back control of the passenger jet that was bound for the Whitehouse on 9-11.

Where, oh where was our beloved leader? (chock, cough)
Back in Washington DC to convince his party in the House of Representatives to pass socialized healthcare. WOW, what a leader.

The full story can be read here.,2933,572909,00.html

God Bless each and everyone on flight 93!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Rep. Michele Bachmann 'House Call'

Rep. Michele Bachmann has called Americans to Washington DC.

Michele Bachmann has called for a "House Call" "Let your voices be heard, loud and clear" by Americans who are fed up with the Democrats health care bill, HR 3962, a 1990 page bureaucratic debacle which might be brought to the House floor for a vote on Saturday Nov 7th. Michele asked up to as many as 45,000 Americans to walk the halls of congress and to let them know 'We mean NO'

"You came. And you came to your house. And you came for an emergency house call, and are they going to listen? Oh yeah, oh yeah, they're going to listen. It was Thomas Jefferson who said a revolution every now and then is a good thing. What do you think? We are at the point of revolution. And by that, what I mean, an orderly revolution where the people of this country wake up get up and make a decision that this is not going to happen on their watch...And we can't let the Democrats achieve their ends any longer!

This next line tells it all folks. I am more proud to be an American today then I have in the last 10 months because of what you are about to read.

Today, Bachmann said how she had been writing the journals of Abigail Adams (great woman I might add), who wondered if future generations would understand the sacrifices that were made to create this country. "You literally stand with us on hallowed ground," said Bachmann. "This is hallowed ground of freedom, and that freedom was purchased at an incalculable price that none of us can ever truly comprehend. And for 233 years, every generation that has come before has faithfully handed the baton of freedom to the next generation. And so now we are that privileged generation, privileged to be here to be here today."
God Bless you Michele Bachmann- An American stateswoman true to the heart of our nation!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

My response to Valerie Jarrett

This was my response to Valerie Jarrett from her interview on ABC News' This Week with George Stephanopoulos today that was posted on "The Swamp" a Washington based liberal left column of the Chicago Tribune.

As for questions about the plans in Congress to tax so-called Cadillac health-care plans, Jarrett says:"Let's let the process go forward. Let's not pre-judge to the end"
In other words, lets not ask questions right now, lets do it and then ask questions???... Please Jarrett the American people are NOT stupid.

"He (Obama) has reached out. He has listened. He has reached across the aisle...His effort has been sustained throughout the year."
He has done nothing of the sort, when he listens and claims to have reached across the aisle, he ignores the message.

"I think what we look to the president to do is to lead by example,"
Will you Ms Jarrett, the President and Congress also take this healthcare legislation as their own (if passed)? No, they have 100's of other insurance coverage options.

"But ultimately it's up to the Republicans to decide if they want to be a constructive force and come to the table and work with us in a positive way."
You mean YOUR way? Everything that has been proposed from the right has been shot down, time and time again.

"It's rather telling when the Republican Party forces out a moderate Republican" (NY23 election)
Please reference 'forced out'. She quite of her own accord.

"And right now what you see is a great deal of momentum moving forward, for example, on health care. The American people want change"
They want reform, not Government intervention on their choices and certainly not a single payer system.