Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Soros's Progressive Constitution

The man is a menace to our Constitution.
A dangerous man who plans on being a game changer in the American way of life.
A man with a lot of money to do so.
And at least three White House advisers and officials, including President Obama's regulatory czar, Cass Sunstein, are like rats following the pied piper, but in this instance leading the rats straight to our Constitution.

This reported on the World Daily Net.

There is an effort, funded by billionaire George Soros, to push for a new, "progressive" U.S. Constitution.

It has emerged that Sunstein has maintained extensive ties to Soros' funding, particularly with regard to a movement that openly seeks to create a "progressive" consensus as to what the U.S. Constitution should provide for by the year 2020.

Also, Attorney General Eric Holder sat on the board of a Soros-funded group pushing the same "progressive" constitution.
WND has learned that in April 2005, Sunstein opened up a conference at Yale Law School entitled, "The Constitution in 2020," which sought to change the nature and interpretation of the Constitution by that year.

-Sought to change the nature and "interpretation" of the Constitution. Does this tactic sound familiar to you? 
Most progressive try to micro interpret the constitution. Thats why you should pay close attention when talking to a liberal about the constitution and its' exact wording.-

Sunstein has spoken at numerous ACS events. For example, he was a speaker at a November 3, 2003 symposium by the American Constitution Society of the University of Chicago School of Law, where Sunstein was a professor.
But it was the 2005 Yale event led in part by Sunstein that has been described as jumpstarting the movement for a "progressive" constitution.
Jeffrey Rosen, a law professor at George Washington University, wrote at the New York Times Magazine in a 2009 piece about so-called liberal justice: "If this new understanding of legal liberalism can be traced back to a single moment, it was in April 2005, when the American Constitution Society and other progressive groups sponsored a conference at Yale Law School called 'The Constitution in 2020.'"

New 'Bill of Rights'

The Constitution 2020 movement has plotted a strategy for how liberal lawyers and judges might bring such a constitutional regime into being.
Just before his appearance at the Yale conference, Sunsteinwrote a blog entryin which he explained he "will be urging that it is important to resist, on democratic grounds, the idea that the document should be interpreted to reflect the view of the extreme right-wing of the Republican Party."
Sunstein has also been pushing for a new socialist-style U.S. bill of rights that, among other things, would constitutionally require the government to offer each citizen a "useful" job in the farms or industries of the nation.
According to Sunstein's new bill of rights, the U.S. government can also intercede to ensure every farmer can sell his product for a good return while the government is granted power to act against "unfair competition" and monopolies in business.
All this and more is contained in Sunstein's 2004 book, "The Second Bill of Rights: FDR'S Unfinished Revolution and Why We Need It More than Ever."
In the work, Sunstein advanced the radical notion that welfare rights, including some controversial inceptions, be granted by the state. His inspiration for a new bill of rights came from President Roosevelt's 1944 proposal of a different, new set of rights.
In his book, Sunstein laid out what he wants to become the new bill of rights, which he calls the Second Bill of Rights:
His mandates include the following:

  • The right to a useful and remunerative job in the industries or shops or farms or mines of the nation;
  • The right to earn enough to provide adequate food and clothing and recreation;
  • The right of every farmer to raise and sell his products at a return that will give him and his family a decent living;
  • The right of every businessman, large and small, to trade in an atmosphere of freedom from unfair competition and domination by monopolies at home or abroad;
  • The right of every family to a decent home;
  • The right to adequate medical care and the opportunity to achieve and enjoy good health;
  • The right to adequate protection from the economic fears of old age, sickness, accident and unemployment;
  • The right to a good education.
On one page in his book, Sunstein claims he is "not seriously arguing" his bill of rights be "encompassed by anything in the Constitution," but on the next page he states that "if the nation becomes committed to certain rights, they may migrate into the Constitution itself."
Later in the book, Sunstein argues that "at a minimum, the second bill should be seen as part and parcel of America's constitutive commitments."

Word of advise. Watch and follow what Soros is trying to do to our country.

He's a dangerous man with a lot of money!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Whining Weiner Wants Waiver

Rep. Weiner(D-NY), a big advocate of Obamacare, the one who has been a guest on broadcast and cable news networks defending Obamacare, is considering to ask for a waiver for New York City to be exempt from various provisions of health care. 

Why, you might ask? Well not that, in his mind, it's a BAD law. 
It all has to do with politics.
Weiner is hosting the idea of becoming NY's next mayor.
And it appears that Obamacare is not to popular with folks in the Big Apple, or Weiner wouldn't be entertaining the thought of a waiver.

And in Mark Whittington opinion (and mine) "Weiner knows, though he would never admit to it, that health care reform is a monster that is unworkable, destructive, and unpopular. So getting a waiver that he thinks is good enough for the rest of the country for the Big Apple is a no-brainer."

With nearly thousands of waivers out there, it's like candy being passed out to kids in a candy store, and waivers are becoming a popular thing for Obamacare that most, if not all Dems, thought would be a great thing for this country.

Entities like New York City are not likely to abandon Obama in 2012 anyways, but if Weiner wants to be elected Mayor.... Well... Weiner is not Obama and so getting a waiver for NYC would be really the only thing Weiner could get elected on. 

Friday, March 25, 2011

What is With This Leader Obama?

I think this man, Barack Obama is quite confusing to most Americans.
I know he is, to me, a puzzle.

Americans have said NO to him throughout the last 2+ years, but there is this brick wall of ignorance around the beltway.

Lets look at some quick, short shots of mistakes that makes him an enigma from this blogger stand point.

Wasn't wanted, but was done any ways.
Citizens say to expensive.                      

Was not wanted by most Americans.
Americans say to expensive. 
To controlling.                  
Infringement of the Constitution

*Record Deficits
The foundation of the liberal left is social justice. Life in American is not fair. They want balance. So they must make it right for those less fortunate, by providing. 
OK good intentions.
But the results are deficits that can not be sustained. But the voice of reason fails to sink in to Obama. America can help, but at modest pace.
To equalize class of men will surely destroy government and the people it governs.

*Gulf Oil Spill.
While this was not the Administrations fault, the success to cap it and clean it was hindered by government bureaucracy every step of the way. And the response for the Administration was at best slow, to a national disaster.

*He denies:
Being Ideologue.
Denying the notion of American Exceptionalism.
Denies and Re-events a declared war on us by radical Islam.

And with denial comes the appearance of weakness.

Now we have Libya and the most scratch your head situation to be seen yet.
-Dithering on what should be done.
+Calls out policy that Gaddafi must go.
+Joints international community to set up a no fly zone to protect citizens of Libya.
-Makes statement that we are not targeting Gaddafi.
-Fails to consult Congress
+Launches 100+ Tomahawks.
-Halts involvment of the no fly zone and will stand down.


Feel free to share your puzzlement(s) about the President of the United States of America.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What was Obama doing in Brazil?

This past week, during the height of the disaster in Japan and the US coalition effort to set up a no-fly zone in Libya, President Obama packs his bags and head for Brazil.
For what?

To seal a deal for George Soros, the multi-billionaire socialist, maybe?
Back in June of 2010, towards the end of the Gulf oil spill disaster, President Obama issued a six-month moratorium on deep-water drilling and within 48 hours, the George Soros-backed Brazilian oil company, Petrobras, contacted a large New Orleans company, Laborde Marine, which services the deep-water drilling market. The company was seeking to lease all its vessels. “If the moratorium on deep-water drilling is not lifted, 33 semi-submersible rigs and/or drill ships affected will simply go to other countries where they will be well received, such as Brazil,” Cliffe F. Laborde and J. Peter Laborde, Jr. wrote in a June 4 letter to their Louisiana Senators.

Prior to that, in August of 2009 the US government prepared up to $10 billion in loans to finance the development of massive hydrocarbon reserves off Brazil’s coast.
President Barack Obama’s then national security adviser, Gen. James Jones, discussed the matter with officials, back then, during a visit to the South American country, Brazilian Planning Minister Paulo Bernardo da Silva told reporters.
He said the U.S. Export-Import Bank already has signed a letter of intent in that regard with Brazilian state oil company Petrobras.
The loan is equal in value to a similar credit line agreed to with the China Development Bank, also for exploiting Brazil’s "pre-salt" area, so-named because the estimated 80 billion barrels of high-quality crude in that new oil frontier lie far beneath the ocean floor under layers of rock and an unstable salt formation.
Under the agreement with the Chinese state bank, finalized during Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva’s visit to Beijing in May, Brazil can repay the loan facility with oil as opposed to cash…
This has been going on now for some time, as you will see.
Now we step back in time a bit, there is this, from Bloomberg:
Soros hedge fund invests $811m to buy Petrobras stake
August 15, 2008
London: Billionaire investor George Soros bought an $811 million stake in Petroleo Brasileiro (Petrobras) in the second quarter, making the Brazilian state-controlled oil company his investment fund’s largest holding.
As of June 30, the stake in Petrobras, as the Rio de Janeiro-based oil producer is known, made up 22 per cent of the $3.68 billion of stocks and American depositary receipts held by Soros Fund Management, according to a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Petrobras has since slumped 28 per cent…
In November, Petrobras announced the discovery of Tupi, a field with as much as 8 billion barrels of reserves, making it the largest find in the Americas since 1976.
“Petrobras has something that other oil companies don’t have: oil – lots of it and they’re going to find more,” said Ricardo Kob-ayashi, equity fund manager with UBS Pactual in Rio de Janeiro…
Tupi is part of a new deepwater offshore region known as the pre-salt that may contain as much as 50 billion barrels, according to Peter Wells, oil analyst with the UK’s Neftex Petroleum Consultants.
The drop in Petrobras’ US-traded common shares since June 30 would have reduced the value of Soros’s disclosed stake by $235 million.
Soros Fund Management didn’t report holding any Petrobras shares at the end of the first quarter. It did disclose much smaller stakes in the Brazilian oil company during 2007, including 150,000 depositary shares, with a market value of about $17.3 million at December 31.
The hedge fund company also had calls on another 35,000 shares at December 31
But as of today, lookie here, Soros’s top 5 holdings are:
1.Petroleo Brasileiro S.A.Petrobras (PBR) – 9,818,323 shares, 15.42% of the total portfolio 
2.Hess Corp. (HES) – 5,123,198 shares, 10.56% of the total portfolio 
3.Petroleo Brasileiro S.A.Petrobras (PBR-A) – 5,884,700 shares, 7.53% of the total portfolio 
4.Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan Inc. (POT) – 1,978,053 shares, 7.06% of the total portfolio 
5.Plains Exploration & Production Company (PXP) – 6,526,400 shares, 6.84% of the total portfolio
And Reuters is reporting:
WASHINGTON/HOUSTON, March 17 (Reuters) - The U.S. Interior
Department said on Thursday it gave final approval for
Petrobras (PETR4.SA) to use the first ever deep-water floating
production storage facility in the Gulf of Mexico.

And Obama, well he is right in the thick of things with Brazil and Petrobras as he attends the Brazil US Business Summit.
Petrobras’ president and CEO, José Sergio Gabrielli de Azevedo, participated in the “Creating a Secure and Sustainable Future for the Energy Sector” panel, held during the Brazil-United States Business Summit, sponsored by the Industry Confederation (CNI), in Brasilia, today (03/19).
In the event, Gabrielli said the global demand for oil is likely to increase with the resumption of economic growth in the United States.
Gabrielli highlighted the U.S. government’s approval of Petrobras’ oil and gas production project at the Cascade and Chinook fields, in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico.
“We are taking the first FPSO production system to the Gulf of Mexico. The U.S. regulatory body acknowledged the project’s technology and safety.” All approvals have been given, and production should begin soon.
So here we have it.

While OUR attention has been focused on Japan and Libya, Obama has rewarded his main campaign contributor, Soros, with a good looking stock portfolio that includes deep water oil exploration and extraction and, at the same time, turned his back on American companies, that provide millions of jobs, while harming prosperity in America by handing the Gulf and American energy independence over to a Socialist and a foreign country.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

What Was Once, Still Is

A Dual Post- Adams Patriot & Mark Adams

As it once was, striking at a sovereign nation, for any reason was the lefts battle cry to bring down a President and smear his legacy. 
We all know who that was: Bush
But was this Bush's policy? 
Or an agreed and adapted policy from the former Administration of Bill Clinton?

Answer points to yes.
December 19, 1998 President Clinton speaks to the role of American and British troops fighting to generate Iraqi compliance with UN Security Council (UNSC) resolutions. The President announces that U.S. policy toward Iraq would seek the removal of Saddam Hussein's regime from power.

And by October 31, 1998 President Clinton signs into law H.R. 4655, the "Iraq Liberation Act of 1998."
The Act was passed 360-38 in the House and by unanimous consent of the Senate.

And so the result: Mission Accomplished.

Now we have a similar:

Gadhafi took control of Libya in 1969 through a military coop, similar to the way most dictators do. Now 42 years later the left refers to him as 'not the legitimate ruler'.

The left says Gadhafi is now killing his own citizens, but he has done that for 42 years now. What other dictator has done that? Saddam Hussein did and the left thought that was a one of many poor reasons to invade Iraq.

The rebels are no different than Gadhafi as they are doing what he did, try to take the country by force.

Isn't Libya, under Gadhafi, a sovereign nation? They are in a civil war, why is that our problem or the UN's? Now we are in this when the rebels are loosing! So we are helping the rebels overthrow their government?

Our President is not on the fore front of this action, but leaves this to lower personnel. The Pentagon said no to this action and then Obama leaves the country before the invasion, does not seek approval by congress, goes against the left ideology on war and the left legitimizes the invasion of libya as being part of a coalition with the UN.
Still Is:

Can you name the Nobel Peace Prize winner who fired 110 Tomahawk cruise missiles?

Is the leftwing and the MSM outraged that their missiah-n-chief is helping liberate a people?

Crickets thus far are loudest on this.

Nothing from the NY Times.

Nor the Washington Post.

Arianna Huffington's Humping-the-post deflects away from Libya and talks about Afghanistan and would-be GOP Presidential contenders.

The biggest Obama lover, MoveOn.Org has said nothing at this point.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Wisconsin Senators Property Vandalized

JS Online reports:

The office of Sen. Dan Kapanke (R-La Crosse) said the senator has been subjected to damage of personal property and has received threatening statements in the wake of mass protests in recent weeks over Gov. Scott Walker’s budget-repair bill.
Kapanke have been unavailable, but an aide to Kapanke says that windows on Kapanke’s car were broken in Madison and the senator’s wife found nails strewn on the driveway of their home.
According to Rose Smyrski of Kapanke’s staff:
Nails were scattered on his driveway twice last week. The incidents were reported to the La Crosse Police Department.
Also, Kapanke’s’s windshield was damaged on March 9 after the Senate voted on the budget-repair bill. Kapanke was advised by Capitol police he would not be able to reach his car parked on the Capitol Square because of protesters. A state trooper moved the car, and when Kapanke went to his car a short time later, he found a hole in the windshield. He drove home to La Crosse. He reported the damage on Wednesday to Capitol police.

Now I won't point a finger, but the Las Vegas Odds are it was a union leftist, as this took place right after the budget vote.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

France Takes the Lead- Libya

As Gadhafi's continues to be unchallenged by anyone in the world, besides his own peoples rebellion, France, along with the Brits, have taken the lead at bringing together a coalition of Arab states to join in to a campaign plan to strike at Gadhafi's airforce and enforce a no-fly zone.

At the same time, Alain Juppe, France’s Foreign minister, takes an indirect shot to the Obama administration approach.

From AP (short as it is)
France's foreign minister says several Arab countries have pledged to take part in possible military action in Libya.

Alain Juppe says France and Britain have sought targeted air strikes for two weeks. He cites two conditions: a mandate for such force from the U.N. Security Council and "effective" participation by Arab states.

Juppe wrote on his blog Wednesday that the second point was being fulfilled: "Several Arab countries assured us that they will participate." He didn't elaborate.

He said it "isn't enough" for countries to say Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi must quit and called for them to help opponents of his "dictatorship."

Supporters of a no-fly zone over Libya introduced a U.N. resolution Tuesday aimed at stopping Gadhafi's planes from bombing civilians.

Now France will wait to see if today brings about a vote by the UN.
Times a wasting!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Government Giveth and Government Can Taketh Away

As goes Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio... so does Tennessee.

A bill being worked out in Tennessee Senate to take back control of their budget, like Wisconsin, came under heavy resistance in their Senate committee meeting tonight as union supporters resisted arrest when they interrupting the meeting with loud, disruptive protest.
The protesters beef. The state is considering taking Collective Bargaining from Tennessee Teachers... Sound familiar?

The state has the right to conduct it's business and I am sure the Tennessee legislators are not going to put up with the BS that happened in Wisconsin.

Our schools are failing and they need to broom out poor teachers for competent ones. With Collective Bargaining in the states way, this can not be accomplished.
Collective bargaining is a granted right and when government grants rights, it has the power and right to take it away.

Race & Quotas- Are Our Police Force Just Dumb Cops

If you are not to bright and have a difficult time with retaining information, such as things you learn and read about in a classroom, should you be given a free pass to land a job as a police officer or firefighter, you know, the one people we turn to protect, just because your skin color is different from others.

Well Eric Holder and the DOJ think so.
So does the NAACP.
Well most of the NAACP do any way.
But not the one head of the NAACP in Dayton.

Watch and be amazed that this nation STILL to this day judges one by the color of their skin, EVEN if the skin tone is the same as that of Dr Martin Luther Kings Jr. who said "have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Obama and the Presidency

This from the NY Times... With APDP opinion.
On Thursday, Mr. Obama’s national security adviser,Thomas E. Donilon, deflected calls for more aggressive action in Libya, telling reporters what American officials have been saying privately for days: despite pleas from Libyan rebels for military assistance, the United States will not, at least for now, put its pilots in harm’s way by enforcing a no-flight zone over the country.
Obama's lack of leadership, as the leader of a nation that championed freedom for all throughout the world will not, at this time, help protect citizens who have called upon our nation for help from the terror coming from the skies above Libya. Our Airforce is far superior to Libya's and would have little effort to enforce a no-fly zone
Not only is intervention risky, officials said, but they also fear that in some cases, it could be counterproductive, provoking a backlash against the United States for meddling in what is a homegrown political movement.
Homegrown? Or regional movement for freedom from dictators? Yesterday, the League of Arab States has called out for an enforcement of a no fly zone, which should tell you that even the Arabs won't tolerate the Qaddafi regime as the leader of the neighboring state in the region.
A senior administration official acknowledged the irony of Mr. Obama’s dilemma; he is, after all, the first black president, whose election was hailed on the Arab street, where many protesters identify their own struggles with the civil rights movement.
He is, after all, the first black president? There we go, that is a big deal to the liberal MSM of Obama's race. In the Arab world, it's not civil rights, but human rights they struggle for... But thats the American MSM for ya.
But Obama's more cautious approach contrasts sharply with his response in North Africa, where he abandoned a 30-year alliance with Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and has demanded the resignation of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi in Libya. But Mr. Obama is balancing his idealistic instincts against his reluctance to use military action in Libya, where the United States does not have a vital strategic interest. 
In other words, he doesn't want to appear to champion a freedom movement nor a liberty campaign like his predecessor. 'Where the United States does not have a vital strategic interest.' It's two fold, a stable region for many of our allies, and that also produces vital resources to the rest of the world....  NO, there is no vital strategic interest... by this President....
How Mr. Obama manages to do that while also balancing American interests is a question that officials acknowledge will plague this historic president for months to come. Mr. Obama has told people that it would be so much easier to be the president of China. As one official put it, “No one is scrutinizing Hu Jintao’s words in Tahrir Square.”
Yes, no one would scrutinize Hu Jintao, because if you would, you would at best, be jailed for expressing your opposing opinion.
So is Obama saying he would be happier to be the President of a communist state because the criticism wouldn't be there, or what? Or is it just to hard to be the leader of a free nation, a nation that desperate people turn to for help.
Unfortunately for him and us, Barack Obama is president of the United States. That job brings with it certain special responsibilities. It’s a tough job. Maybe tougher than being president of China. But Barack Obama ran for president of the United States. Maybe he should start behaving as one.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wisconsin Senate Gets it Done-BREAKING

The Wisconsin Republicans Senators have pulled a fast one over their Democrat colloquies.

They have striped the collective bargaining language from the Budget bill, crafted a new, non-budget bill that will not allow collective bargaining by state public unions.

They marched on to the Senate floor, and PASSED IT!

Union members have stormed the Capital building, over powering the security force and are currently in side the build screaming at a fever pitch.

Will they riot? Time will tell.

The sympathetic public union Senators had their chance.
They decided to act like children and run away.

This is what you get for not doing your job.

Ann Althouse and husband “Meade” are reporting the latest developments at the Wisconsin Capitol Building.

"Protesters are locking the Capitol doors shut from the inside using metal handcuffs, Meade reports from the scene.
He told me that just now, by phone. He got out, and is warning others not to go in. Obviously, it’s a terrible fire hazard to make it so people cannot get out of the building easily. Presumably, protesters think it’s a good idea to keep the police out, but it is dangerously stupid."

Then the State Police showed up and things got heated.
Police followed their orders to keep these ruffians out and ordered protesters back.
but in this video you hear one of the liberal unionist ordering the police.

Another person on twitter called for the shooting of Governor Walker.

Hypocrisy- The Ignorant MSM

I'll let the video do the talking.
Weigh in if you shall.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Arming the Mexico Drug Cartels- ATF

In a reveling investigation of "Project Gunrunner", a program that was suppose to cut off the flow of drugs crossing our southwestern board and to stem the flow of firearms into Mexico and with it an attempt to deprive the Mexican drug cartels of weapons by the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), is turning out to be another debacle of the ATF.

With an effort to prop up and justify its collaboration with other US agencies and the Government of Mexico to expand the eTrace firearm tracing software system, the program backfire on the ATF in 2010, when then Customs and Border Protection Agent Brian Terry was murdered. ATF allegedly permitted and facilitating numbers of 'straw purchases' of firearm sales to traffickers, to nail these smugglers and gather intel through gun shop owners/operators working in cooperation with the ATF program.

Senator Charles E. Grassley (IA) began an investigation with a letter to ATF on January 27 2011 and again on January 31 2011. In the responds from ATF, through the Department of Justice denyed all allegations.
Senator Grassley responded with specific documentation supporting the allegations in letters to U.S. Attorney General Holder on Feb 9 2011 and Feb 16 2011. ATF refused to answer specific questions in a formal briefing to Senator Grassley.

Indictments filed in federal court, documentation obtained by Senator Grassley, and statements of ATF agents obtained by Senator Grassley and CBS News, show that the ATF Phoenix Field Division allegedly allowed and facilitated the sale of over 2,500 firearms (AK-47 rifles, FN 5.7mm pistols, AK-47 pistols, and .50 caliber rifles) in 'straw man purchases' likely destined for Mexico.
According to some ATF agents, Mexican officials were not notified, and ATF agents operating in Mexico were instructed not to alert Mexican authorities about the operation.
Some ATF agents and supervisors strongly objected, and gun dealers, with in cooperating with ATF, protested the sales, but were asked by ATF to complete the transactions in order to elucidate the supply chain and gather intelligence.

Moreover, there are acusations that the ATF was attempting to boost statistics to 'prove' that American guns are arming the Mexican drug cartels and to further budget and power objectives and to give reason to expand the US governments control of arms in America.

Many of these same guns have now been recovered throughout Mexico, which has artificially inflating ATF's eTrace statistics of U.S. origin guns seized in Mexico. One specific gun, recovered at the scene, is the weapon used to murder Agent Brian Terry

Friday, March 4, 2011

14 AWOL Wisconsin Senator- In Contempt

The 14 Wisconsin Senators, who have been hiding out in Illinois have been found in contempt of Senate as of 4:00PM CST yesterday.

It orders Wisconsin law enforcement agency to detain and bring to the Senate floor the 14 missing Democrat Senators, if found in Wisconsin.
This is a contempt citation of the Senate, which is a crime.
One problem, they are in Illinois.
So how does the Wisconsin government get these 14 AWOL Senator back in to Wisconsin???

Easy: The US Constitution helps in this manner:
Article 4, Section 2
A Person charged in any State with Treason, Felony, or other Crime, who shall flee from Justice, and be found in another State, shall on demand of the executive Authority of the State from which he fled, be delivered up, to be removed to the State having Jurisdiction of the Crime.

Problem is, Quinn will never follow the Constitution, like a lot of Democrats fail to do lately.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Madoff vs Government-What's the Difference

Why did Bernie Madoff go to prison? To make it simple, he talked people into investing with him. Trouble was, he didn't invest their money.  As time rolled on he simply took the money from the new investors to pay off the old investors.  Finally there were too many old investors and not enough money from new investors coming in to keep the payments going.
Next thing you know Madoff is one of the most hated men in America and he is sitting in jail.  Some of you know this, but not enough of you.

Madoff did to his investors what the government has been doing to us for over 70 years with Social Security.  There is no meaningful difference between the two schemes, except that one was operated by a private individual who is now in jail, and the other is operated by politicians who enjoy perks, privileges and status in spite of their actions.
 Do you need a side-by-side comparison here?

Takes money from investors with the promise that the money will be invested and made available to them later.
Takes money from wage earners with the promise that the money will be invested in a "Trust Fund" and made available later.
Instead of investing the money Madoff spends it on nice homes in the Hamptons and yachts.
Instead of depositing money in a Trust Fund the politicians use it for general spending and vote buying.
When the time comes to pay the investors back Madoff simply uses some of the new funds from newer investors to pay back the older investors.
When benefits for older investors become due the politicians pay them with money taken from younger and newer wage earners to pay the geezers.
When Madoff's scheme is discovered all hell breaks loose. New investors won't give him any more cash.
When Social Security runs out of money they simply force the taxpayers to send them some more.
Bernie Madoff is in jail.
Politicians remain in Washington..

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Do Black Liberal Leaders Really Care About The Truth Or Just Their Agenda?

On Monday February 28, 2011 Mychal Massie, the conservative chairman of the black leadership network Project 21, spoke at the empty chairs of his three would-be sparring partners —
1) Al Sharpton, National Urban League President
2) Marc Morial
3) former D.C. Congressional Delegate Walter Fauntroy
— all of whom had been scheduled to debate him about the alleged racism in the 'Tea Party'.

Before going further, what is Project 21?
Project 21 is an initiative of The National Center for Public Policy Research to promote the views of African-Americans whose entrepreneurial spirit, dedication to family and commitment to individual responsibility has not traditionally been echoed by the nation's civil rights establishment.

Project 21 participants live all over the U.S. and have a variety of careers. What they have in common is a desire to make America a better place for African-Americans, and all Americans, to live and work. Project 21 members do this in a variety of ways in their own communities, and, through Project 21, by writing opinion editorials for newspapers, participating in public policy discussions on radio and television, by participating in policy panels, by giving speeches before student, business and community groups, and by advising policymakers at the national, state and local levels.

Who participates in Project 21?
It is made up of approximately 28+African-American’s in various positions of leadership and community involvement. And yes, they are conservative! They can be found on this link:

Since the 3 liberal black leaders, who seek out and scream racism, did not show for the event, Project 21 went ahead with the event anyway.

The story is very well written by Caroline May of The Daily Caller:

“It is nice to blame the white man, it’s nice to blame ‘Uncle Toms’ — such as myself — it’s nice to blame right-wing, extreme Republicans and conservatives. It’s easy,” Massie told his absent liberal counterparts. He was driving home the point that demonizing the Tea Party, which is unified by a desire for less spending, limited government and devotion to the Constitution, is not the answer.

Debate moderator Richard Pollock, who is the Washington editor for Pajamas Media, explained the reasoning of going forward with the event despite the threesome’s failure to show.

“Those who make allegations in public have a responsibility to be accountable,” Pollock said. “We have heard an awful lot about civility in our society today and Project 21, I understand, on numerous occasions were in touch with all of these organizations and had conversations with them and I think with civility and respect — if you get an invitation you do respond.”

Without the Sharpton, Fauntroy or Morial, Pollock posed questions to empty seats based on the three absentees’ past racially charged statements about the Tea Party. When the empty chairs failed to respond, Massie provided his rebuttal to their claims.

Much of the debate focused on the comments surrounding Glenn Beck’s Aug. 28 rally at the Lincoln Memorial. Massie noted that his event would have been held closer to when the statements were made, but Project 21 kept pushing it back so as to allow the three leaders more time to RSVP. They never did.

“On the anniversary of the March on Washington, Glenn Beck is going to talk about the dream of Martin Luther King and how he was with him and not us,” Sharpton said in June, implying King’s legacy belonged only to the civil rights movement.

Massie responded that King’s words were not the sole property of African Americans, and argued it was a holistic message for all Americans.

“Dr. King spoke of not allowing the root of bitterness to spring up, and that is what we see taking place today. He spoke of an inclusiveness and we cannot deny that in any of the words of Dr. King,” Massie said. “I am disappointed because I would like to hear how Rev. Sharpton defends his remarks. This is not about white or black. This is about America. This is about the inclusiveness and the wholeness of America.”

When confronted with Sharpton’s accusation that Beck hijacked the location and date of King’s March on Washington — “I’m trying to be disciplined and not make this about those that have, in my opinion, hijacked a location, but will never be able to hijack the dream” — Massie flipped the charge around, saying Sharpton was the one hijacking King’s memory for his own ends.

“It is they who have hijacked the message of Dr. King and his memory and prostituted it as currency for personal gain to promote their agenda,” Massie said going on to detail how America has become a bastion of equality where anybody can become wealthy and prosper — a place where institutionalized racism is dead.

“I can get a hotel where ever I wish, I walk in I am greeted with a ‘Yes sir, can I help you, sir.’ Even if they scowl they are reminded to say ‘sir’ because they have an order of the day,” said Massie.

Massie took on Fauntroy’s charge that the Tea Party is interchangeable with the Ku Klux Klan by cataloging the various incarnations of the KKK and their horrific acts, from bombings to torture to lynchings, and asked, what form did the Tea Party take?

In response to Morial’s August proclamation, “We will not stand silent as some seek to bamboozle Dr. King’s dream,” Massie said people like Morial are the true bamboozlers.

“Mr. Morial uses the word bamboozle which basically means to deceive,” said Massie. “Mr. Morial should consider who it is exactly that is being bamboozled. Why is it, Mr. Morial, that black children today spurn Mark Twain but champion a 50 Cent or a Tupac Shakur or a Biggie Smalls or you-name-it rapper that spews forth the most vile and reprehensible anti-establishment, anti-race, misogynistic lyrics?“

Massie was not through, explaining with passion that the true culprit has been the destruction of the black family and black children pinning their hopes on athletics or drug money, while eschewing their education.

“Why is it when you speak of bamboozled, at the end of the Civil Rights era — which I and others argue was 1964 — when over 80 percent of black homes were two parent households, 40 percent were business owners. Today we have uncontrolled abortion, uncontrolled crime, uncontrolled drop outs, no marketable education skills, no marketable employment skills, no marketable linguistic skills, no marketable social skills. Who’s been bamboozled? Who’s been conned?”

Pollock concluded the debate by explaining the origin of the “empty chair debate” and offered his services as moderator in the future, should Project 21 ever try to get Sharpton et al to respond.

“The empty chair debate is a long and honored tradition,” said Pollock. “It is one that has happened since the birth of our country. It occurs when people do not show the courage of their convictions. It happens when people decide to run away from their comments.”

So you see, this is about one black group, Project 21, committed to not only making America a better place for African-Americans, but to have better cohesiveness between the races.

With the absence of the 3 black liberal leaders who are supposedly interested in similar issues as Project 21, one may question why did they not show up to voice their opinions, beliefs, and offer solutions?

Perhaps, their absence has nothing to do with finding the truth in racism or improving the cohesiveness of races in America!

Perhaps, their absence has everything to do with furthering the 'Socialist Agenda' in America, something conservatives, both BLACK and WHITE, are not interested in at all.