Thursday, March 17, 2011

France Takes the Lead- Libya

As Gadhafi's continues to be unchallenged by anyone in the world, besides his own peoples rebellion, France, along with the Brits, have taken the lead at bringing together a coalition of Arab states to join in to a campaign plan to strike at Gadhafi's airforce and enforce a no-fly zone.

At the same time, Alain Juppe, France’s Foreign minister, takes an indirect shot to the Obama administration approach.

From AP (short as it is)
France's foreign minister says several Arab countries have pledged to take part in possible military action in Libya.

Alain Juppe says France and Britain have sought targeted air strikes for two weeks. He cites two conditions: a mandate for such force from the U.N. Security Council and "effective" participation by Arab states.

Juppe wrote on his blog Wednesday that the second point was being fulfilled: "Several Arab countries assured us that they will participate." He didn't elaborate.

He said it "isn't enough" for countries to say Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi must quit and called for them to help opponents of his "dictatorship."

Supporters of a no-fly zone over Libya introduced a U.N. resolution Tuesday aimed at stopping Gadhafi's planes from bombing civilians.

Now France will wait to see if today brings about a vote by the UN.
Times a wasting!


Chris said...

Where is our leader? He doesn't seem to be doing a very good job with foreign affares.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Due to Hussein and Clinton dithering once again a "no-fly zone" is now quite useless as Qaddafi's' forces have taken the high ground and really have no need to fly.

Once again a missed opportunity which I am sure was intentional.

Unknown said...

Chris, nor domestic policy either, we are leaderless, except for one thing, Obama is leading us down the path of destruction. :)

You might be right there Christopher, but if these leaders can keep them there, for enough time from the rebels to regroup, it is possible, but very difficult for sure, now.