Thursday, January 28, 2010

State of the 'Socialist' Union Address- Obama

President Barack Obama in his state of the Union Speech last night urged Republicans to get "off the sidelines" and help fix health care.
Well Mr. President WE HAVE BEEN but we have been brushed aside. So either let us in the door or will lock you OUT in Nov 2010.
And he insisting that voters and politicians needed to "start thinking of each other as Americans first."
THERE are Americans who want our country to be free from Government interference. Who believe in the founding father ideals.
THEN there are Americans who want the Government to run everything and control all aspects of American life. Those are ideals of Karl Marx.

Until those Karl Marx want-a-be's are banished from OUR nation, I for one will never consider them "Americans"
YOU, Mr. President need to know what it means to be an American.

Case in point:
Obama used his State of the Union speech Wednesday to push nervous Democrats to forge ahead on health care, "despite voters' opposition. There you have it, people challenging their elected officials- Americans.
But this President wants Congress to forget about the majority of Americans and their out right refusal to except it.
Obama said about Scott Browns win in Massachusetts last week "we still have the largest majority in decades, and the people expect us to solve some problems, not run for the hills."
This President is totally out of touch with the majority of Americans.
Massachusetts gave him a shot across the bow... he continues to march on to "social" justice.
Another Case in point:
Referring to the Healthcare bill "I will not walk away from these Americans (who don't have it), and neither should the people in this chamber."
So, now his vision of America is that MINORITY rules?
Is that how you felt about South Africa and Apartheid, Mr President? Bet not!!
And in "America", MAJORITY RULES.

Without naming George W. Bush, he pointedly noted that the previous administration left him a big deficit and a deeply troubled economy.
And so did those who he was speaking to last night IN THAT CHAMBER. But did the President mention them and hold up a mirror to himself to scold OBAMA? NO, but he was a part of it too.

This next sentence is from the AP... 'Obama rebuked the Supreme Court for a recent decision that "reversed a century of law to open the floodgates for special interests" and foreign corporations to make unlimited campaign contributions.
Now, the AP needs to retract that statement as it is utterly FALSE. A complete BALDFACE LIE.
The Supreme Court did NO such thing, it upheld the law to limit campaign contribution but struck down the law on a matter of free speech for Corporate funding of ads supporting a candidate.
AND with that, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito made a dismissive face, shook his head in disagreement and seemed to mouth the words "not true." to what Obama told Congress and the American people.
So, a Supreme Court Judge and I agree. "NOT TRUE"
It's called freedom of speech.....
But THIS President "rebukes" it?
Be an American Mr. President.... First Amendment Lesson- Freedom of Speech is a constitutional right, mandated by our founding fathers.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Patriots of Massachusetts

The last few days I have been over on the two main newpapers of Massachusetts, The Globe and the Harald and I must say the Patriotism is outstanding.
So I thought I would share just a few comments coming from the great state of Massachusetts.
-Democrats "you did not leave your party,your party left you"
+Republicans you can be proud again
+Unenrolled we have a chance to save our country
=Vote for Scott Brown
-It is time to let the government know that they work for us! and the people of Mass have the great opportunity of serving them their "warning notice" on Jan 19th. Serve it proudly and loudly and VOTE FOR BROWN!!!
-Could this be the beginning of a MAJOR change in America... make it happen...
-Arrived this afternoon in Orlando for a business trip and let me tell you people here are following this senate election and every person I spoke with said Massachusetts voters have to keep the pressure on and vote the alternative--Vote Scott Brown. The anger and mistrust of Obama in general, and ObamaCare in particular, is rampant. Wow...
-Spent the day on a busy corner in Plymouth with a GO SCOTT GO sign and got thousands of honks and thumbs-up. There is a real spirit about that I have never seen in Massachusetts.
-God please save our country from the tyrany that president BO wants.
Vote Scott Brown to save the republic.

There are thousands more, way to many to post, but you get the idea.

And one of my own from the State of Illinois:
The great people of the state of Massachusetts, Americans are visiting here on these Massachusetts newspaper websites from across the nation, including myself, from Illinois.
We came here to support the Constitution and Bill of Rights, personal liberty, free markets, prosperity for all who want to EARN it, the Declaration of Independence and the founding fathers ideals and principals... All of those things that make America, America and Scott Brown, Scott Brown. Vote on Jan 19th to save the nation!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Reid between the lines

There is in question on whether or not global warming is real or not.
But in Washington, there is Congressional Warming in deed.

Senate Leader Harry Reid is being bombarded from all angles for his comment he made running up to the 2008 election and was quoted in a newly release book, "Game Change"
In the book, authors Mark Halperin and John Heilemann quote Harry Reid as stating "Barack Obama could benefit from being light-skinned and not having a "Negro dialect" unless he wants one."

And the Temperatures are rising.
Calls from the right, telling the nation that Reid should step down from his leadership roll in the US Senate.

As He Should.

There is a double standard afoot. Reid called the President immediately and offered an apology. Obama, immediately except and said "The book is closed"
Boy, to bad Obama didn't react that quickly to the Christmas day underwear bomber that nearly killed 300 people and maybe more on the ground.

The left are rallying around Reid, like a swarm of bees to honey.
The right is comparing this to the outrage the left gave Trent Lott a few years back when Trent comments about Strom Thurman- A Dixiecrat for segregation "America would have been better off with Strom" drew heavy backlash from the Dems.
Those words from Senator Lott brought down his leadership roll of the Senate, as he voluntarily resigned as Senate leader.

NOW the only, big difference between Lott & Reid is that Lott was respectful enough, forthright enough and MAN enough to resign for what he said.
Reid, on the other hand, is none of those things.
Reids words... "I'm not going anywhere"

Today the niece of Martin Luther King Jr. is calling Reid's comments "sadly outrageous."
"If Michael Steele or any other conservative had said anything like it, the remarks would be labeled racist and plastered over every available news outlet," Alveda King said in a statement released Tuesday.

"What would my uncle and my father think, to hear such things from one of the most powerful leaders in the country? Their 'beloved community' is sorely threatened when racism rears its ugly head once again."

Joe Wilson, after his "You Lie" outburst... Jimmy Carter comments where "based on racism" "I think it's based on racism," "There is an inherent feeling among many in this country that an African-American should not be president. And Joe is one of them"
Wilson, who had already apologized to Obama, insisted he owed the House no apology.

But was censured any ways.

Double Standard, folks.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Rescue Our Nation

As we start a new year, our hopes for better times could be on the horizon. Come this November, we once again go to the polls to elect our representatives in Washington. With hope that we can prevail to bring our country back from the demise of extreme liberalism, or directly worded, Socialism, that has a stranglehold on our country.
We have an opportunity to place free market/prosperity/constitutional like minded people back to power to squash the ever growing Government monsters of mass control.
One outspoken American citizen of true democracy and the desire to bring back our country is Rush Limbaugh.
Recently Rush was hospitalize with chest pains and it was thought he had suffered a heart attack, thank god it wasn't.
But as the nation waited to see if Rush would recover, the extreme left were on the attack on Rush. Spewing their vile hatred for this man who has done nothing but support and defend the American way of life.
Below, ladies and gentlemen, are just a few quotes from around the country from the left of center folks that have brought you the likes of Obama, Pelosi and Reid.
Be forewarned, it's sickening.

"I won't tell you what I think of him other than tell you he is a disgrace to America"
"Most people like myself and family would never ever wish anyone 2 die. However,Rush Limbaugh is the exception to that rule"
"He is an evil person who deserves to suffer the worst of the worst"
"I don't care if he lives or dies. I do care about the harm he does to my country. In my view, his demise would be a positive thing for the country."
"I knew it wasn't a heart attack, one has to have a heart for that to happen."
"If he dies, I won't shed a tear. I'll probably open the bottle of the good scotch in celebration"
"Those chest pains just might have been the Almighty having a go at changing the heart of His lost soul"
"The people must be convinced to voluntarily give up democracy and the future of our planet"
"Rush must be allowed to ferment hate and seeing this first hand I say death to a monster is fair also"
"He's the mouth peace for hate and what's wrong with this country"
"The party is planned, bringing chips and dip. Just let me know when he dies"
"I wish a horrible, painful death on the worthless excuse of a man because he is a horrible human being who has the ability to fuel the hatred of other feeble minded people."
"I wouldn't go over board and wish death on him,a compound fracture of the pelvis would suffice"
"I wish he was dead"
"I wish Rush Limpballz dead."
"I'm gonna pretty much keep wishing him a slow, painful death"
"Conservatism is a disease"
"When I heard he was rushed to the hospital, I simply said, Good"
“There's nothing wrong with wishing bad people to die. Rush is a bad guy, period.”
"His primary goal is to get as many listeners as possible to make more money.”
"Die Rush Die!!!”“Awesome!!!!!! Euthanize him."
"my immediate reaction was: "I hope he drops dead." Now that some time has passed and I've had the opportunity to think it over, I still feel the same way.”
"I wish Rush Limbaugh was dead!”
"I must admit, I was cheering for the Grim Reaper"

These people are truly outrageous. You don't have to agree with Rush, but to go to this extreme shows we are on a path of destruction as a nation.
Unless we do the right thing this time around in November, darker days are ahead for the foreseeable future.
Get well Rush!