Monday, March 28, 2011

Whining Weiner Wants Waiver

Rep. Weiner(D-NY), a big advocate of Obamacare, the one who has been a guest on broadcast and cable news networks defending Obamacare, is considering to ask for a waiver for New York City to be exempt from various provisions of health care. 

Why, you might ask? Well not that, in his mind, it's a BAD law. 
It all has to do with politics.
Weiner is hosting the idea of becoming NY's next mayor.
And it appears that Obamacare is not to popular with folks in the Big Apple, or Weiner wouldn't be entertaining the thought of a waiver.

And in Mark Whittington opinion (and mine) "Weiner knows, though he would never admit to it, that health care reform is a monster that is unworkable, destructive, and unpopular. So getting a waiver that he thinks is good enough for the rest of the country for the Big Apple is a no-brainer."

With nearly thousands of waivers out there, it's like candy being passed out to kids in a candy store, and waivers are becoming a popular thing for Obamacare that most, if not all Dems, thought would be a great thing for this country.

Entities like New York City are not likely to abandon Obama in 2012 anyways, but if Weiner wants to be elected Mayor.... Well... Weiner is not Obama and so getting a waiver for NYC would be really the only thing Weiner could get elected on. 


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

This guy is real piece of work?

AdamsPatriot said...

Christopher, so are the NYC voters for continuing to support Obama and Weiner.

Unknown said...

Big word here... Flip Flopper. I agree Christopher piece of work, or maybe POS? LOL

Chris said...

Typical weak liberal. This guy goes where the wind blows and stands for nothing. He makes Democrats look worse then they already do.

Unknown said...

Chris, I'd like to see him (if he gets his way) to explain this to the nation.
He'll loose any respect he thought he had. :)