Friday, January 27, 2012

Another Version of SOPA & PIPA in the Hands of Senate

A must read- If you think we succeeded to bring a halt to SOPA and PIPA, not so fast. This is not being reported in our media. Why? Maybe they dropped the ball. Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement has been signed, but the Senate has not ratified it.... yet. 
InfoWars seems to be the only one reporting this that Obama has inked his name to it and is petitioning the Senate to ratify it.
Both the Bush administration and the Obama administration had rejected requests to make the text of ACTA public, with the White House saying that disclosure would cause "damage to the national security."
They are probably right, since those hacktivist associated with Anonymous did over SOPA and PIPA.
And now they succeeded to taking down the Federal Trade Commission website on Wednesday.
Now I usually take Infowars stories with a grain of salt, but not this time.
Spread the word and call your Senators to not ratify this.

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