Sunday, May 6, 2012

MSNBC Morning Joe Blasts Obama's 'Julia'

The crew on MSNBC Morning Joe attack and are amazed that their man in the oval office is portraying an ideology of social-Marxism, by releasing a web-based ad comparing the life of a fictional caricature, Julia, and how she would fair under Obama, vs. Romney.

The ad (which you will see in the video) shows how an Obama administration would provide for Julia throughout her life, while a Romney admin would, at some point, let her go out in to the world and make it on her own.

One panelist, Brzezinski (who was called a devout Marxist) says "At some point we have to inspire innovation and hope and get them on their way... I don't get it"

Another one comments "This cut in to the grain of the American caricature."

And yet another contributor mentions that "No one, especially a progressive guy like me, what's to see America portrayed that way"

And finally we have "....The fact is that the Federal government is expanding at a frightening rates"

Are they getting this now? Are they understanding what us conservative capitalists have been saying now about Obama's harsh socialist policies.... or are they trying to boost their ratings???


FIREBIRD said...

the tweet said it all: Who the hell is Julia and why am I paying for her life!?

Unknown said...

They continue their ways, and it will bury him in the election. Even the progressives see these things as problematic, contrary to what they thought they were getting. But then again, what did they expect?
This coming from the fringe left is confusing to say the least.