Monday, October 25, 2010

Left Ramping Up Fraud?

I posted this a few days ago about how the Tea Party Patriots need your help for poll watchers.
They need our help to make sure the anti-Constitutionalist (aka the liberal left) don't steal this away from the American people.

And now comes this from the Chairman of the Republican National Lawyers Association, David Norcross, tells Newsmax.TV in an exclusive interview that the community-organizing group ACORN "absolutely" has re-emerged since it was disbanded in March following a rash of voter-fraud investigations.

"Some of the old ACORN groups are back at it again. They use quotas for registration. That encourages people to go out and sign up anybody, or nobody — just sign up addresses and things like that."

"It's an epidemic, It's laughable that the left calls voter fraud nonexistent. It's very much existent. "There's no question in my mind that the SEIU will continue those registration tactics.

What to look for when it come to Acorn. "What you want to look for as key words are 'community organization,' [and] 'justice, ' [or] 'working families.' Those are all key words, and we believe those organizations are simply remade ACORN organizations."

Norcross tells Newsmax he has many other vote-integrity concerns in the upcoming midterm. Among them: 
  • The spike in voting by mail is a big concern because it offers very little ballot security. Even with a careful registration process, there's no way to check voters' ID for mail-in ballots. "Encouraging voting is one thing," he says. "But we ought not to be encouraging any voters who aren't supposed to be voters."
  • He is very concerned about the integrity of Nevada's U.S. Senate election, pitting Republican challenger Sharron Angle against Majority Leader Harry Reid. The Republican National Lawyers Association has had a team on the ground in Nevada for two weeks to prepare accordingly. "We are going to be watching that one extremely carefully."
  • Several states, including New York and Illinois, sent out military ballots several weeks late. "You can see how unsympathetic the Democrat establishment is on the question of voter fraud and military voting," he says.
  • Electioneering in polling places, which is illegal, is relatively easy to detect, he says. Tougher to ferret out are voters who show up without identification and seek to cast a ballot under the name of someone else on the voter-registration rolls. Preventing that type of fraud can require a lawyer, he says.
  • He acknowledges that Republicans were "outmaneuvered" in the 2008 Minnesota recount that sent Al Franken to the U.S. Senate over GOP incumbent Sen. Norm Coleman. "We're alert to the problems in Minnesota," Norcross says. "We think that the secretary of state there [Mark Ritchie] is anything but a hardliner on keeping recount regulations straight. So we're there, and we'll be watching that one very, very carefully."
  • Norcross sees reverse racism in the Justice Department's handling of voter intimidatinon by billy-club-wielding members of the New Black Panther Party. Dismissing that case, he said, was "absolutely outrageous." The Justice Department has denied reports that it is investigating allegations of voter intimidation by tea party organizations in Texas.
What you need to look for before Nov 2nd.
Follow your local polls to see just how close, or far apart the candidates are heading up to election day.
Due diligence on past elections dating back 10 years and see a pattern of just how votes were cast.
Also watch key races from around the nation. Polls that show less then 3% 'unsure' and the percentage difference between the candidates is greater then the margin of error, usually goes the way of who is leading in the poll 5 days out, will rein victorious. And if they loose, 9 times out of 10 it was fraud.

When you head to the polls be very vigilant, be an observer and stay focus.
The left has already filed a lawsuit against the TPP for voter intimidation for the poll watcher sigh up program.
Important... Don't interact with anyone, but take note.

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