Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tea Party Patriots Poll Watcher

The Tea Party Patriots are looking for poll watchers to watch out for Shenanigans.
You know, like The New Black Panthers...

2000 have already signed up, hope you'll volunteer, too, if you can.
Tea Party Patriots Poll Watcher


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Well I have scheduled a day-off from work on 11/2 and plan to start my day voting.

Then go get breakfast and lots of coffee and go back to the polling place I had just visited as I plan to be there for a few hours at least just for the purpose you state. Not in an 'official' capacity mind you, just as a watchful and concerned American citizen.

Then when others arrive I can proceed to the beer store and then home to commence the celebration. Pizza will be on hand and only two TV stations viewed; Fox News and msnbc, the former for results and the latter for comic relief.

Unknown said...

Excellent Christopher, but of course, I knew you would do that without having to sign up.
And looks like you'll make a day out of it!
I am doing it also, with cell phone (video/pictures ) in tow. Just in case I happen to witness some Shenanigans. :)