Sunday, October 31, 2010

IL GOP Site Cyber Attacked


Anonymous said...

Brother try this book on for size..

How to Rig an Election:
Confessions of a Republican Operative by
Allen Raymond

Raymond was a Republican political consultant in the United States, who thenspent three months in federal prison for his role in the 2002 New Hampshire Senate election phone jamming scandal.

Its not like the democrats are the only ones, but you post like it.

Anonymous said...

Don't get it twisted its a sad day in america when political operatives go to this level to deny people their rights. To attempt to disenfranchise a voter is paramount to civil rights violations like Jim Crow and check lanes on voting day.

AdamsPatriot said...

There you go Joe, that is the biggest difference between the GOP and the DEMS, the DEMS DON'T go to jail.

In fact the other DEMS support voter fraud organizations like ACORN and SIEU with tax payer funds.

The DEMS let DEM supporter voter intimidators off even when the eveidence and the conviction is solid.

Joe, you are such a hypocrat and suck up to the left it is sickening!

Chris said...

We conservatives need to work the polls. Many unions have tomorrow off and they use that time to work the polls. Joe,A-P is right about your out and out hypocracy.

Anonymous said...

lol...getting called a hypocrite by you two is an honor.

Mr. glasshouses and the dude who thinks calling himself something makes him that should take a minute to pull the plank from their eyes and the balls from their face so they can see the amazing amount of double talked hypocritical posts they have made.

Nothing i said was hypocritical. In fact their is no "logical" way to consider these posts that, because in my posts i mention that the Democrats cheat like the Republicans and that its sad that it happens

Unknown said...

"Its not like the democrats are the only ones, but you post like it."
Because the subject of this post, Joe, is the IL GOP site cyber attack.
But of course you come on here and take the subject in another direction.
Stay focused.
There is a series of post the last few days about voter fraud and cyber attacks.
And if it will make you feel better... Anyone who cheats the system and is malicious needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Even the New Black Panther Party... wouldn’t you agree?... because it's NOT happening.

Anonymous said...

I'm not here to focus on the right wing talking points that I've read other places already. I'm here to offer a counterpoint to the ideologically driven (you and Chris)who continue to advance the deception that all political hijinks and failures are one-sided. Certainly I wouldn't need to do that if these blogs had the slightest interest in offering a realistic view of both sides.

Fortunately that is unlikely to happen because you two operate most of the times in way very much like the Unions you oppose, by failing to be honest and police yourselves. Is it surprising that less than one percent of your blogs make it a point to criticize or comment on the failing of your own? That fact only serves to further drive a partisan wedge between all of us.

Unknown said...

Well if you're unable to stay on track with the discussion at hand, you'll continue to get a un-favorable response on a 'partisan' basis.

"who continue to advance the deception that all political hijinks and failures are one-sided. "
Thats is your claim, I never once made this claim. It’s your perception at deception, I just choose to expose the more numerous instances, which come from some of the left.
You're here to take the discussion to another realm, Saul. Not going to happen.

I don't police, I report.
If you want to expose some of the misgivings from the right, use your blog to do it.
I will then come over there and discuss the topic at hand YOU choose to post, and I will continue to choose to post from the other side of the fence, here.

FYI, Joe This is a “Republican 'Tea Party' Conservative Blog.” So don’t try to get me to be some kind of RINO and draw me in to the middle. Won’t happen.