Wednesday, October 6, 2010

UN Tries to Dictate to America!

A report issued today by a United Nations agency appears to be a thinly veiled critique of Arizona’s immigration law, one that labels its supporters as “xenophobes and racists.” The Global Migration Group adopted its statement on the “Human Rights of Migrants in Irregular Situation” — that is, illegal aliens.

The two-page document criticized unnamed nations for viewing illegal immigrants “through the lens of sovereignty, border security or law enforcement, sometimes driven by hostile domestic constituencies,” and demanded governments instead grant illegals  “economic, social, and cultural rights,” including “reproductive healthcare.”
GMG is “an inter-agency group” on Human Rights of the United Nations, the agency with which the Obama administration filed its complaint.
The document uses the time-honored bad faith argument of ingesting together opposition to socialism with the most outrageous abuses. Illegal aliens, the report warns, “are often denied the most basic labor protections, due process guarantees, personal security, and healthcare.” 
“Too often, States (Nations) have addressed irregular migration solely through the lens of sovereignty, border security or law enforcement, sometimes driven by hostile domestic constituencies.”(that’s 70% of the American people, mind you) The GMG states the U.S. has the obligation “to fulfill the rights necessary for them to enjoy a life of dignity and security.” Such “fundamental rights of all persons, regardless of their migration status, include” the “right to be free from discrimination based on race, sex, language…or other status.” Thus, a nation that refused to provide bilingual ballots or education in school, to illegal immigrants, would be considered a human rights abuser. (The UN has obviously lost touch with the meaning of human rights abuse)
Another obligation is the “right to a fair trial and to legal redress.” 
Further, the GMG report calls for an all-out national crackdown on dissent against its program, including those who support the Arizona law. It “calls on States, civil society, the private sector, the media and host communities” to “work actively to combat xenophobia, racism and incitement to discrimination in national politics and in public discourse” 

Today’s report makes clear the United Nations cannot wait even a month to slam the United States, its patriotic citizens, or its most common-sense governor — and that Barack Obama has found a way to attack his fellow citizens by proxy.

This is sickening, outrageous, vile, intrusive and out of the realm of the UN founding authority.
It has no authority to tell a US state that it must be obligated to “right to legal redress, and that they must grant illegals  “economic, social, and cultural rights and healthcare, provide bilingual ballots when they have NO right to vote in our elections or would be considered a human rights abuser.
On top that, their out and out intrusiveness to call for an all-out national crackdown on dissent against its program, including those who support the Arizona law (aka: You and me) is a meddling in internal affairs of the United State and it tries to subdue our rights to petition our government for ‘redress of grievances’ towards our leadership.
Viewing illegal immigrants by means of sovereignty, security and LAW enforcement is a nation (or state if you will) right with in the context of its laws.
You what to crackdown on dissent against its program (I don’t usually say these things on the blog, but I am going to now.)
Try and crackdown on this…
FUCK YOU, UN. Get OUT of the USA!

You are no long welcomed.


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

You know, people have long poo-poohed the idea that there are entities actually striving for One World Order and this is but the latest evidence.

It is way beyond high-time the U.N. is not only licked out of the U.S. and we end all association with it, but that we see to it that it is forever disbanded.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

oops,,typo,,,KICKED OUT

Chris said...

There is a reconing coming. And the UN and the socialist within will have their day. We will give them wat they deserve not what they want. We the American people will not take the abuse the UN has given us. And we will not pay for it to boot. As our government moves back to the right they will show their true colors like they did at the One Nation socialist Democratic Party rally. We will see the wolf in sheeps clothing. And we all know what will happen to the wolf?

Unknown said...

It's one thing to say you don't like the AZ 1070, but its another for the Feds to sue and file a complaint with the UN humans right folks against one of you own and then have the arm of the UN publicly berate AZ. This not only is fucked in the head, but our enemies are sitting there laughing at this country.
Get the UN out of our country and take the BOS Obama with them.

Unknown said...

This just confirms the WEAK LEADERSHIP of the Obama Administration.

The UN is doing this because they can and Obama is powerless to do anything about it...if he really wanted too, but I believe Obama supports a one world rule.

I wonder if I can get a waiver if I don't like it? Maybe I could if I was to join a union!?

Unknown said...

If this is not proof to the people that Obama and the UN WANT a one world Government, David, then I don't know what will convince them.

AdamsPatriot said...

"Obama and the UN WANT a one world government", But Obama was 'elected by Americans' to be president 'of the United States' and Obama took an oath to 'uphold the U.S. Consitution', America is a soverign nation, and Obama was never given a mandate to do anything different concerning those points.

Therefore, Obama's actions to place America into a one world government would be treason.