Saturday, October 9, 2010

Infiltration- The Left Will Do Anything to Win

How low will the left go to win an election.
Very Very low!
First, Alan Grayson came out with a highly edited campaign Ad to try and show that Daniel Webster was a 'Taliban' style husband.
First Graysons Campaign Ad

But what was really said:

Pretty low, you'd have to say.

Now comes word that John Adler (D-NJ-3) has planted a fake Tea Party candidate in to the New Jersey 3rd district race to syphon votes a way from his Republican opponent, Jon Runyan.
(This was outed by his own campaign people.)

Democratic operatives in New Jersey are turning on Congressman John Adler (D-NJ-3). Due to “ethical qualms” they have revealed the Adler campaign is behind the bogus “NJ Tea Party” candidacy of Peter DeStefano.
In May, Geoff Mackler, Adler’s Campaign Manager, along with Democratic consultant Steve Ayscue gave a presentation outlining the “DeStefano Plan” at the Camden County Democratic Committee headquarters:
“The goal was to take 5 percent of (Republican Jon) Runyan’s vote,” said a Democrat with direct knowledge of the Adler campaign and CCDC operations.
“Steve Ayscue designed the plan with Geoff Mackler following his lead.”
DeStefano first emerged in an internal poll circulated by the Adler campaign in July that showed him getting 12 percent of the vote. Until then he hadn’t announced he was a candidate.
He was immediately
 dismissed by Tea Party groups:
“Peter DeStefano is not, and I emphasize, not a Tea Party candidate, by any stretch. He is a shill for someone else, but certainly not what the Tea Party stands for.”
Adler denied that his campaign was behind the deception:
“I know we weren’t part of it.”
Seems that wasn’t true.

How sad! What's next? Putting a gun to your head and force you to vote Democrat???


AdamsPatriot said...

I live in a heavy Democrat County, the yard signs typically are heavy with the names of Democrat candidates or incumbents.

Traveling around town today I found 'one' yard sign for a Dem incumbent (Frame) and 100's of signs for the new Rebublican candidate (Curtman).

Dems can't campaign on their record, because their record is disgusting, so now they try to trick people...but voters are wise to the snakes in the Democrat party.

Unknown said...

Surprisingly enough here in the blue state of Illinois, most races are close, when normally they would be bluer then blue. Obama's out there trying to rally his base to get out and vote. Problem is, his base (liberal) are only 20% of the population of the country. What propelled the dems in control of government was Independents, which are not there for them this election year.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mark, did you follow any of the Brian Pannebaker blogs this summer? Not only did democrats potentially do this, but locally for the michigan state republican nomination in a couple of districts, Republicans accused each other of doing it to themselves.

Also in the last election Republicans tried to get Ralph Nader on the ballot in states that he wasn't trying to get on the ballot. These things happen and both sides have done it.

Unknown said...

Hey, Joe, I did hear about the one in Michigan, Where was it, Ferndale? That a Dem organizer got someone on the ballet as a Tea Party Candidate who never wanted to be placed on the ballot and lives in California. And forged this guys signature to the filing papers. I think thats how it went down... Seems more of the left have committed fraud then any Repub.