Monday, October 11, 2010

The Bravest Man Alive

I am stepping back for one day. Stepping back from politics for a moment. Stepping back to reflect what I have.
Nick Vujicic is a quadriplegic, who has lived is whole life without the use of any arms, or legs.

I watched this video and was not expecting to end it with a sense of being small in comparison to Nick braveness of life.
A sense that, with all OUR troubles in this country, all the challenges we face as individuals and as a nation, this man has more challenges then we ALL do, combined.
Yet he carries on, despite his handicap.
He'll make you laugh.
He'll make you cry.
He'll make you reflect on your own life.
God bless Nick. He truly is the bravest man alive!


Chris said...

And all those able bodied libers are telling everyone they can't succeed.

AdamsPatriot said...

Thanks Mark for sharing this video.

It is amazing what Nick can do physically, but it's even more amazing of his attitude... to find the zest in his life if only with his mind and his heart.

Unknown said...

Yeah, Chris "libers are telling everyone they can't succeed." Without the governments help.
Nick proves them wrong. Nice! :)

Unknown said...

Yes sir AP. Nick is a strong willed individual who doesn't let a handicap get in his way. He's got more positive attitude then a lot of Americans.
What an inspiration against naysayers.
I think that most of the young people in the video, who might have thought they are not worth anything have had a change of mind about themselves. You never know. He might have saved some young lives there!

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

I am aware of Nick and the fortitude he has is what we should all get if we do not possess it now.

Unknown said...

He sure does make you stop and really contemplate your own life and how each life is meaningful in its own right, Christopher.