Friday, November 12, 2010

The Forgotten Man

           A Powerful Statement... From A Powerful Painting.

           I am without fear, for my heart bleeds freedom, my soul rejects control and my mind absorbs them both.
- Mark Adams-

      Thanks to Adams Patriot!!!


Anonymous said...

interesting work, but i could do without his partisan qualities...just my take.

AdamsPatriot said...

The artist isn't being partisan, all Pesidents are in the painting, to the right are the Presidents that support Obamas actions...notice them applauding?

Anonymous said...

its clearly partisan.

Hit the crack pipe once too often this morning? lol

It shows Obama standing on a representation of the constitution, Lincoln, Reagan, Washington and one other gesturing to an average citizen as if Obama's ignoring him. Then it shows three presidents Clinton, and the Two Roosevelt's i believe clapping for Obama's actions.

It is clearly a partisan work. Like Reagan cared about the common

It does however have its one redeeming point. W is painted to look as dumb as he acted while president.

Unknown said...

Joe, park the insults.

In case you missed the past 2 years, Obama HAS ignored him (The People)
It also shows Kennedy pointing, like what is he doing.
It is the artist interpretation of each President.

Your anointed one, Obama, wrote the book on partisan. But thats Politics.
The update with link shows historical date that in most cases some Presidents have stepped on the constitution.
It's not partisan.

AdamsPatriot said...

How true Mark, for the past 2 years Obama has shunned the common man.

The common man asked America's leaders not to do certain things and to do other things (this was from both left and right minded people).

Some leaders heard and changed their ways. Other didn't after being pressured by the Obama wreaking crew. Yet, Obama pressed on, ignoring the will of the people and stepping on the Constitution.

The artist's interpretation of each president is accurate, except for Clinton, as he doesn't have a woman on her knees in front of him.

Unknown said...

"he doesn't have a woman on her knees in front of him."
Classic statement AP! LMAO!

Anonymous said...

When the weekends over will you be coming back from Fantasy Island or staying?

The painter is clearly a conservative and a typically revisionist one at that, like most are.I had already looked at his work and other things by the painter when i posted yesterday.

But somehow attacking Obama, Clinton, and FDR along with a Teddy that the right believes went leftist at the end isn't partisan.

As for the partisan book, I think it was written just after the 94 elections by the GOP. I know you both struggle with actual history but Obama is just following the updated version from the two terms of W.

Unknown said...

Joe, he made a statement, you have no idea whether the painter is a Dem, Rep or Ind. He believes Obama, Clinton and FDR have stepped on the constitution. He portrays this as an American.
62% of the American people agree with his interpretation. Not by the painting, but by interpretation of history.

"you both struggle with actual history"
Unlike most voters in the 08 election, I did my research on Obama and warned many of his background and intentions. They swept my research under the rug.
So today those same people don't want to hear me say 'I told you so' but acknowledge I was right and have turned their backs on him. Even left leaning Dems that I know have, for the first time voted against the democrats and have clearly stated to me "I am done with the Dems".
Obama campaigned as a centrist and once in office went hard left in his Governing. Went from saying, in a sense, I am not partisan, to being partisan.
Talk about partisan. In less then 2 years the country turned their backs on the Dems for their partisanship. The heathcare law angered the nation, along with the lack of economic recovery.

You have a problem with people being partisan who see things from the right, but have NO problem when it's partisan from the left. The last two years have shown that Democrats are just a guilty.