Friday, November 26, 2010

The Left and Police Tangle in NJ

IRVINGTON, N.J. (AP) — Six people face charges after an anti-violence rally in northern New Jersey allegedly turned into a melee.
Wednesday night's march in Irvington — which was intended to honor two women who were fatally shot near a school in the Essex County community last week — began peacefully.
But Police Chief Michael Chase told The Star-Ledger of Newark that tempers flared when members of the Newark's Anti-Violence Coalition tried to move the demonstration into the street, despite an officer's warning to stay on the sidewalk.
Coalition member Bashir Akinyele claimed the group's permit allowed them to block the intersection at Myrtle and Madison avenues. But Chase said it only allowed them onto the sidewalk.

The six people arrested face various charges, including obstruction of justice and resisting arrest. But one faces a charge of inciting a riot.

In attendance at the melee/rally was none other then... the New Black Panther Party.


Anonymous said...

The left???

six people constitute the "LEFT"?

i guess its a slow talking points day, so this is what we get.

Unknown said...

@ Joe, if it was just ONE person carrying an American flag, you'd be on here complaining just how extreme, violent, and racists the right is!

Unknown said...

"i guess its a slow talking points day, so this is what we get."
Actually this had become big news in some parts of the media. Probably would have been bigger news had the MSM (the big boys) covered this, but once again, like always when the NBPP is involved, they sweep under the rug.

Anonymous said...

Mark, nobody covered it because it didn't matter. I notice that the rightwing media didn't cover the Neo-nazi rally that was organised by a GOP member and close friend to the writer of the AZ immigration law.

You didn't get on them for that.

Unknown said...

Or they didn't cover it because it didn't have anything 'right' about it, perhaps?
The original story came from AP, which most American media pick up on, but not this.
Never saw anything about the Neo-Nazi, either, so there must not be much to it, unlike a near riot in NJ.
But, Joe, we are referring here to this incident in NJ, stay on subject.