Thursday, November 25, 2010

To Give Thanks on This Day of Thanksgiving

To All:
What is there to give thanks for, in our country, today?
You might think NOTHING, but you know that that would not be entirely true.

Things that I give thanks for each and every day:

  • My Wife for her love, companionship and having the patients with me while I push back at the liberals of our world.
  • My 3 children, for their love and caring.
  • My brothers who stand with me, not only as brothers would, but understand and support my conservatism frame of mind and love of country.
  • My Liberal sister for being just that, my sister.
  • My Parents for their love and caring and showing me just how great this nation can be with a positive attitude.
  • My friends, through thick and thin, left and right, they don't let politics cloud their friendship.
  • My fellow bloggers. They might, at times, have a different opinion then mine, but can listen and appreciate my input (and I to them) and still remain respectable blogger friends.
  • My fellow countrymen (and women, of course) for their engagement to restore our republic to a Constitutionally vibrant nation with the guiding light of freedom showing them the way.
  • My Country, for being the greatest nation to ever grace our planet, even though our leadership is taking this nation in a direction it was never meant to be, the awaken American sprit of 'We The People' warms my heart and that not all is lost. My ancestors would be very proud of you ALL!

May God Bless you all and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

-Mark Adams


Anonymous said...

lol....i'm very thankful you took the time for partisan jabs...

And for those people who commune with the dead. Its great that someone has asked the long dead Adams family what they feel.

AdamsPatriot said...

Josie, is it possible, that for one day, on one holiday, in one post you could not be a dick and say something nice?

AdamsPatriot said...

Mark, thanks for the post, the well wishes and your thoughts of thankfulness.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family and to all who post comments here!

Unknown said...

Partisan? Did I say anything partisan, Joe? I said leadership, not Dem, not Rep, not Ind.

What commune with the dead? If you are referring to the American sprit that lives inside a free people, the same as our founder believed in, there is nothing dead about it, Joe.
BTW I did say 'would be' not 'are'.
But with your comment I am taking it you have nothing to be thankful for.
SUCKS to be you.

Unknown said...

Thanks, AP. Hope this days finds you and your family in good health.
And I am thankful for your patriotism and positive devotion to not only our country, but as APDP team member.

Happy Thanksgiving, too all. (thats includes you too, Joe)

Anonymous said...

Mark, where should i start...

Mark Says,

"the patients with me while I push back at the liberals of our world."

And you talk glowingly of your brothers and the conservative spirit you share, while your liberal sister, just being a sister.

Do you even realize how overtly partisan everything is with you? Take a moment and think about how many times you identified political stances in this post. Your own family gets the partisan treatment.

Wow, you really don't see how messed up that is do you? You and Chris are the rightwing versions of BFealk. What a shame.

Unknown said...

What's a real shame here, Joe is you throw partisan out at everything you read.
Partisan is a firm adherent to a party.
You do know, along with democrats, there are liberal Independents and liberal Republicans, which I make no reference to party here.

But even if I did in your mind, I don't really care if I am partisan.
If your definition of partisan is for one to throw a negative light on Progressives and liberals, who are adherent to a form of Governance that this country and most Americans don't want, so be it.
I am partisan.
But most Americans will call that being Patriotic.

AdamsPatriot said...

Mark, all along with this blog, you have been very clear on your position. Equally, the left has been very clear on their position.

The left, while practicing raging partisanship, call out those on the right for being partisan and not siding with the left. It's the "do as I say, not as I do" mentality of the left.

Seems to be a moot point for Joe to bring this up here!

So what else is new?

Unknown said...

Thanks, AP. Good points.

There is a BIG confusion by the left that being partisan is the same as standing for ones principles, values and patriotic honor of ones freedom. They loosely use that word, like another word they like to use, racist.

Anonymous said...

Just so we are clear.
Definition of PARTISAN
1: a firm adherent to a party, faction, cause, or person

I had to laugh at your "negative light" bit (and i mean bit) because its all typical garbage talking points and typical intellectual dishonesty. Do you throw "negative light" on the things that conservatives do that most Americans don't want? No you don't. You act like it doesn't happen.

The i'm a patriot bit is funny too. okay capt Partisan, you think your Steve Rogers but your not.

Unknown said...

There you go Joe, you proved my point, liberalism is not a party, faction, cause or person. It's a state of mind of values and principles, which I inherently reject.

"intellectual dishonesty" So now I am not being dishonesty with myself?
Stop trying to make me or anyone here question themselves, thats on old Alinsky trick.

Joe if you don't like what I have to say, then don't come over here spewing your socialist talking points.
This is my blog and I will post what I will, not because you say so.
So go FUCK yourself.

AdamsPatriot said...

Mark, you and your blog are uncovering and bringing, to all who tune in, information of the underhanded dealings that the corupt and criminal left perpertrate on America.

Josie's job, as a gestapo agent of Obama, is to 'try' and discredit you and your blog in the eyes of all who read the blog's pages.

Day after day and week after week, your blog brings intelligence to those who otherwise would be be rendered obtuse by the MSN.

If you want to see the true definition of obtuse, go to Joseie's blog, where he cannot put more than one sentence together to form an idea, or to bring about any type of an argument whatsoever for discussion.

His life revolves around your blog so he has someone to talk to and help him overcome his desperation of loneliness.

Do not bring yourself to Josie's level of incompetence with singular 4 letter works, it only builds the fire within Josie's pit that others may normally call a mind!

Unknown said...

All true, AP and I appreciate that (and all) your input.
Just getting tired of being directed to post things he wants to see and I won't allow my post to be taken to another subject of his choosing.
He has his own blog to post what ever he wants, but rarely does so.
Sometimes a 4 letter word gets their attention, sometimes not. :)