Monday, November 29, 2010

We’ll Take That Back Now, Thank You Very Much

GOP formally claims Obama's old seat!
It's official!

Today, President Obama’s former Senate seat is now held by a Republican, Mark Kirk (R-IL)

Senator Kirk has been formally sworn in by VP Biden, not once, but twice, (on the Senate floor and another in the Old Senate Chambers for the media) and will now sit in the lame duck session, plus for his elected term of 6 years.

Kirk beat Giannoulias(D) for Obama old seat, in a bitter contest this past Nov 2nd. But Illinois got smart about this seat. With the controversial appointment of Roland Burris by then Governor Blago, and Giannoulias’s shady bank dealings, Illinoisans wanted something a little less of the old school Chicago style politics that seem to cling to this seat.

It’s been reported that Kirk took the oath on an 1827 Bible that once belonged to Adm. David Farragut.

IL GOP Chairman, Pat Brady said Kirk would help guard against Obama’s “over-reach”.
“Mark believes in limited and effective government, and will be there to stand against the over-reach of the Obama White House or the Democratic majority in the Senate.” 

Kirk is simply a moderate who has, while in the House, made some controversial votes, the voter of IL held that against him and they were reassured by him during the campaign that he’ll vote in a manner Illinoisans expect him to vote.

Personally, I love it that a right of center congressman has taken the Presidents old Senate seat. Says a lot about what the folks of Illinois real think of Obama.

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