Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Nation Rallies Around a 13 Year Old

I am sure you have heard by now about the California school who ordered a boy, Cody Alicia, to remove his American flag from his bike while riding to school. 

It’s a heartbreaking example of where we are as a country.

Last spring, the Mexican kids at the school where Cody attends flew their Mexican flags during Cinquo de Mayo, and it created quite a disturbance.
And because of that, the Denair School decided to make Cody stop riding with his flag waving.
Well THAT didn't sit well with Americans across the nation who rained hell down on the school for its decision.  Wisely, the school administrator retracted its decision.  

And so, with the American flag-waving Patriot Guard Riders in tow, this brave American youth made his way to school, with his pride of country tied to his bike, waving proudly behind him. And what a reception he got upon his arrival.

God bless you, Cody. You stood up for your country, your freedom, but most of all, YOURSELF!
GOOD JOB, Young Man!


AdamsPatriot said...

The boy prevails!
The cowards of the school's Administration should be fired.
Thank god for sound patriots to put these people in their place and stand up for the young people of America.

Unknown said...

Good ending to a nightmare of a story. Cody learned a good lesson, don't let the government stand in your way to express yourself!