Wednesday, November 17, 2010

And the Train Wreak Continues with the Dems

Soon to be the House minority have not learned their lesson.
Nancy Pelosi, with just a 6% approval rating by Americans, will continue leading Democrats in the House of Representatives during the 112th Congress, winning a vote of her caucus, 150-46, today.

Pelosi, who represents San Francisco, has lead the Democratic caucus for eight years, including the past four as the speaker of the House.

After losing more than 60 seats in the midterm elections during which Republicans made her a frequent target, some Democrats said it was time for new leadership. Rep. Heath Shuler, a conservative Democrat from North Carolina, had pledged to run against her.

An earlier proposal to delay the leadership vote failed, 129-68.

WOW, I really had no idea just how dumb the Democrats have become. She single handily, with her arm twisting and iron fist leadership destroyed her party with in the House. Lost 60+ seat to the opposition and they vote her back in?



AdamsPatriot said...

Well, I guess 2010 is in the bag!

AdamsPatriot said...

I meant 2012!

Unknown said...

Well it sure proves one point, 150 of them were not paying attention on Nov 2!!!

AdamsPatriot said...

I think Pelosi passed out some of that medical Maryjiuana at her party and the 150 yea voters smoked it and got their brains even more FU.

Or maybe she made a box of chocolates out of BHO's crack and passed it around to the 150.

And they said Bush is dumb, how about the 150?