Sunday, July 4, 2010

234 Years for America, 1 Year for AP-DP

Happy Independence Day, America!
She is 234 years old. But she is not, today, the country our founders had intended, as she has been highjacked by socialist... For now... but she still is OUR country and Americans have become more conscience of the founding father vision, principles and ideals that I have ever seen in in my life time... And WE want it back, and WE WILL take her back, I feel it, I believe it.

Please, today and always remember these following Patriots.
The signers of the Declaration of Independence.

Also today, I bring you AP-DP's 1 year anniversary post.
I started this blog one year ago today with this story of my Nephew-in-Law and Niece.
John is now taking college classes, raising his son Nicholas and Kimberly is now a Lance Sergeant in the Army.
We couldn't be more proud of her and John.  Pictured here is Kimberly with her weapon, the one she calls 'Her bitch' 

Today we celebrate our independence from the British Crown.
Today we rejoice that we ARE a right of center nation. 
A Republic!
There are forces out there, in control of our nation that are systematically trying to change her.
Today we are more determine then ever to Declare OUR Independence from the grips of Oligarchist. 
May God Bless America and to those who stand together for the Republic!


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Happy Independence Day Mark!

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Oh and Happy anniversery as well!

Unknown said...

Thanks Christopher. Hope you have a great day. Keep your head up proud, my patriotic friend!

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...


I will not ever have a problem with you advise!

I may not have served, but was raised as such and cannot nor will not disappoint my Dad; Master Sergent.U.S. Army, 1st Infantry Div.U.S.A.

For those unfamiliar - the Big Red One

Chris said...

Happy Indpendance day Mark. And happy aniversary as well.

Unknown said...

Christopher: Well great minds think a like, so your advise is well respected by me, as is your fathers service to our nation. :)

Chris, thanks! I am proud to blog along side you, Christopher, Silverfiddle, RightKlik, as in ALL.
Also proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with 'true' Patriots, like you all are.