Thursday, July 1, 2010

HP screws our troops-Troops react

The fighting Men and Women of our US military are the finest in the world. They put themselves in danger every day, overseas to protect the nation from our enemies. But, according to some of our troops, Hewlett Packard customer service feels that our fighting men and women should have to pony up the dough for advice to get one of HP's printers to function.
This solder has basically told HP 'This is what I think of your product AND Customer Service." 

(You got to laugh, I know I am)


Unknown said...

He is right, HP puts out a crap product! I have had 3 HP printers and their life is a short one, waste of money!

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

LOL, God Bless all of our Armed Forces but this soldier did what I have always wanted to do!

I agree with him and johnsondavidl, HP puts out pieces of shit.

Unknown said...

There's a certain PC here that I have been meaning to take out the same frustration on. LOL