Friday, July 9, 2010

The US Military-Who is a Real Commander-n-Chief

Was it Bush, or is it Obama?


OK, that was a NO BRAINIER!


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Hey Mark,

Frickin great video! What a STARK contrast!

God Bless

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Mark, I could not help but to post this as well with full creidt to you of course. I just love this and it speaks for itself really, thanks.

Unknown said...

Christopher, hell yes!! It IS a great video and shows who was more respected by our Military. And you're always welcome to use the videos I find over on Conservative Perspective. I do appreciate the plugs and kudos from you to APDP!

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...


We are many voices that are now coming into one!

All are important for that ONE message to become crystal clear to ALL others who may not be privy to the info conservatives retain.

I am proud to promote your words and actions and no thanks is necessary. Conversly my Thanks goes to you, well for being YOU!

Do not stop being you as you and your words are needed now along with many others, we are as eluded to, now coalescing into one huge united voice that no one group can deter- the American People!

Unknown said...

VERY well put Christopher!!!
I'm here to stay.

But I still have to say thanks, it's an honorable thing to do between Patriots. Which I consider you and everyone who visits here and for those who go by in passing, are American Patriots and the Army of American exceptionalism. Pride of Country, pride of liberty, pride of what has made America, America.
So here is to standing shoulder to shoulder with American Patriots! :)