Friday, July 30, 2010

Rep Weiner Goes Ape Sh*t

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) took to the House floor and threw a temper tantrum against Republicans.

His anger stemmed from Republican proposed amendments in heavily watered down liberal legislation.
[As they try and slip immigration reform in with the 1st responders heathcare piece of legislation... Sneaky asshole... It was (can you say ACDC) 'Shot down in Flames!!!']

The guy is a freaken child.

A few months ago, while on Fox's O'Reilly Factor. WEENIE WEINER got so upset that he refused to look in to the camera and instead peered off to the side looking upwards with his arms crossed for a good 3-4 minutes during the interview.

Just like a little 5 year old would do.

His constituents must be proud to have such representation.


Chris said...

As you always say be prepared for when they all become unhinged. This guy needs a phd looking after his mental health. He doesn't even realize the Democrats have the majority and they are the reason it didn't pass. Mark you need to look at the Weather Underground manifesto. It is spooky how all this plays out like a liberal handbook. They can't help themselves. I'm sure we will see a lot more of this as they start losing control of the power they took.

Chris said...

Back in the day they used to smack the sense back into him. Now that would have been great seeing someone like McCain bitch slap him.

Unknown said...

I'm telling you Chris, this whole thing between left and right could get ugly. Look at the protest the other day when Judge Bolton ruled, hundreds of arrest and violent against the law, when the teeth of the law was struck down.
Always be prepared my friend


Yes I saw your post on the manifesto. Did you see my reply? Pretty much to Joe, who scoffed at it and try to down play it as "history" But they are still around and functional. Maybe not in the same capacity but their ideals are showing up in todays "socialist"

BUT WEENIE WEINER, what a F*CKING child!!!
I mean I would be totally embarrassed to have him representing me.
Bet you he got beat up a lot in school. LOL!

Unknown said...

Mark, the SEIU bussed in the violent hate filled leftist for the protest. (And they call the right violent!?)
Guess bussing in morons is what the left thinks is a grass root movement!

Unknown said...

Yea, I read that, David. Obviously they don't have enough local supporters, so they have to go fishing for some. SEIU is the most radical union thus far that I have ever seen since the old days with AFL-CIO.

Chris said...

I know Mark. I live not far from the liberal city of Detroit. We have more unions then you can imagine. And people on the left are losing hope. It wont take much to set off the social fuse and then boom. The black community is getting upset with other blacks because they are falling off the Obama train. And the way this admin is pushing racism to make a common enemy is sickening. Please Mark and readers, read the Weather Underground manifesto. Know your enemy. And the New Black Panther Party as well as all left wingers have this manifesto ingrained into them.

Unknown said...

Chris, I thought you were from there. I too come from the Detroit metro area, but left for Chicago a couple of years ago... for work.
Yes I read the manifesto on your blog. Thanks for the post on this.
For those of you who have not visited Chris's blog, it's a must read.
Here is the link to Chris's post to the manifesto from the radical weathermen and it's playing right before your eyes in Washington DC.

Unknown said...

I left Detroit in '87. I was big into car resto/crusin then, but tough place to live, financially.

Will check out Chris' blog.

Getting back to the Weiner is a link to some insight:

The Dems had the vote be a 2/3rds passage rather than a simple majority as they 'usually' have for passage.

The GOP wanted to put some ammendments into the bill, but was block by the Dems.

The Dems knew there was not enough votes with the 2/3rds requirement so they set it up for that anyway. This was done to allow for theatrics against the GOP, when all along the Dems caused the bill not to pass.

These Dems are a bunch of lying snakes.