Monday, July 26, 2010

Cemetery Tells Father of Iraq War Vet to Take Down Flags

From FOX Chicago News- Skokie, Ill Cemetery tells father of an Iraq War vet to take down the American flags that have been erected at his sons grave site or "We will take them down".
I say, they take them down, we PUT THEM RIGHT BACK UP, AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN until they get the message, don't fu*k with OUR American War dead!!


Ray said...

If they did this at my family's cemetery here in Chicago I'd take a flamethrower to their offices.

Unknown said...

I'd even stand guard with an M16 in front of this guys grave.... Just to send the message above.
Pretty sad of the cemetery situation going on around here, Ray!!
Saw your post on the mismarked graves at Arlington.
What in the fuck is going on with our government