Sunday, July 25, 2010

Illegals sell up and flee Arizona ahead of crackdown

Wow a law that falls in line with Federal law, actually works......
 PHOENIX (Reuters) – Nicaraguan mother Lorena Aguilar hawks a television set and a few clothes on the baking sidewalk outside her west Phoenix apartment block.
A few paces up the street, her undocumented Mexican neighbor Wendi Villasenor touts a kitchen table, some chairs and a few dishes as her family scrambles to get out of Arizona ahead of a looming crackdown on illegal immigrants.
"Everyone is selling up the little they have and leaving," said Villasenor, 31, who is headed for Pennsylvania. "We have no alternative. They have us cornered."
The two women are among scores of illegal immigrant families across Phoenix hauling the contents of their homes into the yard this weekend as they rush to sell up and get out before the state law takes effect on Thursday.
The law, the toughest imposed by any U.S. state to curb illegal immigration, seeks to drive more than 400,000 undocumented day laborers, landscapers, house cleaners, chambermaids and other workers out of Arizona, which borders Mexico.
It makes being an illegal immigrant a state crime and requires state and local police, during lawful contact, to investigate the status of anyone they reasonably suspect of being an illegal immigrant.
The U.S. government estimates 100,000 unauthorized migrants left Arizona after the state passed an employer sanctions law three years ago requiring companies to verify workers' status using a federal computer system. There are no figures for the number who have left since the new law passed in April.
Some are heading back to Mexico or to neighboring states. Others are staying put and taking their chances.
In a sign of a gathering exodus, Mexican businesses from grocers and butcher shops to diners and beauty salons have shut their doors in recent weeks as their owners and clients leave.
On Saturday and Sunday, Reuters counted dozens of impromptu yard sales in Latino neighborhoods in central and west Phoenix/
"They wanted to drive Hispanics out of Arizona and they have succeeded even before the law even comes into effect," said Aguilar, 28, a mother of three young children who was also offering a few cherished pictures and a stereo at one of five sales on the same block.
She said she had taken in just $20 as "everyone is selling and nobody wants to buy."


Ray said...

Just the threat has sent these cockroaches squirming for cover and proves our government is no longer by the people for the people.

It's by the special interests for the special interests on both aisles..Boot their a**es in November, the ones we can.

Chris said...

Well said Ray.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

If these cockroaches (great term Ray) would just obey the laws (yes, they did break a major one already) they have nothing to fear.

This where the article is misleading, it is not a crackdown on illegal immigration per se but a crackdown on law breakers period. If illegals are found so be it.

Unknown said...

How many of you caught the one illegal (Wendi Villasenor) going to head to Philly to get away from it. Will the Fed chase her down. Doubt it very much.
This is the problem, one state gets tough and they head to another. More States want to adopt AZ's 1070, but it's not happening fast enough.
You're right about that, Ray, lights come on the 'cockroaches' scurry.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

I believe Philly is a 'santuary city',same as Detroitby the way (get ready for the same here).

That is what the feds need to crack down on, public officials willingly BREAKING THE LAW!

Chris said...

Good let the sancuary states have them and all the costs that come with them. That will be their lesson in all of this. We need to force these liberals states to take all the illegals. I'd like to see bus routes to Cali will all these criminals. In Michigan we have a ton of illegals within the UAW making way too much money. I worked on a line where everyone was from Albania.

Unknown said...

We here in Chitown have enough of them, Chris. We need NO more. :))