Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Illegals, Blame the Businesses, Yea Right

Ever notice when Obama or any other lefty is questioned about the lack of border security they blame American businesses for illegals entering America?

These politicians demonize American businesses by saying 'if they wouldn't hire the illegals the illegals wouldn't come here'.

Well that's somewhat correct, they would not necessarily come here if there weren't any jobs, but then again how about all the free stuff the government gives to the illegals like free treatment at hospitals if they can't pay (a government regulation), or free schooling (schools are run by the government).

But what about the businesses. Well it's true that businesses hire illegals...but wait a minute...don't you need a social security number to work in America? Yep, you do and the government provides that when you provide an American birth certificate.

But how does the illegal obtain a SS number and then become hired if they can't produce the correct document? That's because illegals buy fake documents on the street.

So when the illegal is working and the taxes are taken out of the pay and sent off to the government, why doesn't the government say to the business...'hey, this guy's SS number is a fake, get rid of him'?

Well that's because the government has a serious addiction...taxes! And what better tax can the government collect than taxes that no one will ever claim in a tax return or SS claim in the future!

How do I know this...I'm in Landscaping. I use to work for another landscape company and saw how the system worked. The Hispanic would come and apply for work, but not have any ID. The owner would loan him $250 to get the correct ID, then hire him and take the loan out of his future pay checks.

No one ever came calling from the government to stop this action by businesses until the economy went sour, but by then most illegals went back to Mexico.

Lefties further claim that these people are doing the jobs Americans won't do.

Not really true, for two reasons:
1) Hispanics are machines, they have a 'farm' or rural type of working mentality. They will work and work and work all day. Americans will work, but with a daily time limit, because that's how America has been set up. So Hispanics are far more attractive for 'labor' type jobs.

2) Many Americans, in the labor field, have been 'paid' by the government to not work. Take the recent 'continued' passing of the unemployment compensation bill. They just keep paying laborers to stay home. How do I know this?

I own a landscaping business. It's frustrating to try and hire someone. I don't hire Hispanics, but I do offer jobs to Americans if I can get one to work.

I run ads on Craigslist.com to hire people. Lots of people apply but only one or two will even show up to work. So why do they apply for a job if they aren't going to go work? Because the government requires the unemployed to apply for work with at least 3 different companies weekly and turn in a report showing who they applied with. This is so the unemployed are showing an effort to get a job and then continue to get weekly benefits.

Most all jobs are listed and applied for on-line. You can sit in your skivvies at home, turn on your computer, click on any job and apply, fill out the report and mail it in.

Jobs are available but why work when you can sit home and watch Scooby Do and get paid for it? If the Dems would pull the plug on these people instead of feeding the problem, then you'd see them get up and go to work.

Oh, by the way, as a business owner I am required to pay for my own unemployment benefits...of which I am never allowed to collect on.

The private sector can improve this economy and get things rolling again...if only the government would just get the hell out of the way!

And by the way, the government needs to check out their own skeletons in their closet before continuing to blame businesses for who is hired.

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Unknown said...

Excellent insight, Adams Patriot, from someone in the know. With all the technology out there you think that, someone using a fake SS number, it would jump right out at the Government and question the validity of it with the employer. Maybe it does and like everything else the Feds do with illegal immigrants and aliens, they sweep it under the rug.
This country has become a nanny state if they allow people to just apply 3 times a week and still continue to collect.
I am not say most people don’t' need help, because they do, however there are many who take advantage of being honest to cheat the system.