Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Black Panthers- Have they been empowered?-UPDATE

The following video was air today and its a calling by the Black Panthers for A RUMBLE WITH THE TEA PARTY, GLENN BECK AND ALL RIGHT OF CENTER PEOPLE ON AUGEST 28th AT THE NATIONAL MALL.

All right of center Americans: Be prepared to defend yourselves!

[UPDATED: JULY 8th, 2010 7:37PM]

What has embolden this guy.
Who has empower this guy to speak out in this manner?
Where does he draw his authority at a polling place to intimidate voters?

He admits in one video that he hates "crackers"
And to only be truly free you must kill the crackers and their babies.

The case against King Samir Shabazz was dropped by the Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States.
And J. Christian Adams is the whistle blow against the DOJ.

Is Eric Holder and Barack Obama emboldening, empowering, authorizing SOME in the African American community, or better yet the Black Panthers to have free rein over the law without repercussion? Without justice being served?

What is the next step?
If Obama looses his re-election bid in 2012 will there be trouble upon the nation in the form of backlash from some African Americans? Or worst yet, a rein of terror by this new Black Panthers?

I would be very vigilant on this situation over the course of the next 28 month!


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Ah 'hate speech', I guess only one way direction under this regime. To most of us we knew this would be the case and maybe now others are waking up.

Martin Luther must be rolling in his grave.

The left had better take notice be they black or white being these bastards to not differenciate as to party affiliation.

Unknown said...

Yep, but are they a legitimate threat. According to my update, I truly believe they are.

Chris said...

They are real and our inner citties are full of these POS. Many have Muslim names.

Unknown said...

I post this on the Tea Party Patriots Facebook page and had one clown there ask me where the threat was (in the top video) I told him, he said that he was probably just saying they would like to talk with Beck and the Tea Party face to face. I guess this guy doesn't know what the word 'rumble' means....

Ray said...

Good post on the BPS issue here and I'm of the camp that says 'Bring it Malik ZULU". They've rattled the wrong hornets nest Mark...Good psd on the post below this one 2/ I added your blog to my blogrolls btw ;) Good blog here.

Unknown said...

Ray! Welcome to American Patriots- Defenders of Prosperity. Glad to have you with us.

I'm with you on 'Bring it Malik ZULA' I'll be the first out of the hornets nest when they come a rattling.
Thanks for adding APDP to your roll. I stumbled across yours on a few other blogs...('Chicago' stood out, as thats where I hang my hat (Go Hawks)) and like what I saw and I'm hooked. :)

I have also added your blog to my roll. Proud to be a fellow blogger with ya. :)