Saturday, July 4, 2009

My first Defenders of Prosperity

Welcome to the American Patriots- Defenders of Prosperity. AKA: APDP
For the record this blog will focus on those who stand up and defend Freedom, Democracy, the ideals of the founding fathers and the US constitution that they inscribed in to our hearts and souls that is true America.

On this day is my opening post.
On this day we celebrate the birth of our nation, 233 years ago.

July 4th, 2009.

And what better way to open the American Patriots- Defenders of Prosperity blog then with a story of two of my family members, one of which has gone to Iraq and returned with a Metal of Valor award for his bravery on the battlefield.

John Marra (picture with his family) is an Army Reserve Staff Sgt. who fought terrorists and saved a soldier's life in Iraq. His squad leader was seriously wounded during an ambush. John jumped in to action and performed CPR in the back of an Iraqi police truck while Al Qaeda terrorists fired at them as the driver sped away.
John is not a quitter and his persistence paid off. The squad leader, who had stopped breathing for a time, survived.
John is a true blue American Patriot. Damn proud of him!

The other, Johns wife and my niece Kimberly (Pictured with John), is heading in to the Army next month, to depart for nine weeks of Army training at Ft. Jackson, S.C. with goals only a strong heart person could withstand.
Kimberly says this, which makes her an America Patriot from this bloggers stand point.
"I always wanted to go to the military, I guess I really believe in what our Army is doing in terms of what is going on in the world."
Kimberly, with a Communication Degree from the University of Nevada wants to obtain leadership and communication skills so she can pursue a career in foreign affairs.
Knowing her and her determination to succeed, I believe she will make a big difference in American foreign affairs. And in my opinion, she'll do a much better job then Joe Biden.

God bless you both.
You are true American Patriots- Defenders of Prosperity!



sjohnson48193 said...

Thank you Mark for your blog and comments re my daughter, Kimberly and son-in-law, John Marra. As you are aware this whole thing has been hard on my family, and to have the support of friends and family is all we ask. Please pray for them and ask God to keep watch over them as they perform their duties, and comfort little Nicolas during his mother's absence...Stu

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

It's the least I can do for them both and all Americans who are strong willed and steadfast in their goals in life, such as this, to protect our cherish country so that our daughters/sons/grand daughters/grandsons may continue to live free.
I will, everyday, ask god to keep watch over them and pray for their safe return. And to Bless Nicolas as I am sure this is a little confussing to his little heart. You have my word!