Sunday, July 11, 2010

Rise Up- From the Tea Party Movie

Rise Up- By Jeremy Hoop

This music video will put pride in your heart.
Fabulously written for the Tea Party Movie by Jeremy Hoop and was promoted on Glenn Becks show a few days ago.
A montage of scenes from rallies around the country of Tea Party Patriots, it's a strong, patriotic song with a down right love for America.
Which made me ponder this:
We will not go quietly in to the night. We will not be silenced nor brought down to our knees. We will fight for the last man (and woman) standing, we WILL take our great country back, one way or another!

From the writer and performer: "Your support is incredible!. If this song inspires you, please let it move you to attend the 8-28 RESTORE AMERICA RALLY ON THE STEPS OF THE LINCOLN MEMORIAL.
Let us all do everything we can to support that noble effort! God bless you all and the Republic!"


Chris said...

Wow. That put a "chill down my leg." That is a cool song. I like the anthum of the backround singers.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

It is good, I had posted it awhile back and am happy to see more and more of these patriotic songs coming out.

Unknown said...

Yes sir, Chris it does make a big impact for the message in the song with the background reading.

Christopher. Damn, I must have missed it, because this was the first time I have heard this one.

I'd say we need more and more, I couldn't agree more.