Wednesday, July 14, 2010

O', Once Again, Accused of Voter Shenanigans

This video, from Fox & Friends brings forth a Documentary film maker to expose how Obama stole votes from Hilary Clinton.
The Documentary, "We will not be silenced 2008" exposes at how the Obama campaign broke the rules and the rampant voter intimidation, fraud and illegal tactics that were used.
This documentary was complied and produced by a film maker, a stanch Democrat and daughter of a former Democrat Governor of Massachusetts, Gigi Gaston.
Her charges had also been filed with the DNC back in 2008 and they, by her account, were alerted to this several times.
They did nothing.
She brought forth the stories to ABC, NBC, CBS, even Fox. and NO ONE WANTED TO TOUCH IT!
Was it because they just wanted the nation to have its first black President?
So now we know it was more widespread. 


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Yep seen this Mark, it was a non-starter then as it will be ignored now,

What is more telling in this clip is the "filmakers" line about not thinking "her party" would do this,,,ah ignorance is bliss until the burka is removed.

Chris said...

It is sad the way the midea has hidden the facts that are out there about this President. That is why the blogs and Fox News are doing so well. More and more people are getting info from the web because they don't trust the news any more.

Unknown said...

Yea, Christopher, it's amazing at how naive the left can be about the social democrats.

Chris, the Blogs (and Fox) are the only ones getting this stuff out in the open. And more and more people are turning to the blogs, such as yours, mine, Christopher, etc... to get the low down of our elected officials.

Ray said...

You're right Mark and Christopher, we are the only ones getting this stuff out and the left are the most naive people on the planet without a doubt.

That Hillbuzz is a formidable blog from a chickie here in Chicago and they've been all over this one. We have to kill the MSM by not patronizing them and letting them know we don't at every opportunity. AFA is good for that boycott info btw ;)

Unknown said...

I think the MSM is (or has) killed themselves for their lack of journalism.
Hell, and I am not even getting paid for this. LOL
But, yes, if journalist won't, we must.
All hail the bloggers! :))