Sunday, July 18, 2010

Barack Obama: President of....

Barack Obama, The President of...usually followed by 'The United States of America".

That is when a President of the United States is just that...of the United States of America. But in the case of this new President, one would wonder just what he actually believes he is or thinks he is President of.

Clearly, under Obama's Presidency, the 'States' are more Divided than they are United. In America we now have States boycotting one another and calling one State or another Racist. All of this was born from Obama's policy of not protecting border States from illegal entry.

The Racial aspect began during Obama's Campaign and used against his opponents. The Racial aspect continued throughout his first 2 years and used against police, political opponents and concerned tax payers.

With the Oil Spill in the Gulf, Obama's handling of the disaster and the drilling moratorium one could connect the oil issue with Obama's racial history. Could it be that Obama is handing out revenge to Southern States for past racial issues of decades past? How can one make sense of the deliberate act of withholding proven oil clean up methods, help from other countries and then destroying the southern States economies by stopping the drilling operations?

How can an American President ever justify theses in appropriate actions? Simply... by controlling the media! When the Media does not report the truth Obama can then ignore the will of the American people.

One could draw a conclusion that this President has engaged in Chicago Style Politics, Racial disharmony, lawlessness, weakening our borders and defences, radical and irresponsible spending, supporting terrorists, attacking capitalism, promoting socialism, suing States, allowing local economies to fail, seizing companies, creating a bigger and out of control government, injecting government intrusion further into our personal lives, ignoring the economy, ignoring the separation of federal powers, and created in large part...greater fear in the minds of the American name a few.

However, on the good side, Obama has done.... (fill in the blanks, as I can't)

For the most part, the American People are not stupid. The Media can withhold information, but, the Obama policies hit you between the eyes.

When it comes to Obama's policies, I am reminded of a scene the movie 'Animal House', where Kevin Bacon stood out in the street amongst people running around in chaos and tried to convince the people that things are not as they appear, by saying; "remain calm, all is well'.

Obama can tell me that he has saved or created 3 million jobs, or that he is working on securing our borders or cleaning up the oil or reigning in the financial institutions...or all the other stuff that spews out of his mouth....if there is one thing I truly believe in, it is that 'Actions Speak Louder Than Words".

President Obama....your actions are so loud, it is deafening!


Unknown said...

-He has divided the nation. Attacking one state in stead of protecting it, as required by Article 4 Section 4 of the Constitution.

-As I pointed out in an earlier post about "O', Once Again, Accused of Voter Shenanigans" He's really a thief and has his Chicago style political machine in full gear by using voter intimidation.

-And now his supporters are taking the focus off the subjects brought to you by the Tea Party and on to a racial divide by calling them racist. THERE IS NO JUSTIFICATION FOR IT. I strongly suggest to everyone, DO NOT GET CAUGHT UP IN THIS DIVERSION. It's a Saul Alinsky tactic.

-The good side of Obama... he has drawn more people to the conservative movement then has been there in quite some time.
But as dually noted by one of our followers, Christopher,.....At what cost to the nation???

-Created or saved 3M jobs. As I have said for over a year, the word "Saved" is their smoke screen. Their "Cover my ass" word. It's an absolute joke of an excuse while nearly 10% of Americans are unemployed.

Nice piece of work Adams Patriot!!

Ray said...

Good post here... :)

"Clearly, under Obama's Presidency, the 'States' are more Divided than they are United"

Worst we've seen since my childhood in the 60's which were much worse than far..if we can't unseat these people in November it WILL be that bad. I can't see it happening.

But Dems outnumber us now 72 mil to 5o mil, and I'm sure it's huge registration fraud responsible for that... so until that's checked, we're in trouble. Especially if he grants amnesty to these damn illegals.

Chris said...

Great post Mark. At least Bush and the Republicans try to secure our borders. Obama and the Democrats are undoing what Bush did to the borders. Chicago Ray, you made some great points.

Unknown said...

I can not take credit for this one, Chris. This is my blogger team mate, Adams Patriot fine work.

But i think everyone center and center right are trying to secure the boarders.
Only ones who are not is the left.