Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rep. Pete Stark Finds Immigration a Joke

Fremont, CA town hall with notoriously nasty Rep. Pete Stark
This video is remarkable. It points to the out an out disdain from our elected officials in Washington towards their constituency.
A partisan hack who has spent 38 years in congress, progressing America to the point of where we are today.
Some highlights and low lights of the townhall meeting, feature Congressman Pete Stark:
He ridicules the minutemen.
"Boarders a quite secure."
Wants answer, when give answer, mocks it with starting a "ladder company".
Lies about the 'Bracero Program'
Tells his constituents that illegals are performing a service with the jobs they perform, when unemployment stands at nearly 10%
But Legal immigrants give him an ear full.
He didn't know that Phoenix is the number 2 kidnapping city in the world and jokes "Don't go to Phoenix if you want to walk home."
Then mocks the 2nd amendment.
Townhaller "Arizona has it right", most agreed
These are the type of career politicians that need to be shown the door.
Hit the Road, Jack.


Chris said...

This guy is a typical political asshole that should be put on the border with a bb gun. He needs a good ass kicking.

Unknown said...

Yep, maybe he needs to start a BB Gun war with the drug cartels down there. Bet he'd change his tune in a hurry.

Silverfiddle said...

The elitists who have the power and money to wall themselves off from the liberal disasters they create can easily laugh off such "trivialities."

Unknown said...

Well said, Silverfiddle. They say that there are more boarder patrol agents down on the southern boarder then ever before.
What they DON'T tell you is that it was Bush who double the boarder patrol agents down there during his administration.
Boy are they trying to spin this back in the face of Bush... as I knew they would (and will) during this mid-term election... DON'T buy in to it.