Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Disclose Act: shreds the U.S. Constitution

Is this an act of WAR?

The Disclose Act that House Democrats passed Thursday would "shred" the U.S. Constitution and represents a "blatant partisan maneuver to protect their incumbency," according to U.S. Chamber of Commerce Executive Vice President R. Bruce Josten.

In an exclusive interview with Newsmax.TV, Josten says the Disclose Act, which passed by a 219 to 206 margin, reveals just how much Democrats fear the nation's rising anti-incumbent fervor.

"I think it's clear what's going on here," says Josten. "The House Democratic majority and the Senate Democratic majority in Congress are clearly trying to tilt the playing field in the middle of the game, racing and rushing to do it."

The administration declared Monday that the Disclose Act "takes great strides to hold corporations who participate in the Nation's elections accountable to the American people. As this is a matter of urgent importance, the administration urges prompt passage of the Disclose Act."

But Josten says the act would heavily restrict the rights of more than 100,000 associations nationwide to run ads expressing their political views.

Groups opposing the measure span the political continuum, including the ACLU, the Sierra Club, PIRG (the federation of state public interest research groups), the chamber and many others.
To see the rest of this story on this despicable act, read it here.

To see the culprits of this stomping of our 1st amendment rights, click here 
This includes 2 republicans who voted aye.


Chris said...

Wild. i didn't hear anything about this. They are doing too much to keep up with them.

Unknown said...

This needs to get out as much as we can spread it, Chris. My blood is almost at a boiling point!