Monday, June 14, 2010

Congressional Left now getting violent

House Democrat gets physical.

On his way from a Pelosi fundraiser, NC Democrat Rep. Bob Etheridge assaults a peaceful student. Will jail time follow for this obvious assault?

Call the Congressman (who's running for reelection this November) and tell him what you think -
DC - (202) 225-4531
Raleigh - (888) 262-6202

or call the DC Police to report a crime (assault, battery, attempted robbery) -
(202) 673-6815

Reported: Some in the media have tried to discredit the video, claiming that it is "edited". There are only two cuts in the whole sequence - the first occurs before the assault. The second cut occurs when the congressman smashes the victim's camera-phone.

You decide!


Chris said...

Great post. I love that you give numbers to call these A-holes. This is very telling of the pressure that is on these Democrats since they can't get anything right. We need to keep the pressure on these Dems so that we put down progresivism for as long as we live.

Unknown said...


I think they are getting the hint and want to lash out as people who are not with them. The American people have awaken to their grand scheme to socializing the nation, are pushing back and the lefts life long careers are coming to an end.