Sunday, June 13, 2010

Obama- Is Null & Void

Back in April I posted a news story about a member of the Kenyan Parliament, openly admitting in a sessions of their Parliament that Barack Hussein Obama is a native Kenyan. But skepticism still rains.
What you will watch here is a presentation of the copy of the official live birth certificate of Obama... from the Kenyan Government, that has been filed in to US court and sworn in as authentic by the plaintiff.
If the courts rule this is a legitimate Kenyan certificate of live birth. Barack Obama can no longer serve as the President of the United States and all laws signed in by him, shall become Null and Void.


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Yes, this and other info is flying around the internet but it remains to be seen if there is one honest judge left in America with the balls to do the right thing.

Unknown said...

I was a skeptic about this whole birther thing until the Kenyan official admitted it. Now there is a Kenyan birth certificate, filed and sworn in as legitimate to a US court.... this speaks VOLUMES on this subject.