Thursday, June 10, 2010

Left-wing Violence at Peaceful Tea Party Protests

The Tea Party was attacked in North Carolina at Tea Party Protest.
They're getting more and more violent, check it out.
I will repeat this, everytime I see them on the offensive.
Prepare to defend yourselves.


Chris said...

This pissed me off to no end. I just wish for once these violent liberals would get what they give. I would have loved to see a bunch of conservative kicking the crap out of that guy after he shoved the women and sucker punched the man. One of these days they will sucker punch the wrong conservative. Why is it that the white liberals beat up the black conservatives and the black liberals beat up the white conservatives? Could it be racism? I think so.

Unknown said...

Chris, hang tough buddy, they are just getting started. There is no other choice. You'll have to fight fire WITH fire.
I have been watching "Joe the Fishfry" change the subject over at your blog.
He is to much of a pussy to step foot over here. You know I have egged him on, but he doesn't have the balls.
Again. ALWAYS BE PREPARED MY FRIEND! :) We've got your back!