Sunday, May 9, 2010

Racial Hypocrisy In American Politics

Racial hypocrisy in American Politics, the sound bite of the left mixed with a spin to cover their own racial injustice and manipulations.

Take Arizona's recent laws to ask for legal resident identification of anyone during 'justified' law enforcement interaction and because of this the State and the Arizona Governor have been labeled Racists by 'activists' and politicians on the left.

But where is the outrage of the other States that take action to control the illegal activity within their Oklahoma. In 2007 Oklahoma passed a law to incarcerate illegals and in 2009 Oklahoma passed a law to collect DNA samples from illegals for the Oklahoma data base for criminal purposes. Also, they passed a law that all drivers licences be printed only in English.

But we do not see the level of outrage, rioting and protests organized by Unions and Socialist organization as there was for Arizona. No, not a one. Could it be that the Governor of Oklahoma is Democrat while Arizona's is Republican?

Why are business' demonized and called greedy by our Nations Leaders for hiring illegals and accused of fueling the illegal border crossings? But when a business does not hire these same people the business is called racist!

Why are the police judged by our political leaders and deemed to have acted 'stupidly' when the incident is reported racial in nature but the truth of the incident is not clearly understood yet?

Why are ordinary American citizens that have an opposing point of view to the left and wish it to be heard judged racist merely for being in a crowd that is 'mostly white'?

Why are ordinary American citizens that have an opposing point of view to the left and wish it to be heard called 'Uncle Toms' merely for being black in a crowd of mostly whites in which they agree with?

Why are those on the left that have actually caused a racial divide in one manner or another not called out by the left as racist? In fact, they are given a pass and a language translation to another meaning that makes your head spin.

Our Federal laws that were violated by foreign people are not enforced by our Federal Leaders. Those same Federal Leaders took an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution and are charged with protecting American citizens. Our Federal politicians continuously create a spin to cover their own selfish political ambitions...which is to get more votes from people they 'claim' to support so they can maintain 'Political Power'.

America and American's have been greatly hurt by this selfish political weapon of racial division. America's true leaders need to stand up and denounce this weapon and continue to act towards demoralizing the weapon's impact.

Those that don't could find themselves being label racist, for their contribution to racially dividing America.

The future of America is changing in many respects and for the good. In the future, there is no place in politics for those who put personal ambitions above those they serve. There is no place in politics for liars and manipulators. There is no place in politics for those who seek to destroy the U.S. Constitution. And above all, there is no place in politics for a weapon of racial division.

The hero's of this country are those that stand up for what they really believe, those that swear an oath and stand by it, those that will protect their charges whatever the personal price and those who have offered their life to protect American Freedoms... regardless of the skin color.


Unknown said...

Very well put AP. If only those that follow so blindly of the left would really take a moment to open both their eyes at the same time, will truly see that those they follow are only in politics for themselves.

Would like to welcome my co-blogger, Adams Patriot, to APDP and look forward to more insightful post by this Patriot.

Chris said...

I whole heartedly agree. Welcome to this blog. We must make an effort to stop the left wing from targeting us as racist. If we don't get the black and hispanic vote the Republican will never win. I'm so happy to see Americans talking so openly about race and racism. It used to be a big no no here in Detroit. I never followed that rule. The only reason whites stopped talking about race and racism openly is because of the fear of being called a racist. Thanks to the Democratic party that word is almost useless. The boy that called wolf.

AdamsPatriot said...

Appreciate your responses Mark, Chris and Dinah. This phantom racism is way out of control. I can remember when racism was truly racism. America has grown way past that ugly time.
I'm sure that some racism happens, but this stuff that's going on in America is pure fabrication.