Thursday, May 13, 2010

Morgan Hill Parents let Admin have an ear full

About 200 people packed the auditorium since it was their first chance to speak to, and in some cases, yell at district leaders. This stemming from when the Principle went overboard when five high school students who wore their patriot tee shirt to school but were told to either take off the American flag t-shirts they were wearing or go home.
A few notes from parents and citizens comments:
" I want to see the Principle and Vice Principle fired or you WILL see legal action"
"I'm personally of getting very very tired of disrespect to that flag and actually what this nation stands for. "

Americans are pushing back at the over reaching, overbearing liberal left in our nation.
They are to be commended.


AdamsPatriot said...

REAL American's will have their day of reckoning with the Communist Left. Hopefully it will be a pieceful one... in November 2010.

Chris said...

People are getting pissed about the way this admin is treating we the people. We believe in individual rights not group right or social justice. We don't understand what empathy has to do with law. And we still hate socialism and communism. But there is no way it will be peaceful when conservatives take it all back. The left wing and the intitlist will riot and kill innocent people. We have every reason to believe they wont change. But we must challange them. We must stand strong against them. And we should not fear them. We need to push their buttons like they pushed ours. And when they come unhinge we arrest them. and put them where criminals belong. But until we take it all back we must show the world who the left are and what they are doing.

Chris said...

This shows what the left wing do when they don't agree with something. They are making those poor girls pay for a left wingers political idealogy of the school admin. I think the school admin needs to strike without pay to prove their point. But they will never hurt themselves only others. To hurt these kids is just playing sick political games with the lives of these girls. I'm going to send a email to them asking them to fire these people for putting their political views above that of the kids.

Unknown said...

This is just one of many reasons everyone needs to be vigilant in their kids schooling. Many parents are not, and the schools know it. So while the parents backs are turned they think they can slide something under the radar.