Thursday, May 20, 2010

Joint session of Congress-Traders of the nation

This is the most vile, disgusting and sickening display by a joint session of Congress that I have ever seen in my lifetime. The Presidents cabinet, all 254 Democrat Representatives and 58 Democrat Senators applaud, and in most cases, give a standing ovation to Mexico President Calderon when he stood before our elected officials in the US House of Representatives and denounce one of our States and it's new immigration Law. A Law that duplicates the Federal immigration law and that is far more conservative then the Mexican immigration law.

These are the true enemies of America, people.

They hate America and will never stand beside her.

The Democrat Party should never, ever, be allowed to hold public office in this nation again!!!
They are repulsive and I would just as well banish them from our nation then to live with them as my fellow Americans.


Chris said...

I've never seen anything like it. These Democrats are turn coats. I have a hard time stomaching that video. I just puked in my mouth again. Since 86% of Americans disagree with the Democratic party on this one they may have stepped in it. This video may become priceless during election time.

Unknown said...

Is this sad, Chris. I mean it breaks my heart to see these so called "Fellow Americans", elected officials, blatant kiss the ass of a Mexican President. They should never hold public office again. They use the Constitution and Declaration of Independence to wipe their ass.
I despise them!