Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Obama finger pointing at everyone... but himself

President Barack Obama on Tuesday accused Republicans of trying to score political points by attempting to block his economic policies but insisted that his agenda was working.

With public anxiety over high unemployment threatening Obama's Democrats in November's congressional elections, he used a visit to the U.S. "Rust Belt" to strike back at his critics, charging that their (republicans) efforts to obstruct him had held back his recovery program.

But the President party has a nearly super majority in Congress. So how can he blame that on the Republicans?
Didn't they pass a recovery bill, a stimulus act and sign it in to law?
Could it be that the Presidents "recovery program", aka the 'stimulus', just doesn't work?

Obama continues: "If the just-say-no crowd had won out ... we'd be in a deeper world of hurt than we are right now,"
We are still in a HUGE world of hurt, it will continues. For you see, you can't permanently stop the bleeding by spending more of the peoples money. 

Debt got us into this mess. More debt will prolong it for the foreseeable future. 
My suggestion to the President, look east to Greece. This is our future. It's coming. The only way to stop it, is STOP SPENDING!
Obama touted his stimulus agenda for putting the overall economy back on firmer footing and boosting job creation but acknowledged that not everyone was feeling the benefits.

Not everyone? Is he referring to the nearly 10% unemployed? What has the stimulus done? Saved the banks who are not lending much anymore and holding American tax dollars hostage.
Is that a recovery? Maybe for the banks. Maybe for the Dems, What about the rest of the country?

Read this double speak here...:
"Now, we've got a long way to go before this recovery is felt in the lives of all our neighbors," he said. 
WHAT THE F**K? How many times have you heard this over the past year? To many times. Lot of talk, no action.

Republicans opposed Obama's stimulus plan and continue to criticize it as a wasteful government overreach.
"For all we've gotten done despite the unified, determined opposition of one party, just imagine how much farther along we could be if we worked together. And I truly believe it's not too late for us to work together."

Drop the socialist agenda, then the right will talk and work together with the Dems.
The Right will not be blamed for the political direction and the fundamental "change" the Democrats are talking the nation. Americans DO NOT LIKE IT. 
And the Republicans (not all, mind you) are smart not to fall in line
Winds of change are coming. It happened in Virgina, It happened in New Jersey, it happen in Massachusetts and NOW in Pennsylvania. 
The shots across the bow are becoming for frequent.
Ask Mr Spector. He's out and so is the left in November.

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