Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Obama-Brennen to toss Israel under the bus

In an insane and unheard of move Obama's Deputy National 'Security Adviser' John Brennan told an audience yesterday that the Obama Administration wants to reach out to the “moderate” elements of the Hezbollah terror group. Hezbollah is funded by Iran and its goal is to destroy Israel.
Brennen feels they are a emerging power to reckon with, and garners our attention and reach out, to build up..... Even though they are the very same group who killed 241 American solders in Beirut Lebanon on October 23, 1983. And rained terror over a 30 year period on Israel.
Brennen says "Hezbollah is a very interest organization"
This is sicking, this disgusting, this is TREASON!
The President and he advisory team needs to be removed from office!


Chris said...

Great post Mark. Our only friend in the middle east and Obama is pissing them away. Obama and the Democratic Party are trying to destroy this great nation.

Unknown said...

There is no question, now, of his dislike of Israel. Not only do I believe he wants the Palestinians to take control over the land of Israel, but also take the land Jesus once walked. He is anti-Jew and anti-Christian also.